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Ilya Martynov > HTTP-WebTest-2.04


This Release HTTP-WebTest-2.04  [Download] [Browse 05 Sep 2003
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Special Files


Bundle::HTTP::WebTest a bundle to install HTTP::WebTest    0.05
HTTP::WebTest Testing static and dynamic web content    2.04
HTTP::WebTest::Cookies Cookie storage and management     
HTTP::WebTest::Parser Parse wtscript files.     
HTTP::WebTest::Plugin Base class for HTTP::WebTest plugins.     
HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::Click Click buttons and links on web page     
HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::ContentSizeTest Response body size checks     
HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::Cookies Send and recieve cookies in tests     
HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::DefaultReport Default test report plugin.     
HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::Delay Pause before running test     
HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::HarnessReport Test::Harness compatible reports     
HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::Hooks Provides callbacks called during test run     
HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::Loader Loads external plugins     
HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::ResponseTimeTest Tests for response time     
HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::SetRequest Initializes HTTP request for web test     
HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::StatusTest Checks the HTTP response status     
HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::TextMatchTest Test the content of the HTTP response.     
HTTP::WebTest::ReportPlugin Subclass for HTTP::WebTest report plugins.     
HTTP::WebTest::Request HTTP request objects     
HTTP::WebTest::SelfTest Helper package for HTTP::WebTest test suite     
HTTP::WebTest::Test Test object class     
HTTP::WebTest::TestResult Test results class     
HTTP::WebTest::Utils Miscellaneous subroutines used by HTTP::WebTest     


HTTP::WebTest::API API of HTTP::WebTest 
HTTP::WebTest::Cookbook Recipes for typical web tests 
HTTP::WebTest::Plugins Plugin developers documentation. 
wt test one or more web pages 

Other Files