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    use Parse::SQLOutput;

    my $sql_table_output = ...
    my $data = Parse::SQLOutput->new(<options>)->parse($sql_table_output);


This module can parse the pretty printed tables you get from SQL queries, into Perl data structures. There are a few options depending on how you want the data to be formatted.

NOTE: This has only been tested with simple MySQL output so far. Patches welcome.


This parser can return your data in various forms depending on your needs:

->new(as => 'hoh'|'hol'|'loh'|'lol')

Specify the form that the result should be formatted in. Hash-of-hash, hash-of-list, list-of-hash or list-of-list. Default is 'hoh'.

->new(header => 0|1)

Specify whether the header values should be returned. Default is 0. If the result is a hash, the header will be in the key of '' (empty string).

->new(key => 'key-name')

If the result is a 'hash', specify which column to use as the key of the hash. The default is '', which means to use the first column's name.

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