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Strategic::Wiki - Turn Any Directory into a Lightweight Wiki


    > strategic-wiki init
    > edit .strategic-wiki/config.yaml
    > strategic-wiki make
    > strategic-wiki up


Strategic Wiki (SW) lets you turn any directory on your computer into a wiki. Every file in the directory is a wiki page. All SW files are put into a .strategic-wiki/ subdirectory. SW uses git for wiki history. If your directory is already a git repo, SW can use its GIT_DIR, or it can set up its own. SW is a Perl Plack program, so you can run it in any web environment. The 'up' command will start a local web server that you can use immediately (even offline).

Strategic::Wiki installs a command line utility called stategic- wiki. This command can be used to create and update the wiki. It can also act as a git hook command.


See Strategic::Wiki::Manual for more information.


Strategic::Wiki is a Perl project created and maintained by Strategic Data, a company in Melbourne Australia that uses Perl and contributes to the Perl and Open Source communities.


Ingy döt Net <>


Copyright (c) 2010. Ingy döt Net.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


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