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strategic-wiki - Turn any directory into a wiki.


    > strategic-wiki init
    > edit .strategic-wiki/config.yaml
    > strategic-wiki make
    > strategic-wiki up


Strategic Wiki (SW) lets you turn any directory on your computer into a wiki. Every file in the directory is a wiki page. All SW files are put into a .strategic-wiki/ subdirectory. SW uses git for wiki history. If your directory is already a git repo, SW can use its GIT_DIR, or it can set up its own. SW is a Perl Plack program, so you can run it in any web environment. The 'up' command will start a local web server that you can use immediately (even offline).


The strategic-wiki command has a number of simple subcommands:


The init command creates a .strategic-wiki subdirectory with all the necessary components, thus making your directory into a wiki.

The most important file is .strategic-wiki/config.yaml. It is the configuration file for the wiki. Whenever you change it, you need to run strategic-wiki make to apply the updates. See below.


The make command performs all the actions necessary to bring your wiki up to date. Whenever you change anything (new or updated file, configuration changes, etc) just run strategic-wiki build to apply the changes to the wiki.

The wiki will run this for you, when you make changes through your web browser. SW can also be configured to run make when you do git commits.

up [plackup-options]

This command will start a localhost web server for you. By default, you can access the wiki on

This command is a proxy for Perl Plack's plackup. That means you can use all the same options as plackup. See plackup for more information.


This command will attempt to stop the web server started by strategic-wiki up.


After you run the strategic-wiki init command, you will have a file called .strategic-wiki/config.yaml. See Strategic::Wiki::Manual::Configuration for full details.



See Strategic::Wiki::Manual for complete documentation.


Ingy döt Net <>


Copyright (c) 2010. Ingy döt Net.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


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