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Zilla::Dist::Contributing ^

You probably linked to here from a Contributing or CONTRIBUTING document, for a Project that you are interested in contributing to. Welcome!

This is the generic documentation for how to contribute to that Project. It is stored separately from the project, so that it can be easily be kept up to date.

This Project is targeted to ship to CPAN and uses Zilla::Dist to do that. This means that things are laid out somewhat differently than a "normal" Perl module repository. A project in this style looks like this at the top level:


A YAML changelog history


Instructions for contributing to the project


All the automation for developing and shipping


A YAML file of all metadata needed


Top level doc in a format for GitHub


A generated Travis-CI instruction file


Installable bin scripts


All the Project documentation


A directory of Project examples


External repositories


Project library code


Project note files


Any extra files needed for packaging a release


Ancillary files that ship and install with the release


Project test suite

The documentation is written in Swim instead of Pod. Swim can make docs every bit as nice as Pod, but in a format nicer than even Markdown.

Everything else is pretty familiar. Even though this layout is quite a departure from the CPAN style, the content that actually ships to CPAN is completely in the traditional CPAN style. Swim becomes Pod and tests are in the t/ directory.

This style is meant to be a modern combination of styles and ideas from Perl and other programming languages. It allows the developer to use more modern tools and ideas, while keeping the published result compatible with the most stable and trusted CPAN standards.

When Zilla::Dist generates a distribution for CPAN, it first creates a cpan/ directory, with everything converted into a Dist::Zilla style, and then invokes dzil build to create the CPAN ready tarball.

To see the cpan/ directory, run:

    make cpan

To see the distribution directory, run:

    make distdir

To see all the other Makefile targets, run:

    make help


The bin, lib and test directories contain normal code. Make your changes and test them with:

    make test

which simply runs:

    prove -lv test/

Installing Dependencies

Even though this Project is managed by Zilla::Dist, you probably don't need to install it. Many Makefile targets require it, but things like make test do not. If you do need Zilla::Dist to be installed, this is the best command to use:

    cpanm --notest Zilla::Dist

This can take a long time, as it needs Dist::Zilla and friends, but it should only be slow once.

To install the other Project specific dependencies, just run this command:

    make install-deps
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