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Stefano Corsi > Quizzer-0.08


This Release Quizzer-0.08  [Download] [Browse 23 Apr 2002
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Special Files


Quizzer::AutoSelect automatic FrontEnd selection library.     
Quizzer::Base Quizzer Base Class     
Quizzer::Config Quizzer meta-configuration module     
Quizzer::Element Base input element     
Quizzer::Element::Container Container input element     
Quizzer::Element::Dialog::Boolean Yes/No dialog box     
Quizzer::Element::Dialog::Multiselect a check list in a dialog box     
Quizzer::Element::Dialog::Note A note in a dialog box     
Quizzer::Element::Dialog::Password A password input field in a dialog box     
Quizzer::Element::Dialog::Select A list of choices in a dialog box     
Quizzer::Element::Dialog::String A text input field in a dialog box     
Quizzer::Element::Dialog::Text A message in a dialog box     
Quizzer::Element::Gtk::Boolean Gtk check box     
Quizzer::Element::Gtk::Multiselect Gtk select box     
Quizzer::Element::Gtk::Note Gtk text field     
Quizzer::Element::Gtk::Password Gtk password input field     
Quizzer::Element::Gtk::Select Gtk select box     
Quizzer::Element::Gtk::String Gtk text input field     
Quizzer::Element::Noninteractive Dummy Element     
Quizzer::Element::Noninteractive::Note noninteractive note Element     
Quizzer::Element::Noninteractive::Select dummy select Element     
Quizzer::Element::Select Base select input element     
Quizzer::Element::Text::Boolean Yes/No question     
Quizzer::Element::Text::Multiselect select multiple items     
Quizzer::Element::Text::Note A note to the user     
Quizzer::Element::Text::Password password input field     
Quizzer::Element::Text::Select select from a list of values     
Quizzer::Element::Text::String password input field     
Quizzer::Element::Text::Text show text to the user     
Quizzer::Element::Web::Boolean A check box on a form     
Quizzer::Element::Web::Container A group of releated questions     
Quizzer::Element::Web::Multiselect A multi select box on a form     
Quizzer::Element::Web::Note A paragraph on a form     
Quizzer::Element::Web::Password A password input field on a form     
Quizzer::Element::Web::Select A select box on a form     
Quizzer::Element::Web::String A text input field on a form     
Quizzer::Element::Web::Text A paragraph on a form     
Quizzer::FrontEnd base FrontEnd     
Quizzer::FrontEnd::Dialog dialog FrontEnd     
Quizzer::FrontEnd::Gtk gtk FrontEnd     
Quizzer::FrontEnd::Noninteractive non-interactive FrontEnd     
Quizzer::FrontEnd::Text Text FrontEnd     
Quizzer::FrontEnd::Tty Tty FrontEnd     
Quizzer::FrontEnd::Web web FrontEnd     
Quizzer::Level level module     
Quizzer::Loader Quizzer Loader     
Quizzer::Log debconf log module     
Quizzer::Question Question object     
Quizzer::Template Template object     



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