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This Release Tinkerforge-2.1.12  [Download] [Browse 21 Apr 2017
Latest Release Tinkerforge-2.1.15  [Download] [Browse 20 Nov 2017
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Special Files


Tinkerforge Official Perl support for all Tinkerforge Bricks and Bricklets     2.1.12
Tinkerforge::BrickDC Drives one brushed DC motor with up to 28V and 5A (peak)      
Tinkerforge::BrickIMU Full fledged AHRS with 9 degrees of freedom      
Tinkerforge::BrickIMUV2 Full fledged AHRS with 9 degrees of freedom      
Tinkerforge::BrickMaster Basis to build stacks and has 4 Bricklet ports      
Tinkerforge::BrickRED Executes user programs and controls other Bricks/Bricklets standalone      
Tinkerforge::BrickServo Drives up to 7 RC Servos with up to 3A      
Tinkerforge::BrickSilentStepper Silently drives one bipolar stepper motor with up to 46V and 1.6A per phase      
Tinkerforge::BrickStepper Drives one bipolar stepper motor with up to 38V and 2.5A per phase      
Tinkerforge::BrickletAccelerometer Measures acceleration in three axis      
Tinkerforge::BrickletAmbientLight Measures ambient light up to 900lux      
Tinkerforge::BrickletAmbientLightV2 Measures ambient light up to 64000lux      
Tinkerforge::BrickletAnalogIn Measures DC voltage between 0V and 45V      
Tinkerforge::BrickletAnalogInV2 Measures DC voltage between 0V and 42V      
Tinkerforge::BrickletAnalogOut Generates configurable DC voltage between 0V and 5V      
Tinkerforge::BrickletAnalogOutV2 Generates configurable DC voltage between 0V and 12V      
Tinkerforge::BrickletBarometer Measures air pressure and altitude changes      
Tinkerforge::BrickletCAN Communicates with CAN bus devices      
Tinkerforge::BrickletCO2 Measures CO2 concentration in ppm      
Tinkerforge::BrickletColor Measures color (RGB value), illuminance and color temperature      
Tinkerforge::BrickletCurrent12 Measures AC/DC current between -12.5A and +12.5A      
Tinkerforge::BrickletCurrent25 Measures AC/DC current between -25A and +25A      
Tinkerforge::BrickletDistanceIR Measures distance up to 150cm with infrared light      
Tinkerforge::BrickletDistanceUS Measures distance between 2cm and 400cm with ultrasound      
Tinkerforge::BrickletDualButton Two tactile buttons with built-in blue LEDs      
Tinkerforge::BrickletDualRelay Two relays to switch AC/DC devices      
Tinkerforge::BrickletDustDetector Measures dust density      
Tinkerforge::BrickletGPS Determine position, velocity and altitude using GPS      
Tinkerforge::BrickletHallEffect Detects presence of magnetic field      
Tinkerforge::BrickletHumidity Measures relative humidity      
Tinkerforge::BrickletIO16 16-channel digital input/output      
Tinkerforge::BrickletIO4 4-channel digital input/output      
Tinkerforge::BrickletIndustrialAnalogOut Generates configurable DC voltage and current, 0V to 10V and 4mA to 20mA      
Tinkerforge::BrickletIndustrialDigitalIn4 4 galvanically isolated digital inputs      
Tinkerforge::BrickletIndustrialDigitalOut4 4 galvanically isolated digital outputs      
Tinkerforge::BrickletIndustrialDual020mA Measures two DC currents between 0mA and 20mA (IEC 60381-1)      
Tinkerforge::BrickletIndustrialDualAnalogIn Measures two DC voltages between -35V and +35V with 24bit resolution each      
Tinkerforge::BrickletIndustrialQuadRelay 4 galvanically isolated solid state relays      
Tinkerforge::BrickletJoystick 2-axis joystick with push-button      
Tinkerforge::BrickletLCD16x2 16x2 character alphanumeric display with blue backlight      
Tinkerforge::BrickletLCD20x4 20x4 character alphanumeric display with blue backlight      
Tinkerforge::BrickletLEDStrip Controls up to 320 RGB LEDs      
Tinkerforge::BrickletLaserRangeFinder Measures distance up to 40m with laser light      
Tinkerforge::BrickletLine Measures reflectivity of a surface      
Tinkerforge::BrickletLinearPoti 59mm linear potentiometer      
Tinkerforge::BrickletLoadCell Measures weight with a load cell      
Tinkerforge::BrickletMoisture Measures soil moisture      
Tinkerforge::BrickletMotionDetector Passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor, 7m range      
Tinkerforge::BrickletMultiTouch Capacitive touch sensor for 12 electrodes      
Tinkerforge::BrickletNFCRFID Reads and writes NFC and RFID tags      
Tinkerforge::BrickletOLED128x64 3.3cm (1.3") OLED with 128x64 pixels      
Tinkerforge::BrickletOLED64x48 1.68cm (0.66") OLED with 64x48 pixels      
Tinkerforge::BrickletPTC Reads temperatures from Pt100 und Pt1000 sensors      
Tinkerforge::BrickletPiezoBuzzer Creates 1kHz beep      
Tinkerforge::BrickletPiezoSpeaker Creates beep with configurable frequency      
Tinkerforge::BrickletRGBLED Controls one RGB LED      
Tinkerforge::BrickletRS232 Communicates with RS232 devices      
Tinkerforge::BrickletRealTimeClock Battery-backed real-time clock      
Tinkerforge::BrickletRemoteSwitch Controls remote mains switches      
Tinkerforge::BrickletRotaryEncoder 360° rotary encoder with push-button      
Tinkerforge::BrickletRotaryPoti 300° rotary potentiometer      
Tinkerforge::BrickletSegmentDisplay4x7 Four 7-segment displays with switchable colon      
Tinkerforge::BrickletSolidStateRelay Controls AC and DC Solid State Relays      
Tinkerforge::BrickletSoundIntensity Measures sound intensity      
Tinkerforge::BrickletTemperature Measures ambient temperature with 0.5°C accuracy      
Tinkerforge::BrickletTemperatureIR Measures contactless object temperature between -70°C and +380°C      
Tinkerforge::BrickletThermocouple Measures temperature with thermocouples      
Tinkerforge::BrickletTilt Detects inclination of Bricklet (tilt switch open/closed)      
Tinkerforge::BrickletUVLight Measures UV light      
Tinkerforge::BrickletVoltage Measures DC voltage between 0V and 50V      
Tinkerforge::BrickletVoltageCurrent Measures power, DC voltage and DC current up to 720W/36V/20A      
Tinkerforge::Device Base class for all Bricks and Bricklets (for internal use only)      
Tinkerforge::Error Used for all error reporting      
Tinkerforge::IPConnection TCP/IP connection handling