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Ivan Wills > App-VTide-v0.1.5


This Release App-VTide-v0.1.5  [Download] [Browse 08 Oct 2017
Latest Release App-VTide-v0.1.6  [Download] [Browse 07 Mar 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::VTide A vim/tmux based IDE for the terminal     v0.1.5
App::VTide::Command Base class for VTide sub commands     v0.1.5
App::VTide::Command::Conf Show the current VTide configuration and environment     v0.1.5
App::VTide::Command::Edit Run an edit command (like Run but without a terminal spec)     v0.1.5
App::VTide::Command::Grep Run a grep command on vtide editor globs     v0.1.5
App::VTide::Command::Help Show help for vtide commands     v0.1.5
App::VTide::Command::Init Initialize an session configuration file     v0.1.5
App::VTide::Command::Recent List recent App::VTide sessions     v0.1.5
App::VTide::Command::Refresh Refresh App::VTide configurations     v0.1.5
App::VTide::Command::Run Run a terminal command     v0.1.5
App::VTide::Command::Save Save configuration changes     v0.1.5
App::VTide::Command::Split Split tmux terminal helper     v0.1.5
App::VTide::Command::Start Start a session     v0.1.5
App::VTide::Command::Who Tells you about the terminal you are in     v0.1.5
App::VTide::Config Manage configuration for VTide     v0.1.5
App::VTide::Hooks Manage code hooks for APP::VTide     v0.1.5


App::VTide::Configuration Description of the vtide configuration files