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FTN-Database To Do ^


Add a note to documentaion regarding the special database name for SQLite of ":memory:" which enables usage of an in memory database.


Add extended testing of the databases by writing and reading data. Use the module Test::Database in the test scripts in order to do the extended testing in whatever database services are available. Limit those to just SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL? Start the numbering for them at "11". If there ends up being a need to do some specific preliminary testing prior to doing the extended testing scripts, number that script as "10-".


The option used to define which type of database to use does not currently do any error checking on that type; the script will fail if an correct DBD name is used. Get & use a list of the currently installed or available DBI DBD modules? If do not explicitly do such error or other checking, document the standard names for DBI DBD modules like SQlite (default), mysql, and postgresql.

The use of special characters like periods in table names is a more general issue where it is not a good idea to use them at all. Redo the comments in scripts and modules regarding that, to generalize it. (Derive function to validate it and add that to the FTN::Database module?)


Need to update the definition of the timestamp field, and/or what the default for it is. Currently "now" is the default, but that results in the word 'now' being inserted into the field instead of a date/time timestamp (at least, in a PostgreSQL database). Check how the various databases handle timestamp type fields and add code to set the definition of the field dpending on that.


The FTN attributes information intended to be held in the attrib field comes from a two byte, 16 bit integer. In a MySQL database it could be defined using a SET datatype but other database servers do not support that by default, so defaulting to defining it as an integer.


Create an FTN Database module for echolists which: Defines an Echolist table, default name "Echolist"? Basic table would consist of (at least) the following fields: name, description, source. Also include fields like: moderator?


 L<FTN::Database>, L<FTN::Database::Forum>, L<FTN::Database::Nodelist>


Robert James Clay, <jame at>


Copyright 2013 Robert James Clay, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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