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Data - The XML Business::Payroll Data Module.


  use Business::Payroll::XML::Data;
  my $obj = Business::Payroll::XML::Data->new(validCountries => \%validCountries,
            periodNames => \%periodNames);


Business::Payroll::XML::Data will contain the parsed XML file. It provides a method to validate that it is complete and also a method to generate a valid XML file from the data stored in the data hash.


  scalar new(validCountries, periodNames)
    Creates a new instance of the Business::Payroll::XML::Data

  array isValid(void)
    Determines if the data structure is complete and usable for
    generating an XML file from.
    Returns an array.  The first index is boolean (1 or 0 to indicate
    if the object is valid or not).  The second index is an array of
    error messages that were generated based upon the errors found.

  string generateXML(void)
    Creates an XML file based upon the info stored in the
    Business::Payroll::XML::Data object.  It first calls isValid() to 
    make sure this is possible.  If not then we die with an informative 
    error message.


  version - version of the XML file parsed

  dataFile - the name of the file parsed or the string of XML

  date - the date the Payroll was generated on

  period - the period of time the payroll is for (weekly, bimonthly, etc.)

  startPeriod - beginning date of the payroll period.

  endPeriod - ending date of the payroll period.
  genSysId - the id used by the generating system to identify this payroll

  persons - the array of person data structures

  NOTE:  All data fields are accessible by specifying the object
         and pointing to the data member to be modified on the
         left-hand side of the assignment.
         Ex.  $obj->variable($newValue); or $value = $obj->variable;


Xperience, Inc. (mailto:admin at


perl(1), Business::Payroll::XML::Parser(3)

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