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Jed Lund > Spreadsheet-Reader-ExcelXML-v0.16.8


This Release Spreadsheet-Reader-ExcelXML-v0.16.8  [Download] [Browse 20 Apr 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML Read xlsx/xlsm/xml extention Excel files     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::Cell ExcelXML Cell data class     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::CellToColumnRow Translate Excel cell IDs to column row     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::Chartsheet An ExcelXML chartsheet placeholder     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::Error Moose class for remembering the last error     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::Row ExcelXML Row data class     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::SharedStrings The sharedStrings interface     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::Styles The styles interface     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::Types A type library for the ExcelXML reader     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::Workbook Complicated self referential worbook class     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::WorkbookFileInterface XLSX and XML workbook file interface     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::WorkbookMetaInterface Workbook meta file interface     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::WorkbookPropsInterface Workbook docProps file interface     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::WorkbookRelsInterface Workbook rels file interface     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::Worksheet Top level Worksheet interface     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::WorksheetToRow Builds row objects from worksheet files     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::XMLReader A minimal pure-perl xml reader class     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::XMLReader::FileWorksheet Zip file worksheet interpreter     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::XMLReader::NamedSharedStrings Name based sharedStrings Reader     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::XMLReader::NamedStyles Support for Excel 2003 XML Styles files     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::XMLReader::NamedWorksheet Flat XML Excel worksheet interpreter     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::XMLReader::PositionSharedStrings Position based sharedStrings Reader     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::XMLReader::PositionStyles Position based styles reader     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::XMLReader::WorkbookMeta XML file Workbook Meta unique reader     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::XMLReader::WorkbookProps Workbook docProps XML file unique reader     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::XMLReader::WorkbookRels Workbook Rels XML file unique reader     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::XMLReader::WorkbookXML Workbook flat XML file test     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::ZipReader Base Zip file reader     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::ZipReader::WorkbookMeta Zip file Workbook Meta unique reader     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::ZipReader::WorkbookProps Workbook docProps Zip file unique reader     v0.16.8
Spreadsheet::Reader::ExcelXML::ZipReader::WorkbookRels Workbook Rels Zip file unique reader     v0.16.8