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Jörg A. Uzarek > GX-0.2000_01


This Release GX-0.2000_01  [Download] [Browse 29 Jul 2011 ** DEVELOPER RELEASE **
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Special Files


GX The web framework for Perl     0.2000_01
GX::Action Action class      
GX::Application Base class for applications      
GX::Cache Base class for cache components      
GX::Cache::Memcached Base class for Memcached-based cache components      
GX::Callback Callback class      
GX::Callback::Hook Hook class      
GX::Callback::Hook::Queue Callback queue class      
GX::Callback::Method Method-based callback class      
GX::Callback::Queue Callback queue class      
GX::Class Universal base class      
GX::Class::Object Universal base class for instantiable classes      
GX::Class::Singleton Universal base class for singletons      
GX::Class::Util Utility functions      
GX::Component Base class for components      
GX::Component::Singleton Base class for singleton-based components      
GX::Context Context component      
GX::Controller Controller component      
GX::Database Base class for database components      
GX::Database::MySQL MySQL database component      
GX::Database::Pg PostgreSQL database component      
GX::Database::SQLite SQLite database component      
GX::Dispatcher Dispatcher component      
GX::Engine Base class for engine components      
GX::Engine::Apache2 Apache2 / mod_perl 2.x engine component      
GX::Engine::FCGI FastCGI engine component      
GX::Exception Exception class      
GX::Exception::Formatter::HTML Helper class for rendering exceptions as HTML      
GX::Exception::StackTrace Stack trace class      
GX::Exception::StackTrace::Frame Stack trace frame class      
GX::File::Watcher Filesystem watcher      
GX::HTML::Util Utility functions      
GX::HTTP::Body HTTP message body base class      
GX::HTTP::Body::File File-based HTTP message body class      
GX::HTTP::Body::Scalar Scalar-based HTTP message body class      
GX::HTTP::Body::Stream Stream-based HTTP message body class      
GX::HTTP::Constants HTTP-related constants      
GX::HTTP::Cookie HTTP cookie base class      
GX::HTTP::Cookies Container class for GX::HTTP::Cookie objects      
GX::HTTP::Headers HTTP message headers class      
GX::HTTP::Message HTTP message base class      
GX::HTTP::Parameters Container class for key / value pairs      
GX::HTTP::Parser::Body HTTP message body parser base class      
GX::HTTP::Parser::Body::MultiPart HTTP message body parser class      
GX::HTTP::Parser::Body::URLEncoded HTTP message body parser class      
GX::HTTP::Request HTTP request class      
GX::HTTP::Request::Cookie HTTP request cookie class      
GX::HTTP::Request::Cookies Container class for GX::HTTP::Request::Cookie objects      
GX::HTTP::Request::Headers HTTP request headers class      
GX::HTTP::Response HTTP response class      
GX::HTTP::Response::Cookie HTTP response cookie class      
GX::HTTP::Response::Cookies Container class for GX::HTTP::Response::Cookie objects      
GX::HTTP::Response::Headers HTTP response headers class      
GX::HTTP::Status Constants and utility functions for dealing with HTTP status codes      
GX::HTTP::Upload HTTP upload class      
GX::HTTP::Uploads Container class for GX::HTTP::Upload objects      
GX::HTTP::Util HTTP-related utility functions      
GX::Logger Default logger component      
GX::MIME::Util MIME-related utility functions      
GX::Meta A metaclass system for Perl      
GX::Meta::Accessor Accessor metaclass      
GX::Meta::Attribute Attribute metaclass      
GX::Meta::Attribute::Array Attribute metaclass      
GX::Meta::Attribute::Bool Attribute metaclass      
GX::Meta::Attribute::Hash Attribute metaclass      
GX::Meta::Attribute::Hash::Ordered Attribute metaclass      
GX::Meta::Attribute::Object Attribute metaclass      
GX::Meta::Attribute::Scalar Attribute metaclass      
GX::Meta::Attribute::String Attribute metaclass      
GX::Meta::Class Class metaclass      
GX::Meta::Constants Various constants      
GX::Meta::Delegator Delegator metaclass      
GX::Meta::Exception Exception class      
GX::Meta::Method Method metaclass      
GX::Meta::Module Module metaclass      
GX::Meta::Package Package metaclass      
GX::Meta::Util Utility functions      
GX::Model Model component base class      
GX::Renderer Renderer class      
GX::Request Request component      
GX::Response Response component      
GX::Route Base class for routes      
GX::Route::Dynamic Dynamic route class      
GX::Route::Match Route match class      
GX::Route::Static Static route class      
GX::Route::Static::Compiled Static route container class      
GX::Router Router component      
GX::SQL::Builder Base class for SQL builders      
GX::SQL::Builder::MySQL MySQL-specific SQL builder class      
GX::SQL::Builder::Pg PostgreSQL-specific SQL builder class      
GX::SQL::Builder::SQLite SQLite-specific SQL builder class      
GX::SQL::Types SQL data type constants      
GX::Script Base class for scripts      
GX::Script::Build Script class      
GX::Script::Build::Application Script class      
GX::Script::Server::FCGI Script class      
GX::Serializer Base class for serializers      
GX::Serializer::JSON JSON-based serializer      
GX::Serializer::Storable Storable-based serializer      
GX::Session Session component      
GX::Session::ID::Generator Base class for session ID generators      
GX::Session::ID::Generator::MD5 Default session ID generator      
GX::Session::Store Base class for session stores      
GX::Session::Store::Cache GX::Cache-based session store      
GX::Session::Store::Database GX::Database-based session store      
GX::Session::Tracker Base class for session trackers      
GX::Session::Tracker::Cookie Cookie-based session tracker      
GX::Tie::Hash::Ordered Ordered hash implementation      
GX::View Base class for view components      
GX::View::Error Default error view      
GX::View::Template Base class for template-based view components      
GX::View::Template::HTC HTML::Template::Compiled-based view      
GX::View::Template::TT Template-based view