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Joel Dalley > Pistachio-0.01


This Release Pistachio-0.01  [Download] [Browse 24 Nov 2013
Latest Release Pistachio-0.10  [Download] [Browse 25 Mar 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Pistachio turns source code into stylish HTML     0.01
Pistachio::Css::Github::Common provides number_strip(), number_cell() and code_div()     0.01
Pistachio::Css::Github::Perl5 provides token(), which turns a token type into css style text     0.01
Pistachio::Html provides snippet(), which turns source code text into stylish HTML     0.01
Pistachio::Keywords::Perl5 provides is_keyword()     0.01
Pistachio::Supported provides supported_languages() and supported_styles()     0.01
Pistachio::Token expresses a single source code language token as an object     0.01
Pistachio::Token::Constructor::Perl5 provides text_to_tokens()     0.01
Pistachio::Token::Transformer::Perl5 provides transform_rules(), which returns an array of Pistachio::Token::Transformer::Rules     0.01
Pistachio::Token::Transformer::Rule express a transformer rule as an object     0.01
Pistachio::Tokenizer provides iterator(), which turns source code text into a Pistachio::Token iterator     0.01