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Zoidberg::Fish - Base class for loadable Zoidberg plugins


  package My_Zoid_Plugin;
  use base 'Zoidberg::Fish';

  FIXME some example code


Once this base class is used your module smells like fish -- Zoidberg WILL eat it. It supplies stub methods for hooks and has some routines to simplefy the interface to Zoidberg. One should realize that the bases of a plugin is not the module but the config file. Any module can be used as plugin as long as it's properly configged. The developer manual should describe this in more detail.

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new($shell, $zoidname)

Simple constructor that bootstraps same attributes. When your module smells like fish Zoidberg will give it's constructor two arguments, a reference to itself and the name by which your module is identified. From this all other config can be deducted.

        # Default attributes created by this constructor:
        $self->{shell}     # a reference to the parent Zoidberg object
        $self->{zoidname}  # name by which your module is identified
        $self->{settings}  # reference to hash with global settings
        $self->{config}    # hash with plugin specific config

To be overloaded, will be called directly after the constructor. Do things you normally do in the constructor like loading files, opening sockets or setting defaults here.


These methods return a reference to the attributes by the same name.


A stub doing absolutely nothing, but by calling it from a dispatch table the plugin is loaded.


Removes this plugin from the various dispatchtables, and deletes the object.

broadcast($event_name, @_)

Broadcast an event to whoever might be listening.

add_events({ event => sub { .. } })
add_events(qw/event1 event2/)

Used to add new event hooks. In the second form the events are hooked to call the likely named subroutine in the current object.

wipe_events(qw/event1 event2/)

Removes an event. Wipes the stacks for the named events of all routines belonging to this plugin.

add_commands({ command => sub { .. } })
add_commands(qw/command1 command2/)

Used to add new builtin commands. In the second form the commands are hooked to call the likely named subroutine in the current object.

wipe_commands(qw/command1 command2/)

Removes a command. Wipes the stacks for the named commands of all routines belonging to this plugin.

add_expansion(regex_ref = sub { ... })>





See man zoiddevel(1) for the context configuration details.

ask($question, $default)

Get interactive input. The default is optional. If the default is either 'Y' or 'N' a boolean value is returned.


Is called when the plugin is unloaded or when a sudden DESTROY occurs. To be overloaded, do things like saving files or closing sockets here.


R.L. Zwart, <>

Jaap Karssenberg || Pardus [Larus] <>

Copyright (c) 2011 Raoul L. Zwart and Joel Berger. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Zoidberg, Zoidberg::Shell, Zoidberg::Utils,

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