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Jeffrey Cohen > Genezzo-0.72


This Release Genezzo-0.72  [Download] [Browse 19 Nov 2007
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License The GNU General Public License, Version not specified
Special Files


Genezzo an extensible database with SQL and DBI     0.72
Genezzo::BasicHelp Genezzo Help Facility     1.12
Genezzo::Block::RDBArray Row Directory Block Array interface      
Genezzo::Block::RDBlkA Row Directory Block Adjunct tied hash class. This class adds array-like splice capabilities to Genezzo::Block::RDBlock. Genezzo::Block::RDBArray uses this class as the basis of a tied array.      
Genezzo::Block::RDBlk_NN Row Directory Block Not Null (array) tied hash class.      
Genezzo::Block::RDBlock Row Directory Block tied hash class. A class that lets you treat the contents of a block (byte buffer) as a hash.      
Genezzo::Block::RowDir row directory     7.01
Genezzo::Block::Std Standard Block     7.01
Genezzo::Block::Util Block Utility functions     1.02
Genezzo::BufCa::BCFile A simple in-memory buffer cache for multiple files for a single process, without locking.      
Genezzo::BufCa::BufCa A simple in-memory buffer cache for a single process, without locking.     7.03
Genezzo::BufCa::BufCaElt Buffer Cache Element     7.07
Genezzo::BufCa::DirtyScalar Detect modifications to scalar      
Genezzo::BufCa::PinScalar detect destruction of scalar      
Genezzo::Dict The Genezzo data dictionary     7.29
Genezzo::GenDBI an extensible database with SQL and DBI     0.72
Genezzo::Havok Cry Havok! And Let Slip the Dogs of War!     7.19
Genezzo::Havok::Basic some basic functions      
Genezzo::Havok::DebugUtils debug functions     1.10
Genezzo::Havok::Examples some example havok functions      
Genezzo::Havok::OO_Examples some example havok functions      
Genezzo::Havok::SQLCompare SQL comparison functions     1.02
Genezzo::Havok::SQLScalar scalar SQL functions     1.24
Genezzo::Havok::SysHelp load the sys_help table     1.08
Genezzo::Havok::SysHook load the SysHook table     7.14
Genezzo::Havok::UserExtend load the UserExtend table     7.05
Genezzo::Havok::UserFunctions load the user_functions table     1.05
Genezzo::Havok::Utils general utility functions     1.10
Genezzo::Index::bt2 basic btree     7.01
Genezzo::Index::bt3 persistent btree      
Genezzo::Index::btHash btree Hash tied hash class. Makes a persistent btree based upon Genezzo::Block::RDBlock look like a conventional hash.      
Genezzo::Parse::SQL SQL parser      
Genezzo::Plan Parsing, Planning and Execution     7.06
Genezzo::Plan::MakeAlgebra Convert a SQL parse tree to relational algebra     7.02
Genezzo::Plan::QueryRewrite Perform checks on relational algebra representation     1.07
Genezzo::Plan::TypeCheck Perform checks on relational algebra representation     7.17
Genezzo::PushHash::HPHRowBlk a 90% pure virtual class module that extends hierarchical "push hash" Genezzo::PushHash::hph with Row/Block methods. These methods facilitate the construction of classes that manipulate data blocks di     
Genezzo::PushHash::PHArray Push Hash Array implementation      
Genezzo::PushHash::PHFixed fixed-size push hash      
Genezzo::PushHash::PHNoUpdate Push Hash that only supports delete and insert      
Genezzo::PushHash::PushHash an impure virtual class module that defines a "push hash", a hash that generates its own unique key for each value. Values are "pushed" into the hash, similar to pushing into an array.      
Genezzo::PushHash::hph an impure virtual class module that defines a *hierarchical* "push hash", a hash that generates its own unique key for each value. Values are "pushed" into the hash, similar to pushing into an array.      
Genezzo::RawIO Genezzo Raw IO      
Genezzo::Row::RSBlock Row Source Block      
Genezzo::Row::RSDual Row Source Dual (single row) table      
Genezzo::Row::RSExpr Row Source Expression Evaluation      
Genezzo::Row::RSFile Row Source File tied hash class.      
Genezzo::Row::RSIdx1 Row Source InDeX tied hash class. A hierarchical pushhash (see Genezzo::PushHash::hph) class that stores a pushhash as a btree via Genezzo::Row::RSTable.      
Genezzo::Row::RSJoinA Row Source Join [A]      
Genezzo::Row::RSTab Row Source TABle tied hash class.      
Genezzo::SpaceMan::SMExtent Extent Space Management     1.42
Genezzo::SpaceMan::SMFile File Space Management     7.16
Genezzo::SpaceMan::SMFreeBlock FreeBlock Space Management     1.03
Genezzo::SpaceMan::SMHook     1.30
Genezzo::TSHash Table Space Hash      
Genezzo::Tablespace a class that defines a tablespace, the relationship between a collection of files on disk and a set of tables in the dictionary.     7.14
Genezzo::TestSQL Test SQL scripts      
Genezzo::TestSetup setup functions for testing      
Genezzo::Util Utility functions     7.19
Genezzo::XEval Execution and Expression Evaluation     7.05
Genezzo::XEval::Prepare     7.10
Genezzo::XEval::SQLAlter perform DDL ALTER     7.01

Documentation Generate SQL Parser Extent Space Management line mode for Genezzo database system Genezzo database exporter