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Tie::OffsetArray - Tie one array to another, with index offset


  use Tie::OffsetArray;

  tie @a, 'Tie::OffsetArray', 1, \@b; # offset=1; use given array.

  tie @c, 'Tie::OffsetArray', 2;      # use anonymous array.

  $a[0] = 'x';                        # assign to $b[1];

  tied(@a)->array->[0] = 'y';         # assign to $b[0].


When tied to this class, an array's behavior is completely normal. For its internal storage, it uses another array, either one supplied by the caller, or a new anonymous one. Accesses to the tied array are mapped down to the storage array by offsetting the index by some constant amount.

A special method on the tied object returns a reference to the storage array, so that the elements below the offset can be accessed. This is particularly useful if the storage array was not supplied by the caller.

AUTHOR ^ (John Porter)


This is free software. This software may be modified and distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.

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