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James Bromberger > Net-Dynect-REST-0.09


This Release Net-Dynect-REST-0.09  [Download] [Browse 26 Jul 2011
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Special Files


Net::Dynect::REST A REST implementation to communicate with Dynect     175.
Net::Dynect::REST::AAAARecord IPv6 Address Record     149.
Net::Dynect::REST::ANYRecord Find all records matching a name     149.
Net::Dynect::REST::ARecord IPv4 Address Record     149.
Net::Dynect::REST::CNAMERecord CNAME Record     149.
Net::Dynect::REST::DNSKEYRecord DNS KEY Record     149.
Net::Dynect::REST::DSRecord DS Record     149.
Net::Dynect::REST::Job Get the status of a job     175.
Net::Dynect::REST::KEYRecord KEY Record     149.
Net::Dynect::REST::LOCRecord Location Record     149.
Net::Dynect::REST::MXRecord Mail eXchanger Record     170.
Net::Dynect::REST::NSRecord Name Server Record     149.
Net::Dynect::REST::Node Delete all objects against a node     177.
Net::Dynect::REST::NodeList List all objects against a node     177.
Net::Dynect::REST::Password Find all records matching a name     149.
Net::Dynect::REST::QPSReport Get queries per second report     177.
Net::Dynect::REST::RData Record Data returned as a result of querying Dynect     177.
Net::Dynect::REST::Request A request object to supply to Dynect     149.
Net::Dynect::REST::ResourceRecord An abstract DNS resource record object     172.
Net::Dynect::REST::Response A response object from a request to Dynect     177.
Net::Dynect::REST::Response::Data Data object returned as a result of a request     177.
Net::Dynect::REST::Response::Msg A message about the data that was returned.     128.
Net::Dynect::REST::SRVRecord Service/Server Record     149.
Net::Dynect::REST::Session A session object for the Dynect REST API     149.
Net::Dynect::REST::TXTRecord Text Address Record     149.
Net::Dynect::REST::Zone List changes pending for a DNS zone     149.
Net::Dynect::REST::ZoneChanges     177.
Net::Dynect::REST::info Information about the Net::Dynect::REST modules