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GPIB::hpe3631a - Perl-GPIB module HPE3631A power supply


  use GPIB::hpe3631a;

  $g->output(1);       # Outputs on
  $g->output(0);       # Outputs off
  $v = $g->output;     # Read output state 

  $g->track(1);        # P25V and N25V track voltage 
  $g->track(0);        # stop tracking
  $v = $g->track;      # Get tracking state

  $t = $g->display;

  ($voltage, $current) = $g->measure(P6V)  # P6V, P25V, or N25V
  ($voltage, $current) = $g->get(P6V)      # P6V, P25V, or N25V
  $g->set(P6V, $voltage, $current)         # P6V, P25V, or N25V


GPIB::hpe3631a privides control for the HPE3631E bench power supply. This module works with both GPIB and serial interface modules as defined by the /etc/pgpib.conf configuration.

$g->display with no parameter returns the contents of the display. $g->display("string") sets the display to the specified string. Note the the device can only display a limited set of characters, probably best to stick with upper case captions.

$g->measure(P6V) returns a two element list representing the voltage and current at the specified output.

$g->get(P6V) returns a two element list of the voltage and current limits for te specified output.

$g->set(P6V, $v, $c) sets the current limits for the specified output.


A typical /etc/pgpib.conf configuration for a GPIB interface is shown below. The HPE3631A uses primary address 5 by default:

  # name    interface   Board   PAD   SAD  TMO   EOT   EOS
  HPE3631A  GPIB::ni    0       5     0    T1s   1     0

A typical /etc/pgpib.conf configuration for a serial interface is shown below. The HPE3631A uses 9600 baud by default. The flag value of 0x0001 says to use RTS/CTS hardware flow control. This is pretty much required. The device seems to overflow easily unless hardware flow control is used. Note that the HPE3631A uses DTR/DSR flow control and Linux only supports RTS/CTS flow control so you are pretty much stuck building a custom serial cable.

  # name    interface      port        speed   TMO     EOS     FLAG
  HPE3631AS GPIB::hpserial /dev/ttyS1  9600    T3s     0x0a    0x0001


Jeff Mock,


perl(1), GPIB(3).

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