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Jeff Ober > Argon-0.17


This Release Argon-0.17  [Download] [Browse 11 Nov 2017
Latest Release Argon-0.18  [Download] [Browse 14 Nov 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Argon Simple, fast, and flexible distributed computing     0.17
Argon::Async A tied condvar that calls recv on FETCH     0.17
Argon::Channel Line protocol API for non-blocking sockets     0.17
Argon::Client Client-side connection class for Argon systems     0.17
Argon::Constants Constants used by Argon classes     0.17
Argon::Encryption Role providing methods and attributes to encrypt Argon::Message traffic     0.17
Argon::Log Simple logging wrapper     0.17
Argon::Manager Entry-point Argon service providing intelligent task routing     0.17
Argon::Marshal routines for serializing messages     0.17
Argon::Message Encodable message structure used for cross-system coordination     0.17
Argon::Queue Bounded, prioritized queue class     0.17
Argon::SecureChannel Encrypted Argon::Channel     0.17
Argon::Server Base class for Argon server objects     0.17
Argon::Simple Utilities for concisely writing Argon client applications     0.17
Argon::Task Base interface for Argon-runnable tasks     0.17
Argon::Test Utilities used by Argon's tests     0.17
Argon::Tracker Internal class used to track node capacity     0.17
Argon::Types TypeConstraints used by Argon classes     0.17
Argon::Util Utilities used in Argon classes     0.17
Argon::Worker Argon worker node providing capacity to an Argon::Manager     0.17


manager Starts an Argon manager service  
worker Starts an Argon worker service