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Jifty::Util - Things that don't fit anywhere else


absolute_path PATH

absolute_path converts PATH into an absolute path, relative to the application's root (as determined by "app_root") This can be called as an object or class method.

canonicalize_path PATH

Takes a "path" style /foo/bar/baz and returns a canonicalized (but not necessarily absolute) version of the path. Always use / as the separator, even on platforms which recognizes both / and \ as valid separators in PATH.


Returns the root directory that Jifty has been installed into. Uses %INC to figure out where is.


Returns the 'share' directory of the installed Jifty module. This is currently only used to store the common Mason components, CSS, and JS of Jifty and it's plugins.


Returns the application's root path. This is done by searching upward from the current directory, looking for a directory which contains a bin/jifty. Failing that, it searches upward from wherever the executable was found.

It dies if it can only find /usr or /usr/local which fit these criteria.


Returns the default name of the application. This is the name of the application's root directory, as defined by "app_root".

make_path PATH

When handed a directory, creates that directory, starting as far up the chain as necessary. (This is what 'mkdir -p' does in your shell).

require PATH

Uses UNIVERSAL::require to require the provided PATH. Additionally, logs any failures at the error log level.

try_to_require Module

This method works just like "require", except that it surpresses the error message in cases where the module isn't found.

already_required class

Helper function to test whether a given class has already been require'd.


Generate a new UUID using Data::UUID.


Various folks at Best Practical Solutions, LLC.

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