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Registering argument translations

This is the Prophet CLI's way of supporting short forms for arguments, e.g. you want to let '-v' be able to used for the same purpose as '--verbose' without dirtying your code checking both or manually setting them if they exist. We want it to be as easy as possible to have short commands.

To use, have your command subclass do:

    sub ARG_TRANSLATIONS { shift->SUPER::ARG_TRANSLATIONS(),  f => 'file' };

You can register as many translations at a time as you want. The arguments will be translated when the command object is instantiated. If an arg already exists in the arg translation table, it is overwritten with the new value.


Checks to make sure the uuid attribute is set. Prints an error and dies with the command's usage string if it is not set.

edit_text [text] -> text

Filters the given text through the user's $EDITOR using Proc::InvokeEditor.

edit_hash hash => hashref, ordering => arrayref

Filters the hash through the user's $EDITOR using Proc::InvokeEditor.

No validation is done on the input or output.

If the optional ordering argument is specified, hash keys will be presented in that order (with unspecified elements following) for edit.

If the record class for the current type defines a immutable_props routine, those props will not be presented for editing.

False values are not returned unless a prop is removed from the output.

edit_props arg => str, defaults => hashref, ordering => arrayref

Returns a hashref of the command's props mixed in with any default props. If the "arg" argument is specified, (default "edit", use undef if you only want default arguments), then "edit_hash" is invoked on the property list.

If the ordering argument is specified, properties will be presented in that order (with unspecified props following) if filtered through "edit_hash".

prompt_choices question

Asks user the question and returns 0 if answer was the second choice, 1 otherwise. (First choice is the default.)

prompt_Yn question

Asks user the question and returns true if answer was positive or false otherwise. Default answer is 'Yes' (returns true).


Print the command's usage message to STDERR and die. Commands should implement usage_msg, which returns the usage message.

If the usage message method needs arguments passed in, use a closure.

get_cmd_and_subcmd_names [no_type => 1]

Gets the name of the script that was run and the primary commands that were specified on the command-line. If a true boolean is passed in as no_type, won't add '<record-type>' to the subcmd if no type was passed in via the primary commands.

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