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Source   Latest Release: Prophet-0.751

updir PATH

Strips off the filename in the given path and returns the absolute path of the remaining directory.


Reads in the entire file whose absolute path is given by FILENAME and returns its contents, either in a scalar or in an array of lines, depending on the context.

instantiate_record class => 'record-class-name', uuid => 'record-uuid', app_handle => $self->app_handle

Takes the name of a record class (must subclass Prophet::Record), a uuid, and an application handle and returns a new instantiated record object of the given class.

escape_utf8 REF

Given a reference to a scalar, escapes special characters (currently just &, <, >, (, ), ", and ') for use in HTML and XML.

Not an object routine (call as Prophet::Util::escape_utf8( \$scalar) ).

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