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Module Version: 0.05   Source   Latest Release: RT-Action-LinearEscalate-0.06




LinearEscalate is a ScripAction which is NOT intended to be called per transaction. It's intended to be called by an RT escalation tool. One such tool is called rt-crontool and is located in $RTHOME/bin (see rt-crontool -h for more details)

This ScripAction will move a ticket's priority from its initial priority to its final priority linearly as the ticket approaches its due date.

This ScripAction uses RT's internal Ticket::_Set call to set ticket priority without running scrips or recording a transaction on each update.

To install this package:

 # perl Makefile.PL
 # make install

Once the ScripAction is installed, the following script in "cron" will get tickets to where they need to be:

 rt-crontool --search RT::Search::FromSQL --search-arg \
    "(Status='new' OR Status='open' OR Status = 'stalled')" \
    --action RT::Action::LinearEscalate

LinearEscalate's behavior can be controlled by two configuration options set in -- LinearEscalate_RecordTransaction, which defaults to false and causes the tool to create a transaction on the ticket when it is escalated, and LinearEscalate_UpdateLastUpdated, which defaults to true and updates the LastUpdated field when the ticket is escalated. You cannot set LinearEscalate_UpdateLastUpdated to false unless LinearEscalate_RecordTransaction is also false. (Well, you can, but we'll just ignore you.)

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