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Jesse Vincent > Shipwright-2.1.4


This Release Shipwright-2.1.4  [Download] [Browse 23 Feb 2009
Latest Release Shipwright-2.4.42  [Download] [Browse 10 Nov 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Shipwright Best Practical Builder     2.1.4
Shipwright::Backend Backend      
Shipwright::Backend::Base Base Backend Class      
Shipwright::Backend::FS File System backend      
Shipwright::Backend::SVK SVK repository backend      
Shipwright::Backend::SVN SVN repository backend      
Shipwright::Logger Log      
Shipwright::Script Base class and dispatcher for commands      
Shipwright::Script::Create Create a project      
Shipwright::Script::Defaultbranch Set the default branch for a dist      
Shipwright::Script::Delete Delete a dist      
Shipwright::Script::Flags Maintain a dist's flags      
Shipwright::Script::Help Show help      
Shipwright::Script::Import Import sources and their dependencies      
Shipwright::Script::Ktf Maintain a dist's known test failure conditions      
Shipwright::Script::List List dists of a project      
Shipwright::Script::Maintain Maintain a project      
Shipwright::Script::Relocate Relocate source of a dist(not cpan)      
Shipwright::Script::Rename Rename a dist      
Shipwright::Script::Update Update dist(s) and scripts      
Shipwright::Source Source      
Shipwright::Source::Base Base class of source      
Shipwright::Source::CPAN CPAN source      
Shipwright::Source::Compressed Compressed file source      
Shipwright::Source::Directory Directory source      
Shipwright::Source::FTP FTP source      
Shipwright::Source::Git Git source      
Shipwright::Source::HTTP HTTP source      
Shipwright::Source::SVK SVK source      
Shipwright::Source::SVN SVN source      
Shipwright::Source::Shipwright Shipwright source      
Shipwright::Test Test      
Shipwright::Util Util      
Shipwright::Util::CleanINC Use this to clean @INC      


Shipwright::Manual Shipwright documentation  
Shipwright::Manual::CustomizeBuild Customize the build method for a distribution  
Shipwright::Manual::Glossary Glossary for Shipwright  
Shipwright::Manual::Tutorial introduction to Shipwright  
Shipwright::Manual::UsingBranches Using Branches  
Shipwright::Manual::UsingFlags Using Flags