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Source   Latest Release: perl-5.11.5


[ this is a template for a new perldelta file. Any text flagged as XXX needs to be processed before release. ]

perldelta - what is new for perl v5.XXX.XXX


This document describes differences between the 5.XXX.XXX release and the 5.XXX.XXX release.

If you are upgrading from an earlier release such as 5.XXX.XXX, first read the perl5XXXdelta, which describes differences between 5.XXX.XXX and 5.10.0

Notice ^

XXX Any important notices here

Incompatible Changes ^

XXX For a release on a stable branch, this section aspires to be:

    There are no changes intentionally incompatible with 5.XXX.XXX. If any
    exist, they are bugs and reports are welcome.

Core Enhancements ^

XXX New core language features go here. Summarise user-visible core language enhancements. Particularly prominent performance optimisations could go here, but most should go in the "Performance Enhancements" section.

New Platforms ^

XXX List any platforms that this version of perl compiles on, that previous versions did not. These will either be enabled by new files in the hints/ directories, or new subdirectories and README files at the top level of the source tree.

Modules and Pragmata ^

XXX All changes to installed files in cpan/, dist/, ext/ and lib/ go here, in a list ordered by distribution name. Minimally it should be the module version, but it's more useful to the end user to give a paragraph's summary of the module's changes. In an ideal world, dual-life modules would have a Changes file that could be cribbed.

New Modules and Pragmata



Pragmata Changes



Updated Modules

XXX If Module::CoreList is updated, generate this section using Porting/



Utility Changes ^

XXX Changes to installed programs such as perlbug and xsubpp go here. Most of these are built within the directories utils and x2p.



New Documentation ^

XXX Changes which create new files in pod/ go here.



Changes to Existing Documentation ^

XXX Changes which significantly change existing files in pod/ go here. Any changes to pod/perldiag.pod should go in "New or Changed Diagnostics".

Performance Enhancements ^

XXX Changes which enhance performance without changing behaviour go here. There may well be none in a stable release.

Installation and Configuration Improvements ^

XXX Changes to Configure, installperl, installman, and analogous tools go here.

Configuration improvements


Compilation improvements


Platform Specific Changes



Selected Bug Fixes ^

XXX Important bug fixes in the core language are summarised here. Bug fixes in files in ext/ and lib/ are best summarised in "Modules and Pragmata".

New or Changed Diagnostics ^

XXX New or changed warnings emitted by the core's C code go here.



Changed Internals ^

XXX Changes which affect the interface available to XS code go here.

New Tests ^

XXX Changes which create new files in t/ go here. Changes to existing files in t/ aren't worth summarising, although the bugs that they represent may be.



Known Problems ^

XXX Descriptions of platform agnostic bugs we know we can't fix go here. Any tests that had to be TODOed for the release would be noted here, unless they were specific to a particular platform (see below).

This is a list of some significant unfixed bugs, which are regressions from either 5.XXX.XXX or 5.XXX.XXX.

Deprecations ^

XXX Add any new known deprecations here.

The following items are now deprecated.

Platform Specific Notes ^

XXX Any changes specific to a particular platform. VMS and Win32 are the usual stars here. It's probably best to group changes under the same section layout as the main perldelta

Obituary ^

XXX If any significant core contributor has died, we've added a short obituary here.

Acknowledgements ^

XXX The list of people to thank goes here.

Reporting Bugs ^

If you find what you think is a bug, you might check the articles recently posted to the comp.lang.perl.misc newsgroup and the perl bug database at . There may also be information at , the Perl Home Page.

If you believe you have an unreported bug, please run the perlbug program included with your release. Be sure to trim your bug down to a tiny but sufficient test case. Your bug report, along with the output of perl -V, will be sent off to to be analysed by the Perl porting team.

If the bug you are reporting has security implications, which make it inappropriate to send to a publicly archived mailing list, then please send it to This points to a closed subscription unarchived mailing list, which includes all the core committers, who be able to help assess the impact of issues, figure out a resolution, and help co-ordinate the release of patches to mitigate or fix the problem across all platforms on which Perl is supported. Please only use this address for security issues in the Perl core, not for modules independently distributed on CPAN.


The Changes file for an explanation of how to view exhaustive details on what changed.

The INSTALL file for how to build Perl.

The README file for general stuff.

The Artistic and Copying files for copyright information.

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