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Jan Gehring > Rex-Apache-Deploy-0.11.0 > Rex::Apache::Deploy::deb


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Source   Latest Release: Rex-Apache-Deploy-0.12.0


Rex::Apache::Deploy::deb - Deploy deb package


With this module you can deploy a Debian package.

If the package is not build yet, it will pass all the arguments to the build() function and executes the build on the local machine.


 deploy "my-software.deb";
 deploy "my-software",
    type    => "deb",
    version => "1.0",
    # below this, it is all optional
    source  => "/path/to/your/software",
    path    => "/path/to/deploy/target",
    description    => "some description of your package",
    url            => "website of the package",
    depends        => [qw/httpd perl/],
    release        => 1,
    epoch          => 1,
    vendor         => "some vendor",
    license        => "your license for ex. GPL2",
    section        => "some/section",
    conflicts      => [qw/somepkg/],
    provides       => "some-package-name",
    arch           => "x86_64",
    target         => "linux / the platform",
    post_install   => "filename or script to run after installation",
    pre_install    => "filename or script to run before installation",
    post_uninstall => "filename or script to run after uninstall",
    pre_uninstall  => "filename or script to run before uninstall",
    exclude        => [qw/file1 file2/],
    maintainer     => "your name",
    config_files   => [qw/special files for configuration mostly for etc directory/];
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