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README.beos - Perl version 5 on BeOS


Notes for building Perl under BeOS.

General Issues with Perl on BeOS

To compile perl under BeOS R4 x86:

        ./Configure -d

and hit ^C when it asks you if you want to make changes to; edit and do the following: change d_socket='define' to ='undef'; remove SDBM, Errno, and Socket from dynamic_ext= and nonxs_ext=; add '#define bool short' to x2p/a2p.h;

        ../Configure -S; make; make install

        cd ~/config/lib; ln -s 5.00502/BeOS-BePC/CORE/ .

(substitute 5.00502 with the appropriate filename)

BeOS Release-specific Notes

R4 x86

Dynamic loading finally works! Yay! This means you can compile your own modules into perl. However, Sockets and Errno still don't work. (Hopefully, sockets will at least work by R5, if not sooner.)


I have not tested this. I rather severely doubt that dynamic loading will work. (My BeBox is in pieces right now, following a nasty disk crash.) You may have to disable dynamic loading to get the thing to compile at all. (use `./Configure` without -d, and say 'no' to 'Build a shared'.)

Contact Information

If you have comments, problem reports, or even patches or bugfixes (gasp!) please email me.

28 Jan 1999 Tom Spindler

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