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Source   Latest Release: perl-5.28.0-RC1

Name ^

Perl for NetWare5.x

Description ^

This file gives the instructions for building Perl5.6 and above for NetWare5.x. Please read and understand the terms under which this software is distributed.

Build ^

This section describes the steps to be performed to build a Perl NLM and other associated NLMs.

Tools & SDK

The build requires Watcom 11.x compiler and linker. In addition, the "NetWare SDK", "NLM & NetWare Libraries for C" and "NetWare Server Protocol Libraries for C", all available at, are also required. Microsoft Visual C++ version 4.2 or later is also required.

Currently the interpreter builds only with Watcom and we do have plans of making this work with CodeWarrior as well.


The build process is dependent on the location of the NetWare SDK. Once the required software is installed, the build environment has to be setup. The following batch files setup the environment.


This sets the build type to release or debug.


This sets the NetWare SDK path, Compiler & other tools path & MPK SDK path.


This is required only it we are building multi-processor enabled NLMs.

These batch files are under NetWare\bat folder. These batch files call a couple of other batch files to setup the environment. Invoking the batch file with /now will show the current settings and /h or /? gives the usage help.


The make process runs only under WinNT shell. The NetWare makefile is located under the NetWare folder. The makefile for NetWare makes use of miniperl.exe to run some of the Perl scripts. To create miniperl.exe, run nmake from win32 folder through WinNT commond prompt. The build process can be stopped after miniperl.exe is created. Then run nmake from NetWare folder through WinNT command prompt.

Currently the follwing two build types are tested on NetWare


Once miniperl.exe creation is over, run nmake from the NetWare folder. This will build the Perl interpreter for NetWare as perl.nlm. This is copied under the Release folder if you are doing a release build, else will be copied under Debug folder for debug builds.


The make process also creates the Perl extensions which are called NLPs (NetWare Loadable Perl).

Install ^

To install NetWare Perl onto a NetWare server, first map the Sys volume of a NetWare server to i:. This is because the makefile by default sets the drive letter to i:. Type nmake nwinstall from NetWare folder on a WinNT command prompt. This will copy the binaries and module files onto the NetWare server. The Perl interpreter, perl.nlm, is copied under sys:\perl\system folder. Copy perl.nlm to sys:\system folder.

Build new extensions ^

To build extensions other than standard extensions, NetWare Perl has to be installed on Windows as well. This can be done by invoking nmake install from the NetWare folder on a WinNT command prompt. This will copy all the *.pm files and other required files. Documentation files are not copied. This has to be done after installing Perl for Windows. Once this is done, do the following to build any extension:

Known Issues ^

Acknowledgements ^

The makefile for Win32 is used as a reference to create the makefile for NetWare build. Also, the make process for NetWare port uses miniperl.exe to run scripts during the make and installation process.

Authors ^

Guruprasad S ( Anantha Kesari H Y (

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