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perlthrtut - tutorial on threads in Perl


NOTE: this tutorial describes the new Perl threading flavour introduced in Perl 5.6.0 called interpreter threads, or ithreads for short. There is another older perl threading flavour called the 5.005 model, unsurprisingly for 5.005 versions of Perl.

You can see which (or neither) threading flavour you have by running perl -V and look at the Platform section. If you have useithreads=define you have ithreads, if you have use5005threads=define you have 5.005 threads. If you have neither, you don't have any thread support built in. If you have both, you are in trouble.

This document is unfortunately rather sparse as of 2001-Sep-17.

In the meanwhile, you can read up on threading basics (while keeping in mind the above caveat about the changing threading flavours) in perlothrtut

When perlothrut reaches "Thread Basics" in perlothrtut is when you should slow down and remember to mentally read threads when perlothrtut says Thread. The Thread was the old 5.005-style threading module, the threads is the new ithreads style threading module.

For more information please see threads and threads::shared.

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