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Source   Latest Release: perl-5.27.11
apollo/netinet/in.h Apollo DomainOS port: C header file frontend
Artistic The "Artistic License"
AUTHORS Contact info for contributors
autodoc.pl Creates pod/perlintern.pod and pod/perlapi.pod
av.c Array value code
av.h Array value header
beos/beos.c BeOS port
beos/beosish.h BeOS port
beos/nm.c BeOS port
bytecode.pl Produces ext/ByteLoader/byterun.h, ext/ByteLoader/byterun.c and ext/B/Asmdata.pm
cc_runtime.h Macros need by runtime of compiler-generated code
cflags.SH A script that emits C compilation flags per file
Changes Differences from previous version
Changes5.000 Differences between 4.x and 5.000
Changes5.001 Differences between 5.000 and 5.001
Changes5.002 Differences between 5.001 and 5.002
Changes5.003 Differences between 5.002 and 5.003
Changes5.004 Differences between 5.003 and 5.004
Changes5.005 Differences between 5.004 and 5.005
Changes5.6 Differences between 5.005 and 5.6
configpm  [pod] Produces lib/Config.pm
Configure Portability tool
configure.com Configure-equivalent for VMS
configure.gnu Crude emulation of GNU configure
config_h.SH Produces config.h
cop.h Control operator header
Copying The GNU General Public License
Cross/README Cross-compilation
cv.h Code value header
cygwin/cygwin.c Additional code for Cygwin port
cygwin/ld2.in ld wrapper template for Cygwin port
cygwin/Makefile.SHs Shared library generation for Cygwin port
cygwin/perlld.in dll generator template for Cygwin port
deb.c Debugging routines
djgpp/config.over DOS/DJGPP port
djgpp/configure.bat DOS/DJGPP port
djgpp/djgpp.c DOS/DJGPP port
djgpp/djgpp.h DOS/DJGPP port
djgpp/djgppsed.sh DOS/DJGPP port
djgpp/fixpmain DOS/DJGPP port
doio.c I/O operations
doop.c Support code for various operations
dosish.h Some defines for MS/DOSish machines
dump.c Debugging output
emacs/cperl-mode.el  [pod] An alternate perl-mode
emacs/e2ctags.pl etags to ctags converter
emacs/ptags Creates smart TAGS file
embed.fnc Database used by embed.pl
embed.h Maps symbols to safer names
embed.pl Produces {embed,embedvar,proto}.h, global.sym
embedvar.h C namespace management
epoc/config.sh EPOC port config.sh template
epoc/createpkg.pl EPOC port generate PKG file
epoc/epoc.c EPOC port
epoc/epocish.c EPOC port
epoc/epocish.h EPOC port
epoc/epoc_stubs.c EPOC port
epoc/link.pl EPOC port link a exe
ext/attrs.t See if attrs works with C<sub : attrs>
ext/attrs/attrs.pm  [pod] attrs extension Perl module
ext/attrs/attrs.xs attrs extension external subroutines
ext/attrs/Makefile.PL attrs extension makefile writer
ext/B/B.pm  [pod] Compiler backend support functions and methods
ext/B/B.xs Compiler backend external subroutines
ext/B/B/Asmdata.pm  [pod] Compiler backend data for assembler
ext/B/B/assemble Assemble compiler bytecode
ext/B/B/Assembler.pm  [pod] Compiler backend assembler support functions
ext/B/B/Bblock.pm  [pod] Compiler basic block analysis support
ext/B/B/Bytecode.pm  [pod] Compiler Bytecode backend
ext/B/B/C.pm  [pod] Compiler C backend
ext/B/B/CC.pm  [pod] Compiler CC backend
ext/B/B/cc_harness Simplistic wrapper for using -MO=CC compiler
ext/B/B/Concise.pm  [pod] Compiler Concise backend
ext/B/B/Debug.pm  [pod] Compiler Debug backend
ext/B/B/Deparse.pm  [pod] Compiler Deparse backend
ext/B/B/disassemble Disassemble compiler bytecode output
ext/B/B/Disassembler.pm  [pod] Compiler Disassembler backend
ext/B/B/Lint.pm  [pod] Compiler Lint backend
ext/B/B/makeliblinks Make a simplistic XSUB .so symlink tree for compiler
ext/B/B/Showlex.pm  [pod] Compiler Showlex backend
ext/B/B/Stackobj.pm  [pod] Compiler stack objects support functions
ext/B/B/Stash.pm  [pod] Compiler module to identify stashes
ext/B/B/Terse.pm  [pod] Compiler Terse backend
ext/B/B/Xref.pm  [pod] Compiler Xref backend
ext/B/C/C.xs Compiler C backend external subroutines
ext/B/C/Makefile.PL Compiler C backend makefile writer
ext/B/defsubs_h.PL Generator for constant subroutines
ext/B/hints/darwin.pl Hints for named architecture
ext/B/Makefile.PL Compiler backend makefile writer
ext/B/NOTES Compiler backend notes
ext/B/O.pm  [pod] Compiler front-end module (-MO=...)
ext/B/ramblings/cc.notes Compiler ramblings: notes on CC backend
ext/B/ramblings/curcop.runtime Compiler ramblings: notes on curcop use
ext/B/ramblings/flip-flop Compiler ramblings: notes on flip-flop
ext/B/ramblings/magic Compiler ramblings: notes on magic
ext/B/ramblings/reg.alloc Compiler ramblings: register allocation
ext/B/ramblings/runtime.porting Compiler ramblings: porting PP enging
ext/B/README Compiler backend README
ext/B/t/asmdata.t See if B::Asmdata works
ext/B/t/assembler.t See if B::Assembler, B::Disassembler comply
ext/B/t/b.t See if B works
ext/B/t/bblock.t See if B::Bblock works
ext/B/t/concise.t See whether B::Concise works
ext/B/t/debug.t See if B::Debug works
ext/B/t/deparse.t See if B::Deparse works
ext/B/t/lint.t See if B::Lint works
ext/B/t/o.t See if O works
ext/B/t/showlex.t See if B::ShowLex works
ext/B/t/stash.t See if B::Stash works
ext/B/t/terse.t See if B::Terse works
ext/B/t/xref.t See if B::Xref works
ext/B/TESTS Compiler backend test data
ext/B/Todo Compiler backend Todo list
ext/B/typemap Compiler backend interface types
ext/ByteLoader/bytecode.h Bytecode header for bytecode loader
ext/ByteLoader/ByteLoader.pm  [pod] Bytecode loader Perl module
ext/ByteLoader/ByteLoader.xs Bytecode loader external subroutines
ext/ByteLoader/byterun.c Runtime support for bytecode loader
ext/ByteLoader/byterun.h Header for byterun.c
ext/ByteLoader/hints/sunos.pl Hints for named architecture
ext/ByteLoader/Makefile.PL Bytecode loader makefile writer
ext/Cwd/Cwd.xs Cwd extension external subroutines
ext/Cwd/Makefile.PL Cwd extension makefile maker
ext/Cwd/t/cwd.t See if Cwd works
ext/Cwd/t/taint.t See if Cwd works with taint
ext/Data/Dumper/Changes  [pod] Data pretty printer, changelog
ext/Data/Dumper/Dumper.pm  [pod] Data pretty printer, module
ext/Data/Dumper/Dumper.xs Data pretty printer, externals
ext/Data/Dumper/Makefile.PL Data pretty printer, makefile writer
ext/Data/Dumper/t/dumper.t See if Data::Dumper works
ext/Data/Dumper/t/overload.t See if Data::Dumper works for overloaded data
ext/Data/Dumper/Todo  [pod] Data pretty printer, futures
ext/DB_File/Changes Berkeley DB extension change log
ext/DB_File/dbinfo Berkeley DB database version checker
ext/DB_File/DB_File.pm  [pod] Berkeley DB extension Perl module
ext/DB_File/DB_File.xs Berkeley DB extension external subroutines
ext/DB_File/DB_File_BS Berkeley DB extension mkbootstrap fodder
ext/DB_File/hints/dynixptx.pl Hint for DB_File for named architecture
ext/DB_File/hints/sco.pl Hint for DB_File for named architecture
ext/DB_File/Makefile.PL Berkeley DB extension makefile writer
ext/DB_File/t/db-btree.t See if DB_File works
ext/DB_File/t/db-hash.t See if DB_File works
ext/DB_File/t/db-recno.t See if DB_File works
ext/DB_File/typemap Berkeley DB extension interface types
ext/DB_File/version.c Berkeley DB extension interface version check
ext/Devel/DProf/Changes Perl code profiler changelog
ext/Devel/DProf/DProf.pm  [pod] Perl code profiler
ext/Devel/DProf/DProf.t Perl code profiler
ext/Devel/DProf/DProf.xs Perl code profiler
ext/Devel/DProf/Makefile.PL Perl code profiler makefile writer
ext/Devel/DProf/Todo Perl code profiler todo list
ext/Devel/Peek/Changes Data debugging tool, changelog
ext/Devel/Peek/Makefile.PL Data debugging tool, makefile writer
ext/Devel/Peek/Peek.pm  [pod] Data debugging tool, module and pod
ext/Devel/Peek/Peek.t See if Devel::Peek works
ext/Devel/Peek/Peek.xs Data debugging tool, externals
ext/Devel/PPPort/Changes Devel::PPPort changes
ext/Devel/PPPort/Makefile.PL Devel::PPPort makefile writer
ext/Devel/PPPort/MANIFEST Devel::PPPort Manifest
ext/Devel/PPPort/module2.c Devel::PPPort test file
ext/Devel/PPPort/module3.c Devel::PPPort test file
ext/Devel/PPPort/PPPort.pm  [pod] Devel::PPPort
ext/Devel/PPPort/PPPort.xs Devel::PPPort
ext/Devel/PPPort/ppport_h.PL Devel::PPPort
ext/Devel/PPPort/README Devel::PPPort Readme
ext/Devel/PPPort/soak Test Harness to run Devel::PPPort other Perls
ext/Devel/PPPort/t/test.t See if Devel::PPPort works
ext/Devel/PPPort/TODO Devel::PPPort Todo
ext/Digest/MD5/Changes Digest::MD5 extension changes
ext/Digest/MD5/hints/irix_6.pl Hints for named architecture
ext/Digest/MD5/hints/MacOS.pl Hints for named architecture
ext/Digest/MD5/Makefile.PL Digest::MD5 extension makefile writer
ext/Digest/MD5/MD5.pm  [pod] Digest::MD5 extension
ext/Digest/MD5/MD5.xs Digest::MD5 extension
ext/Digest/MD5/README Digest::MD5 extension Readme
ext/Digest/MD5/t/align.t See if Digest::MD5 extension works
ext/Digest/MD5/t/badfile.t See if Digest::MD5 extension works
ext/Digest/MD5/t/files.t See if Digest::MD5 extension works
ext/Digest/MD5/t/md5-aaa.t See if Digest::MD5 extension works
ext/Digest/MD5/t/utf8.t See if Digest::MD5 extension works
ext/Digest/MD5/typemap Digest::MD5 extension
ext/DynaLoader/dlutils.c Dynamic loader utilities for dl_*.xs files
ext/DynaLoader/dl_aix.xs AIX implementation
ext/DynaLoader/dl_beos.xs BeOS implementation
ext/DynaLoader/dl_dld.xs GNU dld style implementation
ext/DynaLoader/dl_dllload.xs S/390 dllload() style implementation
ext/DynaLoader/dl_dlopen.xs BSD/SunOS4&5 dlopen() style implementation
ext/DynaLoader/dl_dyld.xs NeXT/Apple dyld implementation
ext/DynaLoader/dl_hpux.xs HP-UX implementation
ext/DynaLoader/dl_mac.xs MacOS implementation
ext/DynaLoader/dl_mpeix.xs MPE/iX implementation
ext/DynaLoader/dl_next.xs NeXT implementation
ext/DynaLoader/dl_none.xs Stub implementation
ext/DynaLoader/dl_vmesa.xs VM/ESA implementation
ext/DynaLoader/dl_vms.xs VMS implementation
ext/DynaLoader/DynaLoader_pm.PL  [pod] Dynamic Loader perl module
ext/DynaLoader/hints/aix.pl Hint for DynaLoader for named architecture
ext/DynaLoader/hints/linux.pl Hint for DynaLoader for named architecture
ext/DynaLoader/hints/netbsd.pl Hint for DynaLoader for named architecture
ext/DynaLoader/hints/openbsd.pl Hint for DynaLoader for named architecture
ext/DynaLoader/Makefile.PL Dynamic Loader makefile writer
ext/DynaLoader/README Dynamic Loader notes and intro
ext/DynaLoader/XSLoader_pm.PL  [pod] Simple XS Loader perl module
ext/Encode/AUTHORS List of authors
ext/Encode/bin/enc2xs  [pod] Encode module generator
ext/Encode/bin/piconv  [pod] iconv by perl
ext/Encode/bin/ucm2table Table Generator for testing
ext/Encode/bin/ucmlint A UCM Lint utility
ext/Encode/bin/unidump Unicode Dump like hexdump(1)
ext/Encode/Byte/Byte.pm  [pod] Encode extension
ext/Encode/Byte/Makefile.PL Encode extension
ext/Encode/Changes Change Log
ext/Encode/CN/CN.pm  [pod] Encode extension
ext/Encode/CN/Makefile.PL Encode extension
ext/Encode/EBCDIC/EBCDIC.pm  [pod] Encode extension
ext/Encode/EBCDIC/Makefile.PL Encode extension
ext/Encode/encengine.c Encode extension
ext/Encode/Encode.pm  [pod] Mother of all Encode extensions
ext/Encode/Encode.xs Encode extension
ext/Encode/Encode/Changes.e2x Skeleton file for enc2xs
ext/Encode/Encode/ConfigLocal_PM.e2x Skeleton file for enc2xs
ext/Encode/Encode/encode.h Encode extension header file
ext/Encode/Encode/Makefile_PL.e2x Skeleton file for enc2xs
ext/Encode/Encode/README.e2x Skeleton file for enc2xs
ext/Encode/Encode/_PM.e2x  [pod] Skeleton file for enc2xs
ext/Encode/Encode/_T.e2x Skeleton file for enc2xs
ext/Encode/encoding.pm  [pod] Perl Pragmactic Module
ext/Encode/JP/JP.pm  [pod] Encode extension
ext/Encode/JP/Makefile.PL Encode extension
ext/Encode/KR/KR.pm  [pod] Encode extension
ext/Encode/KR/Makefile.PL Encode extension
ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Alias.pm  [pod] Encode extension
ext/Encode/lib/Encode/CJKConstants.pm  [pod] Encode extension
ext/Encode/lib/Encode/CN/HZ.pm  [pod] Encode extension
ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Config.pm  [pod] Encode configuration module
ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Encoder.pm  [pod] OO Encoder
ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Encoding.pm  [pod] Encode extension
ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Guess.pm  [pod] Encode Extension
ext/Encode/lib/Encode/JP/H2Z.pm  [pod] Encode extension
ext/Encode/lib/Encode/JP/JIS7.pm  [pod] Encode extension
ext/Encode/lib/Encode/KR/2022_KR.pm  [pod] Encode extension
ext/Encode/lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm  [pod] Encode extension
ext/Encode/lib/Encode/PerlIO.pod  [pod] Documents for Encode & PerlIO
ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Supported.pod  [pod] Documents for supported encodings
ext/Encode/Makefile.PL Encode extension makefile writer
ext/Encode/MANIFEST Encode extension
ext/Encode/README Encode extension
ext/Encode/Symbol/Makefile.PL Encode extension
ext/Encode/Symbol/Symbol.pm  [pod] Encode extension
ext/Encode/t/Aliases.t test script
ext/Encode/t/at-cn.t test script
ext/Encode/t/at-tw.t test script
ext/Encode/t/big5-eten.enc test data
ext/Encode/t/big5-eten.utf test data
ext/Encode/t/big5-hkscs.enc test data
ext/Encode/t/big5-hkscs.utf test data
ext/Encode/t/CJKT.t test script
ext/Encode/t/Encode.t test script
ext/Encode/t/Encoder.t test script
ext/Encode/t/encoding.t test script
ext/Encode/t/fallback.t test script
ext/Encode/t/gb2312.enc test data
ext/Encode/t/gb2312.utf test data
ext/Encode/t/grow.t test script
ext/Encode/t/guess.t test script
ext/Encode/t/jisx0201.enc test data
ext/Encode/t/jisx0201.utf test data
ext/Encode/t/jisx0208.enc test data
ext/Encode/t/jisx0208.utf test data
ext/Encode/t/jisx0212.enc test data
ext/Encode/t/jisx0212.utf test data
ext/Encode/t/jperl.t test script
ext/Encode/t/ksc5601.enc test data
ext/Encode/t/ksc5601.utf test data
ext/Encode/t/mime-header.t test script
ext/Encode/t/perlio.t test script
ext/Encode/t/unibench.pl benchmark script
ext/Encode/t/Unicode.t test script
ext/Encode/TW/Makefile.PL Encode extension
ext/Encode/TW/TW.pm  [pod] Encode extension
ext/Encode/ucm/8859-1.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/8859-10.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/8859-11.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/8859-13.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/8859-14.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/8859-15.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/8859-16.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/8859-2.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/8859-3.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/8859-4.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/8859-5.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/8859-6.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/8859-7.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/8859-8.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/8859-9.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/adobeStdenc.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/adobeSymbol.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/adobeZdingbat.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/ascii.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/big5-eten.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/big5-hkscs.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp037.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp1006.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp1026.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp1047.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp1250.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp1251.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp1252.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp1253.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp1254.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp1255.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp1256.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp1257.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp1258.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp424.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp437.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp500.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp737.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp775.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp850.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp852.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp855.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp856.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp857.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp860.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp861.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp862.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp863.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp864.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp865.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp866.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp869.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp874.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp875.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp932.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp936.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp949.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/cp950.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/ctrl.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/dingbats.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/euc-cn.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/euc-jp.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/euc-kr.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/gb12345.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/gb2312.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/gsm0338.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/hp-roman8.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/ir-165.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/jis0201.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/jis0208.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/jis0212.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/johab.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/koi8-f.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/koi8-r.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/koi8-u.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/ksc5601.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macArabic.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macCentEuro.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macChinsimp.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macChintrad.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macCroatian.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macCyrillic.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macDingbats.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macFarsi.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macGreek.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macHebrew.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macIceland.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macJapanese.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macKorean.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macRoman.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macROMnn.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macRUMnn.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macSami.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macSymbol.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macThai.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macTurkish.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/macUkraine.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/nextstep.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/null.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/posix-bc.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/shiftjis.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/symbol.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/ucm/viscii.ucm Unicode Character Map
ext/Encode/Unicode/Makefile.PL Encode extension
ext/Encode/Unicode/Unicode.pm  [pod] Encode extension
ext/Encode/Unicode/Unicode.xs Encode extension
ext/Errno/ChangeLog See if Errno works
ext/Errno/Errno.t See if Errno works
ext/Errno/Errno_pm.PL  [pod] Errno perl module create script
ext/Errno/Makefile.PL Errno extension makefile writer
ext/Fcntl/Fcntl.pm  [pod] Fcntl extension Perl module
ext/Fcntl/Fcntl.xs Fcntl extension external subroutines
ext/Fcntl/Makefile.PL Fcntl extension makefile writer
ext/Fcntl/t/fcntl.t See if Fcntl works
ext/Fcntl/t/syslfs.t See if large files work for sysio
ext/File/Glob/bsd_glob.c File::Glob extension run time code
ext/File/Glob/bsd_glob.h File::Glob extension header file
ext/File/Glob/Changes File::Glob extension changelog
ext/File/Glob/Glob.pm  [pod] File::Glob extension module
ext/File/Glob/Glob.xs File::Glob extension external subroutines
ext/File/Glob/Makefile.PL File::Glob extension makefile writer
ext/File/Glob/t/basic.t See if File::Glob works
ext/File/Glob/t/case.t See if File::Glob works
ext/File/Glob/t/global.t See if File::Glob works
ext/File/Glob/t/taint.t See if File::Glob works
ext/File/Glob/TODO File::Glob extension todo list
ext/Filter/t/call.t See if Filter::Util::Call works
ext/Filter/Util/Call/Call.pm  [pod] Filter::Util::Call extension module
ext/Filter/Util/Call/Call.xs Filter::Util::Call extension external subroutines
ext/Filter/Util/Call/Makefile.PL Filter::Util::Call extension makefile writer
ext/GDBM_File/gdbm.t See if GDBM_File works
ext/GDBM_File/GDBM_File.pm  [pod] GDBM extension Perl module
ext/GDBM_File/GDBM_File.xs GDBM extension external subroutines
ext/GDBM_File/hints/sco.pl Hint for GDBM_File for named architecture
ext/GDBM_File/Makefile.PL GDBM extension makefile writer
ext/GDBM_File/typemap GDBM extension interface types
ext/I18N/Langinfo/fallback/const-c.inc I18N::Langinfo
ext/I18N/Langinfo/fallback/const-xs.inc I18N::Langinfo
ext/I18N/Langinfo/Langinfo.pm  [pod] I18N::Langinfo
ext/I18N/Langinfo/Langinfo.t I18N::Langinfo
ext/I18N/Langinfo/Langinfo.xs I18N::Langinfo
ext/I18N/Langinfo/Makefile.PL I18N::Langinfo
ext/IO/ChangeLog IO perl module change log
ext/IO/hints/sco.pl Hint for IO for named architecture
ext/IO/IO.pm  [pod] Top-level interface to IO::* classes
ext/IO/IO.xs IO extension external subroutines
ext/IO/lib/IO/Dir.pm  [pod] IO directory reading package
ext/IO/lib/IO/File.pm  [pod] IO file handle package
ext/IO/lib/IO/Handle.pm  [pod] IO base handle package
ext/IO/lib/IO/Pipe.pm  [pod] IO pipe package
ext/IO/lib/IO/Poll.pm  [pod] IO system poll() interface
ext/IO/lib/IO/Seekable.pm  [pod] IO methods for seekable handles
ext/IO/lib/IO/Select.pm  [pod] IO system select() interface
ext/IO/lib/IO/Socket.pm  [pod] IO socket handle package
ext/IO/lib/IO/Socket/INET.pm  [pod] IO INET specific socket methods
ext/IO/lib/IO/Socket/UNIX.pm  [pod] IO UNIX specific socket methods
ext/IO/lib/IO/t/io_const.t See if constants from IO work
ext/IO/lib/IO/t/io_dir.t See if directory-related methods from IO work
ext/IO/lib/IO/t/io_dup.t See if dup()-related methods from IO work
ext/IO/lib/IO/t/io_linenum.t See if I/O line numbers are tracked correctly
ext/IO/lib/IO/t/io_multihomed.t See if INET sockets work with multi-homed hosts
ext/IO/lib/IO/t/io_pipe.t See if pipe()-related methods from IO work
ext/IO/lib/IO/t/io_poll.t See if poll()-related methods from IO work
ext/IO/lib/IO/t/io_sel.t See if select()-related methods from IO work
ext/IO/lib/IO/t/io_sock.t See if INET socket-related methods from IO work
ext/IO/lib/IO/t/io_taint.t See if the untaint method from IO works
ext/IO/lib/IO/t/io_tell.t See if seek()/tell()-related methods from IO work
ext/IO/lib/IO/t/io_udp.t See if UDP socket-related methods from IO work
ext/IO/lib/IO/t/io_unix.t See if UNIX socket-related methods from IO work
ext/IO/lib/IO/t/io_xs.t See if XSUB methods from IO work
ext/IO/Makefile.PL IO extension makefile writer
ext/IO/poll.c IO poll() emulation using select()
ext/IO/poll.h IO poll() emulation using select()
ext/IO/README IO extension maintenance notice
ext/IPC/SysV/ChangeLog IPC::SysV extension Perl module
ext/IPC/SysV/hints/cygwin.pl Hint for IPC::SysV for named architecture
ext/IPC/SysV/hints/next_3.pl Hint for IPC::SysV for named architecture
ext/IPC/SysV/ipcsysv.t See if IPC::SysV works
ext/IPC/SysV/Makefile.PL IPC::SysV extension Perl module
ext/IPC/SysV/MANIFEST IPC::SysV extension Perl module
ext/IPC/SysV/Msg.pm  [pod] IPC::SysV extension Perl module
ext/IPC/SysV/README IPC::SysV extension Perl module
ext/IPC/SysV/Semaphore.pm  [pod] IPC::SysV extension Perl module
ext/IPC/SysV/SysV.pm  [pod] IPC::SysV extension Perl module
ext/IPC/SysV/SysV.xs IPC::SysV extension Perl module
ext/IPC/SysV/t/msg.t IPC::SysV extension Perl module
ext/IPC/SysV/t/sem.t IPC::SysV extension Perl module
ext/List/Util/ChangeLog Util extension
ext/List/Util/lib/List/Util.pm  [pod] List::Util
ext/List/Util/lib/Scalar/Util.pm  [pod] Scalar::Util
ext/List/Util/Makefile.PL Util extension
ext/List/Util/README Util extension
ext/List/Util/t/blessed.t Scalar::Util
ext/List/Util/t/dualvar.t Scalar::Util
ext/List/Util/t/first.t List::Util
ext/List/Util/t/max.t List::Util
ext/List/Util/t/maxstr.t List::Util
ext/List/Util/t/min.t List::Util
ext/List/Util/t/minstr.t List::Util
ext/List/Util/t/openhan.t Scalar::Util
ext/List/Util/t/readonly.t Scalar::Util
ext/List/Util/t/reduce.t List::Util
ext/List/Util/t/reftype.t Scalar::Util
ext/List/Util/t/shuffle.t List::Util
ext/List/Util/t/sum.t List::Util
ext/List/Util/t/tainted.t Scalar::Util
ext/List/Util/t/weak.t Scalar::Util
ext/List/Util/Util.xs Util extension
ext/MIME/Base64/Base64.pm  [pod] MIME::Base64 extension
ext/MIME/Base64/Base64.xs MIME::Base64 extension
ext/MIME/Base64/Changes MIME::Base64 extension
ext/MIME/Base64/Makefile.PL MIME::Base64 extension
ext/MIME/Base64/QuotedPrint.pm  [pod] MIME::Base64 extension
ext/MIME/Base64/t/base64.t See whether MIME::Base64 works
ext/MIME/Base64/t/quoted-print.t See whether MIME::QuotedPrint works
ext/MIME/Base64/t/unicode.t See whether MIME::Base64 works
ext/NDBM_File/hints/cygwin.pl Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
ext/NDBM_File/hints/dec_osf.pl Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
ext/NDBM_File/hints/dynixptx.pl Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
ext/NDBM_File/hints/linux.pl Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
ext/NDBM_File/hints/sco.pl Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
ext/NDBM_File/hints/solaris.pl Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
ext/NDBM_File/hints/svr4.pl Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
ext/NDBM_File/Makefile.PL NDBM extension makefile writer
ext/NDBM_File/ndbm.t See if NDBM_File works
ext/NDBM_File/NDBM_File.pm  [pod] NDBM extension Perl module
ext/NDBM_File/NDBM_File.xs NDBM extension external subroutines
ext/NDBM_File/typemap NDBM extension interface types
ext/ODBM_File/hints/cygwin.pl Hint for ODBM_File for named architecture
ext/ODBM_File/hints/dec_osf.pl Hint for ODBM_File for named architecture
ext/ODBM_File/hints/hpux.pl Hint for ODBM_File for named architecture
ext/ODBM_File/hints/linux.pl Hint for NDBM_File for named architecture
ext/ODBM_File/hints/sco.pl Hint for ODBM_File for named architecture
ext/ODBM_File/hints/solaris.pl Hint for ODBM_File for named architecture
ext/ODBM_File/hints/svr4.pl Hint for ODBM_File for named architecture
ext/ODBM_File/hints/ultrix.pl Hint for ODBM_File for named architecture
ext/ODBM_File/Makefile.PL ODBM extension makefile writer
ext/ODBM_File/odbm.t See if ODBM_File works
ext/ODBM_File/ODBM_File.pm  [pod] ODBM extension Perl module
ext/ODBM_File/ODBM_File.xs ODBM extension external subroutines
ext/ODBM_File/typemap ODBM extension interface types
ext/Opcode/Makefile.PL Opcode extension makefile writer
ext/Opcode/Opcode.pm  [pod] Opcode extension Perl module
ext/Opcode/Opcode.t See if Opcode works
ext/Opcode/Opcode.xs Opcode extension external subroutines
ext/Opcode/ops.pm  [pod] "Pragma" form of Opcode extension Perl module
ext/Opcode/ops.t See if Opcode works
ext/Opcode/Safe.pm  [pod] Safe extension Perl module
ext/PerlIO/encoding/encoding.pm  [pod] PerlIO::encoding
ext/PerlIO/encoding/encoding.xs PerlIO::encoding
ext/PerlIO/encoding/Makefile.PL PerlIO::encoding makefile writer
ext/PerlIO/encoding/MANIFEST PerlIO::encoding list of files
ext/PerlIO/PerlIO.t See if PerlIO works
ext/PerlIO/scalar/Makefile.PL PerlIO layer for scalars
ext/PerlIO/scalar/scalar.pm  [pod] PerlIO layer for scalars
ext/PerlIO/scalar/scalar.xs PerlIO layer for scalars
ext/PerlIO/t/encoding.t See if PerlIO encoding conversion works
ext/PerlIO/t/fail.t See if bad layers fail
ext/PerlIO/t/fallback.t See if PerlIO fallbacks work
ext/PerlIO/t/scalar.t See if PerlIO::scalar works
ext/PerlIO/t/via.t See if PerlIO::via works
ext/PerlIO/via/Makefile.PL PerlIO layer for layers in perl
ext/PerlIO/via/via.pm  [pod] PerlIO layer for layers in perl
ext/PerlIO/via/via.xs PerlIO layer for layers in perl
ext/POSIX/hints/bsdos.pl Hint for POSIX for named architecture
ext/POSIX/hints/dynixptx.pl Hint for POSIX for named architecture
ext/POSIX/hints/freebsd.pl Hint for POSIX for named architecture
ext/POSIX/hints/linux.pl Hint for POSIX for named architecture
ext/POSIX/hints/mint.pl Hint for POSIX for named architecture
ext/POSIX/hints/netbsd.pl Hint for POSIX for named architecture
ext/POSIX/hints/next_3.pl Hint for POSIX for named architecture
ext/POSIX/hints/openbsd.pl Hint for POSIX for named architecture
ext/POSIX/hints/sunos_4.pl Hint for POSIX for named architecture
ext/POSIX/hints/svr4.pl Hint for POSIX for named architecture
ext/POSIX/hints/uts.pl Hint for POSIX for named architecture
ext/POSIX/Makefile.PL POSIX extension makefile writer
ext/POSIX/POSIX.pm POSIX extension Perl module
ext/POSIX/POSIX.pod  [pod] POSIX extension documentation
ext/POSIX/POSIX.xs POSIX extension external subroutines
ext/POSIX/t/posix.t See if POSIX works
ext/POSIX/t/sigaction.t See if POSIX::sigaction works
ext/POSIX/t/taint.t See if POSIX works with taint
ext/POSIX/t/waitpid.t See if waitpid works
ext/POSIX/typemap POSIX extension interface types
ext/re/hints/mpeix.pl Hints for re for named architecture
ext/re/Makefile.PL re extension makefile writer
ext/re/re.pm  [pod] re extension Perl module
ext/re/re.t see if re pragma works
ext/re/re.xs re extension external subroutines
ext/Safe/safe1.t See if Safe works
ext/Safe/safe2.t See if Safe works
ext/SDBM_File/Makefile.PL SDBM extension makefile writer
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm.t See if SDBM_File works
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/biblio SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/CHANGES SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/COMPARE SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/dba.c SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/dbd.c SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/dbe.1 SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/dbe.c SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/dbu.c SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/grind SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/hash.c SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/linux.patches SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/Makefile.PL SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/makefile.sdbm SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/pair.c SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/pair.h SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/README SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/readme.ms SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/README.too SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/sdbm.3 SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/sdbm.c SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/sdbm.h SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/tune.h SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/util.c SDBM kit
ext/SDBM_File/SDBM_File.pm  [pod] SDBM extension Perl module
ext/SDBM_File/SDBM_File.xs SDBM extension external subroutines
ext/SDBM_File/typemap SDBM extension interface types
ext/Socket/Makefile.PL Socket extension makefile writer
ext/Socket/Socket.pm  [pod] Socket extension Perl module
ext/Socket/Socket.t See if Socket works
ext/Socket/Socket.xs Socket extension external subroutines
ext/Socket/socketpair.t See if socketpair works
ext/Storable/ChangeLog Storable extension
ext/Storable/Makefile.PL Storable extension
ext/Storable/MANIFEST Storable extension
ext/Storable/README Storable extension
ext/Storable/Storable.pm  [pod] Storable extension
ext/Storable/Storable.xs Storable extension
ext/Storable/t/blessed.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/canonical.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/compat06.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/croak.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/dclone.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/downgrade.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/forgive.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/freeze.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/integer.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/interwork56.t Test combatibility kludge for 64bit data under 5.6.x
ext/Storable/t/lock.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/make_56_interwork.pl Make test data for interwork56.t
ext/Storable/t/make_downgrade.pl Make test data for downgrade.t
ext/Storable/t/malice.t See if Storable copes with corrupt files
ext/Storable/t/overload.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/recurse.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/restrict.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/retrieve.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/st-dump.pl See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/store.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/tied.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/tied_hook.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/tied_items.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/utf8.t See if Storable works
ext/Storable/t/utf8hash.t See if Storable works
ext/Sys/Hostname/Hostname.pm  [pod] Sys::Hostname extension Perl module
ext/Sys/Hostname/Hostname.t See if Sys::Hostname works
ext/Sys/Hostname/Hostname.xs Sys::Hostname extension external subroutines
ext/Sys/Hostname/Makefile.PL Sys::Hostname extension makefile writer
ext/Sys/Syslog/Makefile.PL Sys::Syslog extension makefile writer
ext/Sys/Syslog/Syslog.pm  [pod] Sys::Syslog extension Perl module
ext/Sys/Syslog/syslog.t See if Sys::Syslog works
ext/Sys/Syslog/Syslog.xs Sys::Syslog extension external subroutines
ext/Thread/create.tx Test thread creation
ext/Thread/die.tx Test thread die()
ext/Thread/die2.tx Test thread die() differently
ext/Thread/io.tx Test threads doing simple I/O
ext/Thread/join.tx Test thread joining
ext/Thread/join2.tx Test thread joining differently
ext/Thread/list.tx Test getting list of all threads
ext/Thread/lock.tx Test lock primitive
ext/Thread/Makefile.PL Thread extension makefile writer
ext/Thread/Notes Thread notes
ext/Thread/Queue.pmx Threadsafe queue
ext/Thread/queue.tx Test Thread::Queue module
ext/Thread/README Thread README
ext/Thread/README.threads Notes about multithreading
ext/Thread/Semaphore.pmx Threadsafe semaphore
ext/Thread/specific.tx Test thread-specific user data
ext/Thread/sync.tx Test thread synchronisation
ext/Thread/sync2.tx Test thread synchronisation
ext/Thread/thr5005.t Test 5.005-style threading (skipped if no use5005threads)
ext/Thread/Thread.xs Thread extension external subroutines
ext/Thread/Thread/Signal.pm  [pod] Start a thread to run signal handlers
ext/Thread/Thread/Specific.pm  [pod] Thread specific data access
ext/Thread/typemap Thread extension interface types
ext/Thread/unsync.tx Test thread implicit synchronisation
ext/Thread/unsync2.tx Test thread implicit synchronisation
ext/Thread/unsync3.tx Test thread implicit synchronisation
ext/Thread/unsync4.tx Test thread implicit synchronisation
ext/threads/Changes ithreads
ext/threads/Makefile.PL ithreads
ext/threads/README ithreads
ext/threads/shared/Makefile.PL thread shared variables
ext/threads/shared/README thread shared variables
ext/threads/shared/shared.pm  [pod] thread shared variables
ext/threads/shared/shared.xs  [pod] thread shared variables
ext/threads/shared/t/0nothread.t Tests for basic shared array functionality.
ext/threads/shared/t/av_refs.t Tests for arrays containing references
ext/threads/shared/t/av_simple.t Tests for basic shared array functionality.
ext/threads/shared/t/cond.t Test condition variables
ext/threads/shared/t/hv_refs.t Test shared hashes containing references
ext/threads/shared/t/hv_simple.t Tests for basic shared hash functionality.
ext/threads/shared/t/no_share.t Tests for disabled share on variables.
ext/threads/shared/t/shared_attr.t Test :shared attribute
ext/threads/shared/t/sv_refs.t thread shared variables
ext/threads/shared/t/sv_simple.t thread shared variables
ext/threads/shared/typemap thread::shared types
ext/threads/t/basic.t ithreads
ext/threads/t/end.t Test end functions
ext/threads/t/join.t Testing the join function
ext/threads/t/libc.t testing libc functions for threadsafetyness
ext/threads/t/list.t Test threads->list()
ext/threads/t/stress_cv.t Test with multiple threads, coderef cv argument.
ext/threads/t/stress_re.t Test with multiple threads, string cv argument and regexes.
ext/threads/t/stress_string.t Test with multiple threads, string cv argument.
ext/threads/t/thread.t General ithread tests from thr5005
ext/threads/threads.pm  [pod] ithreads
ext/threads/threads.xs ithreads
ext/threads/typemap ithreads
ext/Time/HiRes/Changes Time::HiRes extension
ext/Time/HiRes/hints/dynixptx.pl Hint for Time::HiRes for named architecture
ext/Time/HiRes/hints/sco.pl Hints for Time::HiRes for named architecture
ext/Time/HiRes/HiRes.pm  [pod] Time::HiRes extension
ext/Time/HiRes/HiRes.t Test for Time::HiRes
ext/Time/HiRes/HiRes.xs Time::HiRes extension
ext/Time/HiRes/Makefile.PL Time::HiRes extension
ext/Unicode/Normalize/Changes Unicode::Normalize
ext/Unicode/Normalize/Makefile.PL Unicode::Normalize
ext/Unicode/Normalize/mkheader Unicode::Normalize
ext/Unicode/Normalize/Normalize.pm  [pod] Unicode::Normalize
ext/Unicode/Normalize/Normalize.xs Unicode::Normalize
ext/Unicode/Normalize/README Unicode::Normalize
ext/Unicode/Normalize/t/func.t Unicode::Normalize
ext/Unicode/Normalize/t/norm.t Unicode::Normalize
ext/Unicode/Normalize/t/test.t Unicode::Normalize
ext/util/make_ext Used by Makefile to execute extension Makefiles
ext/XS/APItest/APItest.pm  [pod] XS::APItest extension
ext/XS/APItest/APItest.xs XS::APItest extension
ext/XS/APItest/Makefile.PL XS::APItest extension
ext/XS/APItest/MANIFEST XS::APItest extension
ext/XS/APItest/README XS::APItest extension
ext/XS/APItest/t/printf.t XS::APItest extension
ext/XS/Typemap/Makefile.PL XS::Typemap extension
ext/XS/Typemap/README XS::Typemap extension
ext/XS/Typemap/stdio.c XS::Typemap extension
ext/XS/Typemap/typemap XS::Typemap extension
ext/XS/Typemap/Typemap.pm  [pod] XS::Typemap extension
ext/XS/Typemap/Typemap.t test that typemaps work
ext/XS/Typemap/Typemap.xs  [pod] XS::Typemap extension
EXTERN.h Included before foreign .h files
fakesdio.h stdio in terms of PerlIO
fakethr.h Fake threads header
form.h Public declarations for formats
global.sym Symbols that need hiding when embedded
globals.c File to declare global symbols (for shared library)
globvar.sym Global variables that need hiding when embedded
gv.c Glob value code
gv.h Glob value header
h2pl/cbreak.pl cbreak routines using .ph
h2pl/cbreak2.pl cbreak routines using .pl
h2pl/eg/sizeof.ph Sample sizeof array initialization
h2pl/eg/sys/errno.pl Sample translated errno.pl
h2pl/eg/sys/ioctl.pl Sample translated ioctl.pl
h2pl/eg/sysexits.pl Sample translated sysexits.pl
h2pl/getioctlsizes Program to extract types from ioctl.h
h2pl/mksizes Program to make %sizeof array
h2pl/mkvars Program to make .pl from .ph files
h2pl/README How to turn .ph files into .pl files
h2pl/tcbreak cbreak test routine using .ph
h2pl/tcbreak2 cbreak test routine using .pl
handy.h Handy definitions
hints/3b1.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/3b1cc Hints for named architecture
hints/aix.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/altos486.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/amigaos.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/apollo.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/atheos.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/aux_3.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/beos.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/broken-db.msg Warning message for systems with broken DB library
hints/bsdos.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/convexos.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/cxux.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/cygwin.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/darwin.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/dcosx.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/dec_osf.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/dgux.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/dos_djgpp.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/dynix.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/dynixptx.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/epix.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/esix4.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/fps.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/freebsd.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/genix.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/gnu.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/greenhills.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/hpux.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/i386.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/irix_4.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/irix_5.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/irix_6.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/irix_6_0.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/irix_6_1.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/isc.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/isc_2.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/linux.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/lynxos.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/machten.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/machten_2.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/mint.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/mips.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/mpc.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/mpeix.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/ncr_tower.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/netbsd.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/newsos4.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/next_3.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/next_3_0.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/next_4.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/nonstopux.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/openbsd.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/opus.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/os2.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/os390.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/posix-bc.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/powerux.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/qnx.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/README.hints  [pod] Notes about hints
hints/rhapsody.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/sco.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/sco_2_3_0.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/sco_2_3_1.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/sco_2_3_2.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/sco_2_3_3.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/sco_2_3_4.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/solaris_2.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/stellar.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/sunos_4_0.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/sunos_4_1.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/super-ux.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/svr4.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/svr5.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/t001.c Test case for gcc bug
hints/ti1500.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/titanos.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/ultrix_4.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/umips.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/unicos.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/unicosmk.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/unisysdynix.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/utekv.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/uts.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/uwin.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/vmesa.sh Hints for named architecture
hints/vos.sh Hints for named architecture
hv.c Hash value code
hv.h Hash value header
INSTALL  [pod] Detailed installation instructions
installhtml  [pod] Perl script to install html files for pods
installman Perl script to install man pages for pods
installperl Perl script to do "make install" dirty work
INTERN.h Included before domestic .h files
intrpvar.h Variables held in each interpreter instance
iperlsys.h Perl's interface to the system
jpl/bin/jpl JPL compiler
jpl/ChangeLog Java/Perl Lingo change log
jpl/docs/Tutorial.pod  [pod] Perl and Java Tutorial
jpl/get_jdk/get_jdk.pl JDK download tool
jpl/get_jdk/jdk_hosts JDK availability list
jpl/get_jdk/README Instructions for using get_jdk.pl
jpl/install-jpl JPL install utility
jpl/JNI/Changes Java Native Interface changes
jpl/JNI/Closer.java Java Native Interface example
jpl/JNI/JNI.pm  [pod] Java Native Interface module
jpl/JNI/JNI.xs Java Native Interface module
jpl/JNI/JNIConfig Java Native Interface config
jpl/JNI/JNIConfig.kaffe Java Native Interface config
jpl/JNI/JNIConfig.noembed Java Native Interface config
jpl/JNI/JNIConfig.standard Java Native Interface config
jpl/JNI/JNIConfig.Win32 Java Native Interface config
jpl/JNI/Makefile.PL Java Native Interface makefile generator
jpl/JNI/test.pl Java Native Interface tests
jpl/JNI/typemap Java/Perl interface typemap
jpl/JNI/typemap.gcc Java/Perl interface typemap
jpl/JNI/typemap.win32 Java/Perl interface typemap
jpl/JPL/AutoLoader.pm Java/Perl compiler module
jpl/JPL/Class.pm Java/Perl compiler module
jpl/JPL/Compile.pm Java/Perl compiler module
jpl/JPL/Makefile.PL Java/Perl makefile generator
jpl/JPL_Rolo/cardfile Rolodex sample application
jpl/JPL_Rolo/JPL_Rolo.jpl Rolodex sample application
jpl/JPL_Rolo/Makefile.PL Makefile generator
jpl/JPL_Rolo/README Instructions
jpl/PerlInterpreter/Makefile.PL Makefile generator
jpl/PerlInterpreter/PerlInterpreter.c Perl interpreter abstraction
jpl/PerlInterpreter/PerlInterpreter.h Perl interpreter abstraction
jpl/PerlInterpreter/PerlInterpreter.java Perl interpreter abstraction
jpl/README JPL instructions
jpl/README.JUST-JNI JPL instructions
jpl/Sample/Makefile.PL JPL sample makefile generator
jpl/Sample/Sample.jpl JPL sample
jpl/SETVARS.PL JPL setup
jpl/Test/Makefile.PL JPL tests makefile generator
jpl/Test/Test.jpl JPL tests
keywords.h The keyword numbers
keywords.pl Program to write keywords.h
lib/abbrev.pl An abbreviation table builder
lib/AnyDBM_File.pm  [pod] Perl module to emulate dbmopen
lib/AnyDBM_File.t See if AnyDBM_File works
lib/assert.pl assertion and panic with stack trace
lib/Attribute/Handlers.pm  [pod] Attribute::Handlers
lib/Attribute/Handlers/Changes Attribute::Handlers
lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/demo.pl Attribute::Handlers demo
lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/Demo.pm Attribute::Handlers demo
lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/demo2.pl Attribute::Handlers demo
lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/demo3.pl Attribute::Handlers demo
lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/demo4.pl Attribute::Handlers demo
lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/demo_call.pl Attribute::Handlers demo
lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/demo_chain.pl Attribute::Handlers demo
lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/demo_cycle.pl Attribute::Handlers demo
lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/demo_hashdir.pl Attribute::Handlers demo
lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/demo_phases.pl Attribute::Handlers demo
lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/demo_range.pl Attribute::Handlers demo
lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/demo_rawdata.pl Attribute::Handlers demo
lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/Descriptions.pm Attribute::Handlers demo
lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/MyClass.pm Attribute::Handlers demo
lib/Attribute/Handlers/README Attribute::Handlers
lib/Attribute/Handlers/t/multi.t See if Attribute::Handlers works
lib/attributes.pm  [pod] For "sub foo : attrlist"
lib/AutoLoader.pm  [pod] Autoloader base class
lib/AutoLoader.t See if AutoLoader works
lib/AutoSplit.pm  [pod] Split up autoload functions
lib/AutoSplit.t See if AutoSplit works
lib/autouse.pm  [pod] Load and call a function only when it's used
lib/autouse.t See if autouse works
lib/base.pm  [pod] Establish IS-A relationship at compile time
lib/Benchmark.pm  [pod] Measure execution time
lib/Benchmark.t See if Benchmark works
lib/bigfloat.pl An arbitrary precision floating point package
lib/bigfloatpl.t See if bigfloat.pl works
lib/bigint.pl An arbitrary precision integer arithmetic package
lib/bigint.pm  [pod] bignum
lib/bigintpl.t See if bigint.pl works
lib/bignum.pm  [pod] bignum
lib/bignum/t/bigint.t See if bignum works
lib/bignum/t/bignum.t See if bignum works
lib/bignum/t/bigrat.t See if bignum works
lib/bignum/t/option_a.t See if bignum works
lib/bignum/t/option_l.t See if bignum works
lib/bignum/t/option_p.t See if bignum works
lib/bigrat.pl An arbitrary precision rational arithmetic package
lib/bigrat.pm  [pod] bignum
lib/blib.pm  [pod] For "use blib"
lib/blib.t blib.pm test
lib/bytes.pm  [pod] Pragma to enable byte operations
lib/bytes.t bytes.pm test
lib/bytes_heavy.pl Support routines for byte pragma
lib/cacheout.pl Manages output filehandles when you need too many
lib/Carp.pm  [pod] Error message base class
lib/Carp.t See if Carp works
lib/Carp/Heavy.pm  [pod] Error message workhorse
lib/CGI.pm  [pod] Web server interface ("Common Gateway Interface")
lib/CGI/Apache.pm  [pod] Support for Apache's Perl module
lib/CGI/Carp.pm  [pod] Log server errors with helpful context
lib/CGI/Cookie.pm  [pod] Interface to Netscape Cookies
lib/CGI/eg/caution.xbm CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/clickable_image.cgi CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/cookie.cgi CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/crash.cgi CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/customize.cgi CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/diff_upload.cgi CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/dna_small_gif.uu Small image for CGI examples
lib/CGI/eg/file_upload.cgi CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/frameset.cgi CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/index.html Index page for CGI examples
lib/CGI/eg/internal_links.cgi CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/javascript.cgi CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/make_links.pl CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/monty.cgi CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/multiple_forms.cgi CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/nph-clock.cgi CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/nph-multipart.cgi CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/popup.cgi CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/RunMeFirst Setup script for CGI examples
lib/CGI/eg/save_state.cgi CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/tryit.cgi CGI example
lib/CGI/eg/wilogo_gif.uu CGI example
lib/CGI/Fast.pm  [pod] Support for FastCGI (persistent server process)
lib/CGI/Pretty.pm  [pod] Output nicely formatted HTML
lib/CGI/Push.pm  [pod] Support for server push
lib/CGI/Switch.pm  [pod] Simple interface for multiple server types
lib/CGI/t/apache.t See if CGI::Apache still loads
lib/CGI/t/carp.t See if CGI::Carp works
lib/CGI/t/cookie.t See if CGI::Cookie works
lib/CGI/t/fast.t See if CGI::Fast works (if FCGI is installed)
lib/CGI/t/form.t See if CGI.pm works
lib/CGI/t/function.t See if CGI.pm works
lib/CGI/t/html.t See if CGI.pm works
lib/CGI/t/pretty.t See if CGI.pm works
lib/CGI/t/push.t See if CGI::Push works
lib/CGI/t/request.t See if CGI.pm works
lib/CGI/t/switch.t See if CGI::Switch still loads
lib/CGI/t/util.t See if CGI.pm works
lib/CGI/Util.pm  [pod] Utility functions
lib/charnames.pm  [pod] Character names
lib/charnames.t See if character names work
lib/Class/ISA.pm  [pod] Class::ISA
lib/Class/ISA/test.pl See if Class::ISA works
lib/Class/Struct.pm  [pod] Declare struct-like datatypes as Perl classes
lib/Class/Struct.t See if Class::Struct works
lib/complete.pl A command completion subroutine
lib/Config.t See if Config works
lib/constant.pm  [pod] For "use constant"
lib/constant.t See if compile-time constants work
lib/CPAN.pm  [pod] Interface to Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm  [pod] Utility for creating CPAN config files
lib/CPAN/Nox.pm  [pod] Runs CPAN while avoiding compiled extensions
lib/CPAN/t/loadme.t See if CPAN the module works
lib/CPAN/t/mirroredby.t See if CPAN::Mirrored::By works
lib/CPAN/t/Nox.t See if CPAN::Nox works
lib/CPAN/t/vcmp.t See if CPAN the module works
lib/ctime.pl A ctime workalike
lib/Cwd.pm  [pod] Various cwd routines (getcwd, fastcwd, chdir)
lib/DB.pm  [pod] Debugger API (draft)
lib/DB.t See if DB works
lib/Devel/SelfStubber.pm  [pod] Generate stubs for SelfLoader.pm
lib/Devel/SelfStubber.t See if Devel::SelfStubber works
lib/diagnostics.pm  [pod] Print verbose diagnostics
lib/diagnostics.t See if diagnostics.pm works
lib/Digest.pm  [pod] Digest extensions
lib/Digest.t See if Digest extensions work
lib/DirHandle.pm  [pod] like FileHandle only for directories
lib/DirHandle.t See if DirHandle works
lib/dotsh.pl Code to "dot" in a shell script
lib/Dumpvalue.pm  [pod] Screen dump of perl values
lib/Dumpvalue.t See if Dumpvalue works
lib/dumpvar.pl A variable dumper
lib/English.pm  [pod] Readable aliases for short variables
lib/English.t See if English works
lib/Env.pm  [pod] Map environment into ordinary variables
lib/Env/t/array.t See if Env works for arrays
lib/Env/t/env.t See if Env works
lib/exceptions.pl catch and throw routines
lib/Exporter.pm  [pod] Exporter base class
lib/Exporter.t See if Exporter works
lib/Exporter/Heavy.pm  [pod] Complicated routines for Exporter
lib/ExtUtils/Changes MakeMaker change log
lib/ExtUtils/Command.pm  [pod] Utilities for Make on non-UNIX platforms
lib/ExtUtils/Command/MM.pm  [pod] Calling MM functions from the cmd line
lib/ExtUtils/Constant.pm  [pod] generate XS code to import C header constants
lib/ExtUtils/Embed.pm  [pod] Utilities for embedding Perl in C programs
lib/ExtUtils/Install.pm  [pod] Handles 'make install' on extensions
lib/ExtUtils/Installed.pm  [pod] Information on installed extensions
lib/ExtUtils/instmodsh Give information about installed extensions
lib/ExtUtils/Liblist.pm  [pod] Locates libraries
lib/ExtUtils/Liblist/Kid.pm Does the real work of the above
lib/ExtUtils/MakeMaker.pm  [pod] Write Makefiles for extensions
lib/ExtUtils/Manifest.pm  [pod] Utilities to write MANIFEST files
lib/ExtUtils/Mkbootstrap.pm  [pod] Writes a bootstrap file (see MakeMaker)
lib/ExtUtils/Mksymlists.pm  [pod] Writes a linker options file for extensions
lib/ExtUtils/MM.pm  [pod] MakeMaker adaptor class
lib/ExtUtils/MM_Any.pm  [pod] MakeMaker methods for Any OS
lib/ExtUtils/MM_BeOS.pm  [pod] MakeMaker methods for BeOS
lib/ExtUtils/MM_Cygwin.pm  [pod] MakeMaker methods for Cygwin
lib/ExtUtils/MM_DOS.pm  [pod] MakeMaker methods for DOS
lib/ExtUtils/MM_MacOS.pm  [pod] MakeMaker methods for MacOS
lib/ExtUtils/MM_NW5.pm  [pod] MakeMaker methods for NetWare
lib/ExtUtils/MM_OS2.pm  [pod] MakeMaker methods for OS/2
lib/ExtUtils/MM_Unix.pm  [pod] MakeMaker methods for Unix
lib/ExtUtils/MM_UWIN.pm  [pod] MakeMaker methods for U/WIN
lib/ExtUtils/MM_VMS.pm  [pod] MakeMaker methods for VMS
lib/ExtUtils/MM_Win32.pm  [pod] MakeMaker methods for Win32
lib/ExtUtils/MM_Win95.pm  [pod] MakeMaker methods for Win95
lib/ExtUtils/MY.pm  [pod] MakeMaker user override class
lib/ExtUtils/Packlist.pm  [pod] Manipulates .packlist files
lib/ExtUtils/t/00setup_dummy.t Setup MakeMaker test module
lib/ExtUtils/t/backwards.t Check MakeMaker's backwards compatibility
lib/ExtUtils/t/basic.t See if MakeMaker can build a module
lib/ExtUtils/t/Command.t See if ExtUtils::Command works (Win32 only)
lib/ExtUtils/t/Constant.t See if ExtUtils::Constant works
lib/ExtUtils/t/Embed.t See if ExtUtils::Embed and embedding works
lib/ExtUtils/t/hints.t See if hint files are honored.
lib/ExtUtils/t/INST.t Check MakeMaker INST_* macros
lib/ExtUtils/t/Installed.t See if ExtUtils::Installed works
lib/ExtUtils/t/INST_PREFIX.t See if MakeMaker can apply PREFIXs
lib/ExtUtils/t/Manifest.t See if ExtUtils::Manifest works
lib/ExtUtils/t/Mkbootstrap.t See if ExtUtils::Mkbootstrap works
lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_BeOS.t See if ExtUtils::MM_BeOS works
lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_Cygwin.t See if ExtUtils::MM_Cygwin works
lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_NW5.t See if ExtUtils::MM_NW5 works
lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_OS2.t See if ExtUtils::MM_OS2 works
lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_Unix.t See if ExtUtils::MM_UNIX works
lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_VMS.t See if ExtUtils::MM_VMS works
lib/ExtUtils/t/MM_Win32.t See if ExtUtils::MM_Win32 works
lib/ExtUtils/t/Packlist.t See if Packlist works
lib/ExtUtils/t/prefixify.t See if MakeMaker can apply a PREFIX
lib/ExtUtils/t/problems.t How MakeMaker reacts to build problems
lib/ExtUtils/t/testlib.t See if ExtUtils::testlib works
lib/ExtUtils/t/VERSION_FROM.t See if MakeMaker's VERSION_FROM works
lib/ExtUtils/t/writemakefile_args.t See if WriteMakefile works
lib/ExtUtils/t/zz_cleanup_dummy.t Cleanup MakeMaker test module
lib/ExtUtils/testlib.pm  [pod] Fixes up @INC to use just-built extension
lib/ExtUtils/typemap Extension interface types
lib/ExtUtils/xsubpp  [pod] External subroutine preprocessor
lib/fastcwd.pl a faster but more dangerous getcwd
lib/Fatal.pm  [pod] Make errors in functions/builtins fatal
lib/Fatal.t See if Fatal works
lib/fields.pm  [pod] Set up object field names for pseudo-hash-using classes
lib/fields.t See if base/fields works
lib/File/Basename.pm  [pod] Emulate the basename program
lib/File/Basename.t See if File::Basename works
lib/File/CheckTree.pm  [pod] Perl module supporting wholesale file mode validation
lib/File/CheckTree.t See if File::CheckTree works
lib/File/Compare.pm  [pod] Emulation of cmp command
lib/File/Compare.t See if File::Compare works
lib/File/Copy.pm  [pod] Emulation of cp command
lib/File/Copy.t See if File::Copy works
lib/File/DosGlob.pm  [pod] Win32 DOS-globbing module
lib/File/DosGlob.t See if File::DosGlob works
lib/File/Find.pm  [pod] Routines to do a find
lib/File/Find/t/find.t See if File::Find works
lib/File/Find/t/taint.t See if File::Find works with taint
lib/File/Path.pm  [pod] Do things like `mkdir -p' and `rm -r'
lib/File/Path.t See if File::Path works
lib/File/Spec.pm  [pod] portable operations on file names
lib/File/Spec/Cygwin.pm  [pod] portable operations on Cygwin file names
lib/File/Spec/Epoc.pm  [pod] portable operations on EPOC file names
lib/File/Spec/Functions.pm  [pod] Function interface to File::Spec object methods
lib/File/Spec/Mac.pm  [pod] portable operations on Mac file names
lib/File/Spec/OS2.pm  [pod] portable operations on OS2 file names
lib/File/Spec/t/Functions.t See if File::Spec::Functions works
lib/File/Spec/t/rel2abs2rel.t See if File::Spec->rel2abs/abs2rel works
lib/File/Spec/t/Spec.t See if File::Spec works
lib/File/Spec/Unix.pm  [pod] portable operations on Unix file names
lib/File/Spec/VMS.pm  [pod] portable operations on VMS file names
lib/File/Spec/Win32.pm  [pod] portable operations on Win32 and NetWare file names
lib/File/stat.pm  [pod] By-name interface to Perl's builtin stat
lib/File/stat.t See if File::stat works
lib/File/Temp.pm  [pod] create safe temporary files and file handles
lib/File/Temp/t/mktemp.t See if File::Temp works
lib/File/Temp/t/posix.t See if File::Temp works
lib/File/Temp/t/security.t See if File::Temp works
lib/File/Temp/t/tempfile.t See if File::Temp works
lib/FileCache.pm  [pod] Keep more files open than the system permits
lib/FileCache.t See if FileCache works
lib/FileHandle.pm  [pod] Backward-compatible front end to IO extension
lib/FileHandle.t See if FileHandle works
lib/filetest.pm  [pod] For "use filetest"
lib/filetest.t See if filetest works
lib/Filter/Simple.pm  [pod] Simple frontend to Filter::Util::Call
lib/Filter/Simple/Changes Filter::Simple
lib/Filter/Simple/README Filter::Simple
lib/Filter/Simple/t/data.t See if Filter::Simple works
lib/Filter/Simple/t/export.t See if Filter::Simple works
lib/Filter/Simple/t/filter.t See if Filter::Simple works
lib/Filter/Simple/t/filter_only.t See if Filter::Simple works
lib/Filter/Simple/t/import.t See if Filter::Simple works
lib/find.pl A find emulator--used by find2perl
lib/FindBin.pm  [pod] Find name of currently executing program
lib/FindBin.t See if FindBin works
lib/finddepth.pl A depth-first find emulator--used by find2perl
lib/flush.pl Routines to do single flush
lib/ftp.pl FTP code (obsolete, use Net::FTP instead)
lib/getcwd.pl A getcwd() emulator
lib/getopt.pl Perl library supporting option parsing
lib/Getopt/Long.pm  [pod] Fetch command options (GetOptions)
lib/Getopt/Long/CHANGES Getopt::Long changes
lib/Getopt/Long/README Getopt::Long README
lib/Getopt/Long/t/gol-basic.t See if Getopt::Long works
lib/Getopt/Long/t/gol-compat.t See if Getopt::Long works
lib/Getopt/Long/t/gol-linkage.t See if Getopt::Long works
lib/Getopt/Long/t/gol-oo.t See if Getopt::Long works
lib/Getopt/Std.pm  [pod] Fetch command options (getopt, getopts)
lib/Getopt/Std.t See if Getopt::Std and Getopt::Long work
lib/getopts.pl Perl library supporting option parsing
lib/h2ph.t See if h2ph works like it should
lib/h2xs.t See if h2xs produces expected lists of files
lib/Hash/Util.pm  [pod] Hash::Util
lib/Hash/Util.t See if Hash::Util works
lib/hostname.pl Old hostname code
lib/I18N/Collate.pm  [pod] Routines to do strxfrm-based collation
lib/I18N/Collate.t See if I18N::Collate works
lib/I18N/LangTags.pm  [pod] I18N::LangTags
lib/I18N/LangTags/ChangeLog I18N::LangTags
lib/I18N/LangTags/List.pm  [pod] List of tags for human languages
lib/I18N/LangTags/README I18N::LangTags
lib/I18N/LangTags/test.pl See if I18N::LangTags works
lib/if.pm  [pod] For "use if"
lib/if.t Tests for "use if"
lib/importenv.pl Perl routine to get environment into variables
lib/integer.pm  [pod] For "use integer"
lib/integer.t For "use integer" testing
lib/Internals.t For Internals::* testing
lib/IPC/Open2.pm  [pod] Open a two-ended pipe
lib/IPC/Open2.t See if IPC::Open2 works
lib/IPC/Open3.pm  [pod] Open a three-ended pipe!
lib/IPC/Open3.t See if IPC::Open3 works
lib/IPC/SysV.t See if IPC::SysV works
lib/less.pm  [pod] For "use less"
lib/less.t See if less support works
lib/lib.t For "use lib" testing
lib/lib_pm.PL  [pod] For "use lib", produces lib/lib.pm
lib/locale.pm  [pod] For "use locale"
lib/locale.t See if locale support works
lib/Locale/Codes/ChangeLog Locale::Codes
lib/Locale/Codes/README Locale::Codes
lib/Locale/Codes/t/all.t See if Locale::Codes work
lib/Locale/Codes/t/constants.t See if Locale::Codes work
lib/Locale/Codes/t/country.t See if Locale::Codes work
lib/Locale/Codes/t/currency.t See if Locale::Codes work
lib/Locale/Codes/t/languages.t See if Locale::Codes work
lib/Locale/Codes/t/rename.t See if Locale::Codes work
lib/Locale/Codes/t/script.t See if Locale::Codes work
lib/Locale/Codes/t/uk.t See if Locale::Codes work
lib/Locale/Constants.pm Locale::Codes
lib/Locale/Constants.pod  [pod] Locale::Codes documentation
lib/Locale/Country.pm Locale::Codes
lib/Locale/Country.pod  [pod] Locale::Codes documentation
lib/Locale/Currency.pm Locale::Codes
lib/Locale/Currency.pod  [pod] Locale::Codes documentation
lib/Locale/Language.pm Locale::Codes
lib/Locale/Language.pod  [pod] Locale::Codes documentation
lib/Locale/Maketext.pm Locale::Maketext
lib/Locale/Maketext.pod  [pod] Locale::Maketext documentation
lib/Locale/Maketext/ChangeLog Locale::Maketext
lib/Locale/Maketext/README Locale::Maketext
lib/Locale/Maketext/test.pl See if Locale::Maketext works
lib/Locale/Maketext/TPJ13.pod  [pod] Locale::Maketext documentation article
lib/Locale/Script.pm Locale::Codes
lib/Locale/Script.pod  [pod] Locale::Codes documentation
lib/look.pl A "look" equivalent
lib/Math/BigFloat.pm  [pod] An arbitrary precision floating-point arithmetic package
lib/Math/BigFloat/Trace.pm bignum tracing
lib/Math/BigInt.pm  [pod] An arbitrary precision integer arithmetic package
lib/Math/BigInt/Calc.pm  [pod] Pure Perl module to support Math::BigInt
lib/Math/BigInt/t/bare_mbf.t Test MBF under Math::BigInt::BareCalc
lib/Math/BigInt/t/bare_mbi.t Test MBI under Math::BigInt::BareCalc
lib/Math/BigInt/t/bare_mif.t Rounding tests under BareCalc
lib/Math/BigInt/t/bigfltpm.inc Shared tests for bigfltpm.t and sub_mbf.t
lib/Math/BigInt/t/bigfltpm.t See if BigFloat.pm works
lib/Math/BigInt/t/bigintc.t See if BigInt/Calc.pm works
lib/Math/BigInt/t/bigintpm.inc Shared tests for bigintpm.t and sub_mbi.t
lib/Math/BigInt/t/bigintpm.t See if BigInt.pm works
lib/Math/BigInt/t/calling.t Test calling conventions
lib/Math/BigInt/t/config.t Test Math::BigInt->config()
lib/Math/BigInt/t/constant.t Test Math::BigInt/BigFloat under :constant
lib/Math/BigInt/t/downgrade.t Test if use Math::BigInt(); under downgrade works
lib/Math/BigInt/t/inf_nan.t Special tests for inf and NaN handling
lib/Math/BigInt/t/isa.t Test for Math::BigInt inheritance
lib/Math/BigInt/t/mbimbf.inc Actual BigInt/BigFloat accuracy, precicion and fallback, round_mode tests
lib/Math/BigInt/t/mbimbf.t BigInt/BigFloat accuracy, precicion and fallback, round_mode
lib/Math/BigInt/t/mbi_rand.t Test Math::BigInt randomly
lib/Math/BigInt/t/require.t Test if require Math::BigInt works
lib/Math/BigInt/t/sub_mbf.t Empty subclass test of BigFloat
lib/Math/BigInt/t/sub_mbi.t Empty subclass test of BigInt
lib/Math/BigInt/t/sub_mif.t Test A & P with subclasses using mbimbf.inc
lib/Math/BigInt/t/upgrade.inc Actual tests for upgrade.t
lib/Math/BigInt/t/upgrade.t Test if use Math::BigInt(); under upgrade works
lib/Math/BigInt/t/upgradef.t Test if use Math::BigFloat(); under upgrade works
lib/Math/BigInt/t/use.t Test if use Math::BigInt(); works
lib/Math/BigInt/t/use_lib1.t Test combinations of Math::BigInt and BigFloat
lib/Math/BigInt/t/use_lib2.t Test combinations of Math::BigInt and BigFloat
lib/Math/BigInt/t/use_lib3.t Test combinations of Math::BigInt and BigFloat
lib/Math/BigInt/t/use_lib4.t Test combinations of Math::BigInt and BigFloat
lib/Math/BigInt/t/with_sub.t Test use Math::BigFloat with => package
lib/Math/BigInt/Trace.pm bignum tracing
lib/Math/BigRat.pm  [pod] Math::BigRat
lib/Math/BigRat/t/bigfltpm.inc Math::BigRat test
lib/Math/BigRat/t/bigfltrt.t Math::BigRat test
lib/Math/BigRat/t/bigrat.t Math::BigRat test
lib/Math/BigRat/t/bigratpm.inc Math::BigRat test
lib/Math/BigRat/t/bigratpm.t Math::BigRat test
lib/Math/Complex.pm  [pod] A Complex package
lib/Math/Complex.t See if Math::Complex works
lib/Math/Trig.pm  [pod] A simple interface to complex trigonometry
lib/Math/Trig.t See if Math::Trig works
lib/Memoize.pm  [pod] Memoize
lib/Memoize/AnyDBM_File.pm  [pod] Memoize glue layer for AnyDBM_File
lib/Memoize/Expire.pm  [pod] Memoize expiry manager example
lib/Memoize/ExpireFile.pm  [pod] Memoize expiry manager test scaffold
lib/Memoize/ExpireTest.pm  [pod] Memoize expiry manager test scaffold
lib/Memoize/NDBM_File.pm  [pod] Memoize glue layer for NDBM_File
lib/Memoize/README Memoize release notes
lib/Memoize/SDBM_File.pm  [pod] Memoize glue layer for SDBM_File
lib/Memoize/Storable.pm  [pod] Memoize glue layer for Storable
lib/Memoize/t/array.t Memoize array context return tests
lib/Memoize/t/array_confusion.t Memoize ambiguous array return tests
lib/Memoize/t/correctness.t Memoize basic correctness tests
lib/Memoize/t/errors.t Memoize PEBKAC detection tests
lib/Memoize/t/expfile.t Memoize expiry manager tests
lib/Memoize/t/expire.t Memoize expiry manager tests
lib/Memoize/t/expmod_n.t Memoize expiry manager tests
lib/Memoize/t/expmod_t.t Memoize expiry manager (timed) tests
lib/Memoize/t/flush.t Memoize 'flush_cache' function tests
lib/Memoize/t/normalize.t Memoize 'normalizer' feature tests
lib/Memoize/t/prototype.t Memoize prototyped function handling tests
lib/Memoize/t/speed.t "Makes functions faster" advertisement test
lib/Memoize/t/tie.t Memoize tied file test
lib/Memoize/t/tiefeatures.t Memoize FAULT / MERGE / HASH options test
lib/Memoize/t/tie_gdbm.t Memoize GDBM interface test
lib/Memoize/t/tie_ndbm.t Memoize NDBM interface test
lib/Memoize/t/tie_sdbm.t Memoize SDBM interface test
lib/Memoize/t/tie_storable.t Memoize Storable interface test
lib/Memoize/t/unmemoize.t Memoize 'unmemoize' function test
lib/Memoize/TODO  [pod] Memoize to-do list
lib/Net/ChangeLog.libnet libnet
lib/Net/Cmd.pm  [pod] libnet
lib/Net/Config.eg libnet
lib/Net/Config.pm  [pod] libnet
lib/Net/demos/ftp libnet
lib/Net/demos/inetd libnet
lib/Net/demos/nntp libnet
lib/Net/demos/nntp.mirror libnet
lib/Net/demos/pop3 libnet
lib/Net/demos/smtp.self  [pod] libnet
lib/Net/demos/time libnet
lib/Net/Domain.pm  [pod] libnet
lib/Net/FTP.pm  [pod] libnet
lib/Net/FTP/A.pm libnet
lib/Net/FTP/dataconn.pm libnet
lib/Net/FTP/E.pm libnet
lib/Net/FTP/I.pm libnet
lib/Net/FTP/L.pm libnet
lib/Net/hostent.pm  [pod] By-name interface to Perl's builtin gethost*
lib/Net/hostent.t See if Net::hostent works
lib/Net/Hostname.eg libnet
lib/Net/libnetFAQ.pod  [pod] libnet
lib/Net/netent.pm  [pod] By-name interface to Perl's builtin getnet*
lib/Net/netent.t See if Net::netent works
lib/Net/Netrc.pm  [pod] libnet
lib/Net/NNTP.pm  [pod] libnet
lib/Net/Ping.pm  [pod] Hello, anybody home?
lib/Net/Ping/Changes Net::Ping
lib/Net/Ping/README Net::Ping
lib/Net/Ping/t/100_load.t Ping Net::Ping
lib/Net/Ping/t/110_icmp_inst.t Ping Net::Ping
lib/Net/Ping/t/120_udp_inst.t Ping Net::Ping
lib/Net/Ping/t/130_tcp_inst.t Ping Net::Ping
lib/Net/Ping/t/140_stream_inst.t Ping Net::Ping
lib/Net/Ping/t/200_ping_tcp.t Ping Net::Ping
lib/Net/Ping/t/250_ping_hires.t Ping Net::Ping
lib/Net/Ping/t/300_ping_stream.t Ping Net::Ping
lib/Net/POP3.pm  [pod] libnet
lib/Net/protoent.pm  [pod] By-name interface to Perl's builtin getproto*
lib/Net/protoent.t See if Net::protoent works
lib/Net/README.libnet libnet
lib/Net/servent.pm  [pod] By-name interface to Perl's builtin getserv*
lib/Net/servent.t See if Net::servtent works
lib/Net/SMTP.pm  [pod] libnet
lib/Net/t/config.t libnet
lib/Net/t/ftp.t libnet
lib/Net/t/hostname.t libnet
lib/Net/t/libnet_t.pl libnet
lib/Net/t/netrc.t libnet
lib/Net/t/nntp.t libnet
lib/Net/t/require.t libnet
lib/Net/t/smtp.t libnet
lib/Net/t/time.t libnet
lib/Net/Time.pm  [pod] libnet
lib/newgetopt.pl A perl library supporting long option parsing
lib/NEXT.pm  [pod] Pseudo-class NEXT for method redispatch
lib/NEXT/Changes NEXT
lib/NEXT/t/actual.t NEXT
lib/NEXT/t/actuns.t NEXT
lib/NEXT/t/next.t NEXT
lib/NEXT/t/unseen.t NEXT
lib/open.pm  [pod] Pragma to specify default I/O layers
lib/open.t See if the open pragma works
lib/open2.pl Open a two-ended pipe (uses IPC::Open2)
lib/open3.pl Open a three-ended pipe (uses IPC::Open3)
lib/overload.pm  [pod] Module for overloading perl operators
lib/overload.t See if operator overloading works
lib/perl5db.pl Perl debugging routines
lib/PerlIO.pm  [pod] PerlIO support module
lib/PerlIO/via/QuotedPrint.pm  [pod] PerlIO::via::QuotedPrint
lib/PerlIO/via/t/QuotedPrint.t PerlIO::via::QuotedPrint
lib/ph.t See if h2ph works
lib/Pod/Checker.pm  [pod] Pod-Parser - check POD documents for syntax errors
lib/Pod/Find.pm  [pod] used by pod/splitpod
lib/Pod/Functions.pm  [pod] used by pod/splitpod
lib/Pod/Html.pm  [pod] Convert POD data to HTML
lib/Pod/InputObjects.pm  [pod] Pod-Parser - define objects for input streams
lib/Pod/LaTeX.pm  [pod] Convert POD data to LaTeX
lib/Pod/Man.pm  [pod] Convert POD data to *roff
lib/Pod/ParseLink.pm  [pod] Perl an L<> formatting code in POD text
lib/Pod/Parser.pm  [pod] Pod-Parser - define base class for parsing POD
lib/Pod/ParseUtils.pm  [pod] Pod-Parser - pod utility functions
lib/Pod/Plainer.pm  [pod] Pod migration utility module
lib/Pod/Select.pm  [pod] Pod-Parser - select portions of POD docs
lib/Pod/t/basic.cap podlators test
lib/Pod/t/basic.clr podlators test
lib/Pod/t/basic.man podlators test
lib/Pod/t/basic.ovr podlators test
lib/Pod/t/basic.pod podlators test
lib/Pod/t/basic.t podlators test
lib/Pod/t/basic.txt podlators test
lib/Pod/t/eol.t end of line agnosticism
lib/Pod/t/Functions.t See if Pod::Functions works
lib/Pod/t/htmlescp.pod pod2html escape test input data
lib/Pod/t/htmlescp.t pod2html escape test
lib/Pod/t/htmlview.pod pod2html render test input data
lib/Pod/t/htmlview.t pod2html render test
lib/Pod/t/InputObjects.t See if Pod::InputObjects works
lib/Pod/t/latex.t See if Pod::LaTeX works
lib/Pod/t/man.t podlators test
lib/Pod/t/parselink.t podlators test
lib/Pod/t/pod2html-lib.pl pod2html testing library
lib/Pod/t/Select.t See if Pod::Select works
lib/Pod/t/text-errors.t podlators test
lib/Pod/t/text.t podlators test
lib/Pod/t/Usage.t See if Pod::Usage works
lib/Pod/t/utils.t Test for Pod::ParseUtils
lib/Pod/Text.pm  [pod] Pod-Parser - convert POD data to formatted ASCII text
lib/Pod/Text/Color.pm  [pod] Convert POD data to color ASCII text
lib/Pod/Text/Overstrike.pm  [pod] Convert POD data to formatted overstrike text
lib/Pod/Text/Termcap.pm  [pod] Convert POD data to ASCII text with format escapes
lib/Pod/Usage.pm  [pod] Pod-Parser - print usage messages
lib/pwd.pl Routines to keep track of PWD environment variable
lib/Search/Dict.pm  [pod] Perform binary search on dictionaries
lib/Search/Dict.t See if Search::Dict works
lib/SelectSaver.pm  [pod] Enforce proper select scoping
lib/SelectSaver.t See if SelectSaver works
lib/SelfLoader.pm  [pod] Load functions only on demand
lib/SelfLoader.t See if SelfLoader works
lib/Shell.pm  [pod] Make AUTOLOADed system() calls
lib/Shell.t Tests for above
lib/shellwords.pl Perl library to split into words with shell quoting
lib/sigtrap.pm  [pod] For trapping an abort and giving traceback
lib/sigtrap.t See if sigtrap works
lib/sort.pm  [pod] For "use sort"
lib/sort.t See if "use sort" works
lib/stat.pl Perl library supporting stat function
lib/strict.pm  [pod] For "use strict"
lib/strict.t See if strictures work
lib/subs.pm  [pod] Declare overriding subs
lib/subs.t See if subroutine pseudo-importation works
lib/Switch.pm  [pod] Switch for Perl
lib/Switch/Changes Switch
lib/Switch/README Switch
lib/Switch/t/given.t See if Perl 6 given (switch) works
lib/Switch/t/nested.t See if nested switch works
lib/Switch/t/switch.t See if Perl 5 switch works
lib/Symbol.pm  [pod] Symbol table manipulation routines
lib/Symbol.t See if Symbol works
lib/syslog.pl Perl library supporting syslogging
lib/tainted.pl Old code for tainting
lib/Term/ANSIColor.pm  [pod] Perl module supporting termcap usage
lib/Term/ANSIColor/ChangeLog Term::ANSIColor
lib/Term/ANSIColor/README Term::ANSIColor
lib/Term/ANSIColor/test.pl See if Term::ANSIColor works
lib/Term/Cap.pm  [pod] Perl module supporting termcap usage
lib/Term/Cap.t See if Term::Cap works
lib/Term/Complete.pm  [pod] A command completion subroutine
lib/Term/Complete.t See if Term::Complete works
lib/Term/ReadLine.pm  [pod] Stub readline library
lib/Term/ReadLine.t See if Term::ReadLine works
lib/termcap.pl Perl library supporting termcap usage
lib/Test.pm  [pod] A simple framework for writing test scripts
lib/Test/Builder.pm  [pod] For writing new test libraries
lib/Test/Harness.pm  [pod] A test harness
lib/Test/Harness/Assert.pm  [pod] Test::Harness::Assert (internal use only)
lib/Test/Harness/Changes Test::Harness
lib/Test/Harness/Iterator.pm  [pod] Test::Harness::Iterator (internal use only)
lib/Test/Harness/Straps.pm  [pod] Test::Harness::Straps
lib/Test/Harness/t/00compile.t Test::Harness test
lib/Test/Harness/t/assert.t Test::Harness::Assert test
lib/Test/Harness/t/base.t Test::Harness test
lib/Test/Harness/t/callback.t Test::Harness test
lib/Test/Harness/t/nonumbers.t Test::Harness test
lib/Test/Harness/t/ok.t Test::Harness test
lib/Test/Harness/t/strap-analyze.t Test::Harness::Straps test
lib/Test/Harness/t/strap.t Test::Harness::Straps test
lib/Test/Harness/t/test-harness.t Test::Harness test
lib/Test/More.pm  [pod] More utilities for writing tests
lib/Test/Simple.pm  [pod] Basic utility for writing tests
lib/Test/Simple/Changes Test::Simple changes
lib/Test/Simple/README Test::Simple README
lib/Test/Simple/t/bad_plan.t Test::Builder plan() test
lib/Test/Simple/t/buffer.t Test::Builder buffering test
lib/Test/Simple/t/Builder.t Test::Builder tests
lib/Test/Simple/t/curr_test.t Test::Builder->curr_test tests
lib/Test/Simple/t/diag.t Test::More diag() test
lib/Test/Simple/t/exit.t Test::Simple test, exit codes
lib/Test/Simple/t/extra.t Test::Simple test
lib/Test/Simple/t/fail-like.t Test::More test, like() failures
lib/Test/Simple/t/fail-more.t Test::More test, tests failing
lib/Test/Simple/t/fail.t Test::Simple test, test failures
lib/Test/Simple/t/filehandles.t Test::Simple test, STDOUT can be played with
lib/Test/Simple/t/import.t Test::More test, importing functions
lib/Test/Simple/t/is_deeply.t Test::More test, is_deeply()
lib/Test/Simple/t/maybe_regex.t Test::Builder->maybe_regex() tests
lib/Test/Simple/t/missing.t Test::Simple test, missing tests
lib/Test/Simple/t/More.t Test::More test, basic stuff
lib/Test/Simple/t/no_ending.t Test::Builder test, no_ending()
lib/Test/Simple/t/no_header.t Test::Builder test, no_header()
lib/Test/Simple/t/no_plan.t Test::Simple test, forgot the plan
lib/Test/Simple/t/output.t Test::Builder test, output methods
lib/Test/Simple/t/plan.t Test::More test, plan()
lib/Test/Simple/t/plan_is_noplan.t Test::Simple test, no_plan
lib/Test/Simple/t/plan_no_plan.t Test::More test, plan() w/no_plan
lib/Test/Simple/t/plan_skip_all.t Test::More test, plan() w/skip_all
lib/Test/Simple/t/simple.t Test::Simple test, basic stuff
lib/Test/Simple/t/skip.t Test::More test, SKIP tests
lib/Test/Simple/t/skipall.t Test::More test, skip all tests
lib/Test/Simple/t/strays.t Test::Builder stray newline checks
lib/Test/Simple/t/threads.t Test::Builder thread-safe checks
lib/Test/Simple/t/todo.t Test::More test, TODO tests
lib/Test/Simple/t/undef.t Test::More test, undefs don't cause warnings
lib/Test/Simple/t/useing.t Test::More test, compile test
lib/Test/Simple/t/use_ok.t Test::More test, use_ok()
lib/Test/t/fail.t See if Test works
lib/Test/t/mix.t See if Test works
lib/Test/t/onfail.t See if Test works
lib/Test/t/qr.t See if Test works
lib/Test/t/skip.t See if Test works
lib/Test/t/success.t See if Test works
lib/Test/t/todo.t See if Test works
lib/Test/Tutorial.pod  [pod] A tutorial on writing tests
lib/Text/Abbrev.pm  [pod] An abbreviation table builder
lib/Text/Abbrev.t Test Text::Abbrev
lib/Text/Balanced.pm  [pod] Text::Balanced
lib/Text/Balanced/Changes Text::Balanced
lib/Text/Balanced/README Text::Balanced
lib/Text/Balanced/t/extbrk.t See if Text::Balanced works
lib/Text/Balanced/t/extcbk.t See if Text::Balanced works
lib/Text/Balanced/t/extdel.t See if Text::Balanced works
lib/Text/Balanced/t/extmul.t See if Text::Balanced works
lib/Text/Balanced/t/extqlk.t See if Text::Balanced works
lib/Text/Balanced/t/exttag.t See if Text::Balanced works
lib/Text/Balanced/t/extvar.t See if Text::Balanced works
lib/Text/Balanced/t/gentag.t See if Text::Balanced works
lib/Text/ParseWords.pm  [pod] Perl module to split words on arbitrary delimiter
lib/Text/ParseWords.t See if Text::ParseWords works
lib/Text/Soundex.pm  [pod] Perl module to implement Soundex
lib/Text/Soundex.t See if Soundex works
lib/Text/Tabs.pm  [pod] Do expand and unexpand
lib/Text/TabsWrap/CHANGELOG ChangeLog for Tabs+Wrap
lib/Text/TabsWrap/t/fill.t See if Text::Wrap::fill works
lib/Text/TabsWrap/t/tabs.t See if Text::Tabs works
lib/Text/TabsWrap/t/wrap.t See if Text::Wrap::wrap works
lib/Text/Wrap.pm  [pod] Paragraph formatter
lib/Thread.pm  [pod] Thread extensions frontend
lib/Thread/Queue.pm  [pod] Threadsafe queue
lib/Thread/Queue.t See if threadsafe queue works
lib/Thread/Semaphore.pm  [pod] Threadsafe semaphore
lib/Thread/Semaphore.t See if threadsafe semaphore works
lib/Tie/Array.pm  [pod] Base class for tied arrays
lib/Tie/Array/push.t Test for Tie::Array
lib/Tie/Array/splice.t Test for Tie::Array::SPLICE
lib/Tie/Array/std.t Test for Tie::StdArray
lib/Tie/Array/stdpush.t Test for Tie::StdArray
lib/Tie/File.pm  [pod] Files as tied arrays
lib/Tie/File/t/00_version.t Trivial test for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/01_gen.t Generic read/write tests for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/02_fetchsize.t File length fetch test for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/03_longfetch.t Past-the-end-of-the-array tests for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/04_splice.t SPLICE method tests for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/05_size.t $#a tests for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/06_fixrec.t '_fixrec' method functional tests for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/07_rv_splice.t SPLICE method return value tests for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/08_ro.t read-only mode tests for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/09_gen_rs.t Like 01_gen.t, with unusual record separator
lib/Tie/File/t/10_splice_rs.t Like 04_splice.t, with unusual record separator
lib/Tie/File/t/11_rv_splice_rs.t Like 07_rv_splice.t, with unusual record separator
lib/Tie/File/t/12_longfetch_rs.t Like 03_longfetch.t, with unusual record separator
lib/Tie/File/t/13_size_rs.t Like 05_size.t, with unusual record separator
lib/Tie/File/t/14_lock.t File locking method tests for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/15_pushpop.t PUSH / POP / SHIFT / UNSHIFT for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/16_handle.t Tying a handle instead of a file for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/17_misc_meth.t CLEAR / EXISTS / DELETE / EXTEND for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/18_rs_fixrec.t Like 06_fixrec.t, with unusual record separator
lib/Tie/File/t/19_cache.t Read cache exercises and regression for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/20_cache_full.t LRU expiry exercises and regression for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/21_win32.t Win32 special behavior of Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/22_autochomp.t 'autochomp' option of Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/23_rv_ac_splice.t Like 07_rv_splice.t, but with autochomp
lib/Tie/File/t/24_cache_loop.t Regression for old Tie::File cache bug
lib/Tie/File/t/25_gen_nocache.t Like 01_gen.t, but with caching disabled
lib/Tie/File/t/26_twrite.t Unit tests for Tie::File::_twrite
lib/Tie/File/t/30_defer.t deferred writing feature tests for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/31_autodefer.t 'autodefer' feature tests for Tie::File
lib/Tie/File/t/32_defer_misc.t Like 17_misc_meth.t, but with deferred writing
lib/Tie/File/t/33_defer_vs.t Like 30_defer.t, but with varying-length records
lib/Tie/File/t/40_abs_cache.t Unit tests for Tie::File::Cache
lib/Tie/File/t/41_heap.t Unit tests for Tie::File::Heap
lib/Tie/Handle.pm  [pod] Base class for tied handles
lib/Tie/Handle/stdhandle.t Test for Tie::StdHandle
lib/Tie/Hash.pm  [pod] Base class for tied hashes
lib/Tie/Memoize.pm  [pod] Base class for memoized tied hashes
lib/Tie/Memoize.t Test for Memoize.t
lib/Tie/RefHash.pm  [pod] Base class for tied hashes with references as keys
lib/Tie/RefHash.t Test for Tie::RefHash and Tie::RefHash::Nestable
lib/Tie/Scalar.pm  [pod] Base class for tied scalars
lib/Tie/Scalar.t See if Tie::Scalar works
lib/Tie/SubstrHash.pm  [pod] Compact hash for known key, value and table size
lib/Tie/SubstrHash.t Test for Tie::SubstrHash
lib/Time/gmtime.pm  [pod] By-name interface to Perl's builtin gmtime
lib/Time/gmtime.t Test for Time::gmtime
lib/Time/Local.pm  [pod] Reverse translation of localtime, gmtime
lib/Time/Local.t See if Time::Local works
lib/Time/localtime.pm  [pod] By-name interface to Perl's builtin localtime
lib/Time/localtime.t Test for Time::localtime
lib/Time/tm.pm  [pod] Internal object for Time::{gm,local}time
lib/timelocal.pl Perl library supporting inverse of localtime, gmtime
lib/Unicode/Collate.pm  [pod] Unicode::Collate
lib/Unicode/Collate/Changes Unicode::Collate
lib/Unicode/Collate/keys.txt Unicode::Collate
lib/Unicode/Collate/README Unicode::Collate
lib/Unicode/Collate/t/test.t Unicode::Collate
lib/Unicode/README Explanation what happened to lib/unicode.
lib/Unicode/UCD.pm  [pod] Unicode character database
lib/Unicode/UCD.t See if Unicode character database works
lib/unicore/ArabicShaping.txt Unicode character database
lib/unicore/ArabLink.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/ArabLnkGrp.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/BidiMirroring.txt Unicode character database
lib/unicore/Bidirectional.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/Blocks.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/Blocks.txt Unicode character database
lib/unicore/Canonical.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/CaseFolding.txt Unicode character database
lib/unicore/Category.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/CombiningClass.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/CompositionExclusions.txt Unicode character database
lib/unicore/Decomposition.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/EastAsianWidth.txt Unicode character database
lib/unicore/Exact.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/Index.txt Unicode character database
lib/unicore/Jamo.txt Unicode character database
lib/unicore/JamoShort.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/Lbrk.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Alnum.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Alpha.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Alphabet.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Any.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Arabic.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Armenian.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/ASCII.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/AsciiHex.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Assigned.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Bengali.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiAL.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiAN.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiB.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiBN.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiCont.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiCS.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiEN.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiES.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiET.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiL.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiLRE.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiLRO.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiNSM.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiON.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiPDF.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiR.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiRLE.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiRLO.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiS.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/BidiWS.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Blank.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Bopomofo.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Buhid.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/C.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Canadian.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Canon.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Cc.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Cf.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Cherokee.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Cn.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Cntrl.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Co.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Common.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Compat.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Cs.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Cyrillic.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Dash.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/DCcircle.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/DCcompat.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/DCfinal.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/DCfont.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/DCfracti.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/DCinitia.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/DCisolat.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/DCmedial.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/DCnarrow.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/DCnoBrea.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/DCsmall.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/DCsquare.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/DCsub.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/DCsuper.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/DCvertic.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/DCwide.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Deprecat.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Deseret.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Devanaga.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Diacriti.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Digit.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Ethiopic.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Extender.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Georgian.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Gothic.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Graph.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Grapheme.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Greek.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Gujarati.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Gurmukhi.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Han.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Hangul.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Hanunoo.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Hebrew.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/HexDigit.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Hiragana.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Hyphen.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/IdContin.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Ideograp.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/IdsBinar.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/IdStart.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/IdsTrina.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InAlphab.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InArabi2.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InArabi3.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InArabic.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InArmeni.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InArrows.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InBasicL.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InBengal.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InBlockE.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InBopom2.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InBopomo.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InBoxDra.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InBraill.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InBuhid.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InByzant.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InCherok.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InCjkCo2.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InCjkCo3.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InCjkCo4.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InCjkCom.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InCjkRad.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InCjkSym.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InCjkUn2.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InCjkUn3.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InCjkUni.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InCombi2.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InCombi3.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InCombin.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InContro.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InCurren.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InCyril2.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InCyrill.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InDesere.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InDevana.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InDingba.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InEnclo2.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InEnclos.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InEthiop.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InGenera.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InGeomet.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InGeorgi.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InGothic.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InGreek.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InGreekA.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InGreekE.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InGujara.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InGurmuk.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InHalfwi.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InHangu2.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InHangu3.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InHangul.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InHanuno.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InHebrew.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Inherite.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InHighPr.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InHighSu.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InHiraga.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InIdeogr.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InIpaExt.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InKanbun.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InKangxi.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InKannad.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InKatak2.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InKataka.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InKhmer.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InLao.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InLatin1.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InLatin2.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InLatin3.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InLatinE.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InLetter.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InLowSur.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InMalaya.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InMathe2.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InMathem.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InMisce2.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InMisce3.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InMisce4.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InMiscel.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InMongol.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InMusica.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InMyanma.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InNumber.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InOgham.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InOldIta.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InOptica.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InOriya.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InPrivat.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InRunic.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InSinhal.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InSmallF.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InSpacin.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InSpecia.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InSupers.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InSuppl2.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InSuppl3.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InSuppl4.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InSuppl5.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InSupple.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InSyriac.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InTagalo.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InTagban.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InTags.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InTamil.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InTelugu.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InThaana.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InThai.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InTibeta.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InUnifie.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InVariat.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InYiRadi.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/InYiSyll.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/JoinCont.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Kannada.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Katakana.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Khmer.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/L.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Lao.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Latin.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Ll.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Lm.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Lo.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/LogicalO.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Lower.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Lowercas.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Lt.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Lu.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/L_.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/M.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Malayala.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Math.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Mc.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Me.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Mirrored.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Mn.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Mongolia.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Myanmar.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/N.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Nd.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Nl.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/No.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Nonchara.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Ogham.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/OldItali.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Oriya.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/OtherAlp.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/OtherDef.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/OtherGra.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/OtherLow.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/OtherMat.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/OtherUpp.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/P.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Pc.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Pd.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Pe.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Pf.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Pi.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Po.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Print.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Ps.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Punct.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Quotatio.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Radical.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Runic.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/S.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Sc.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Sinhala.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Sk.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Sm.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/So.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/SoftDott.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Space.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/SpacePer.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Syriac.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Tagalog.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Tagbanwa.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Tamil.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Telugu.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Terminal.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Thaana.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Thai.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Tibetan.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Title.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/UnifiedI.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Upper.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Uppercas.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/WhiteSpa.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Word.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/XDigit.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Yi.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Z.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Zl.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Zp.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/Zs.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/_CanonDC.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/_CaseIgn.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/lib/_CombAbo.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/LineBreak.txt Unicode character database
lib/unicore/Makefile Unicode character database
lib/unicore/mktables Unicode character database generator
lib/unicore/Name.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/NamesList.txt Unicode character database
lib/unicore/Number.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/Properties Built-in \p{...} / \P{...} property list
lib/unicore/PropertyAliases.txt Unicode character database
lib/unicore/PropList.txt Unicode character database
lib/unicore/PropValueAliases.txt Unicode character database
lib/unicore/README.perl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/ReadMe.txt Unicode character database info
lib/unicore/Scripts.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/Scripts.txt Unicode character database
lib/unicore/SpecialCasing.txt Unicode character database
lib/unicore/To/Digit.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/To/Fold.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/To/Lower.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/To/Title.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/To/Upper.pl Unicode character database
lib/unicore/UnicodeData.txt Unicode character database
lib/unicore/version The version of the Unicode
lib/UNIVERSAL.pm  [pod] Base class for ALL classes
lib/User/grent.pm  [pod] By-name interface to Perl's builtin getgr*
lib/User/grent.t See if User::grwent works
lib/User/pwent.pm  [pod] By-name interface to Perl's builtin getpw*
lib/User/pwent.t See if User::pwent works
lib/utf8.pm  [pod] Pragma to control Unicode support
lib/utf8.t See if utf8 operations work
lib/utf8_heavy.pl Support routines for utf8 pragma
lib/validate.pl Perl library supporting wholesale file mode validation
lib/vars.pm  [pod] Declare pseudo-imported global variables
lib/vars.t See if "use vars" work
lib/vmsish.pm  [pod] Control VMS-specific behavior of Perl core
lib/vmsish.t Tests for vmsish.pm
lib/warnings.pm  [pod] For "use warnings"
lib/warnings.t See if warning controls work
lib/warnings/register.pm  [pod] For "use warnings::register"
lib/Win32.pod  [pod] Documentation for Win32 extras
locale.c locale-specific utility functions
makeaperl.SH  [pod] perl script that produces a new perl binary
makedef.pl Create symbol export lists for linking
makedepend.SH Precursor to makedepend
makedir.SH Precursor to makedir
Makefile.micro microperl Makefile
Makefile.SH A script that generates Makefile
malloc.c A version of malloc you might not want
MANIFEST This list of files
mg.c Magic code
mg.h Magic header
minimod.pl  [pod] Writes lib/ExtUtils/Miniperl.pm
miniperlmain.c Basic perl w/o dynamic loading or extensions
mint/errno.h MiNT port
mint/Makefile MiNT port
mint/pwd.c MiNT port
mint/README MiNT port
mint/stdio.h MiNT port
mint/sys/time.h MiNT port
mint/time.h MiNT port
mpeix/mpeix.c MPE/iX port
mpeix/mpeixish.h MPE/iX port
mpeix/nm MPE/iX port
mpeix/relink MPE/iX port
mv-if-diff Script to mv a file if it changed
myconfig.SH Prints summary of the current configuration
NetWare/bat/Buildtype.bat NetWare port
NetWare/bat/SetCodeWar.bat NetWare port
NetWare/bat/Setnlmsdk.bat NetWare port
NetWare/bat/SetNWBld.bat NetWare port
NetWare/bat/ToggleD2.bat NetWare port
NetWare/CLIBsdio.h NetWare port
NetWare/CLIBstr.h NetWare port
NetWare/CLIBstuf.c NetWare port
NetWare/CLIBstuf.h NetWare port
NetWare/config.wc NetWare port
NetWare/config_h.PL NetWare port
NetWare/config_H.wc NetWare port
NetWare/config_sh.PL NetWare port
NetWare/deb.h NetWare port
NetWare/dl_netware.xs NetWare port
NetWare/intdef.h NetWare port
NetWare/interface.c NetWare port
NetWare/interface.cpp NetWare port
NetWare/interface.h NetWare port
NetWare/iperlhost.h NetWare port
NetWare/Main.c NetWare port
NetWare/Makefile NetWare port
NetWare/MP.imp NetWare port
NetWare/netware.h NetWare port
NetWare/nw5.c NetWare port
NetWare/nw5iop.h NetWare port
NetWare/nw5sck.c NetWare port
NetWare/nw5sck.h NetWare port
NetWare/nw5thread.c NetWare port
NetWare/nw5thread.h NetWare port
NetWare/nwhashcls.cpp NetWare port
NetWare/nwhashcls.h NetWare port
NetWare/Nwmain.c NetWare port
NetWare/nwperlhost.h NetWare port
NetWare/nwperlsys.c NetWare port
NetWare/nwperlsys.h NetWare port
NetWare/Nwpipe.c NetWare port
NetWare/nwpipe.h NetWare port
NetWare/nwplglob.c NetWare port
NetWare/nwplglob.h NetWare port
NetWare/nwstdio.h NetWare port
NetWare/NWTInfo.c NetWare port
NetWare/nwtinfo.h NetWare port
NetWare/NWUtil.c NetWare port
NetWare/nwutil.h NetWare port
NetWare/nwvmem.h NetWare port
NetWare/perllib.cpp NetWare port
NetWare/splittree.pl NetWare port
NetWare/sv_nw.c NetWare port
NetWare/t/NWModify.pl NetWare port
NetWare/t/NWScripts.pl NetWare port
NetWare/t/Readme.txt NetWare port
NetWare/testnlm/echo/echo.c NetWare port
NetWare/testnlm/type/type.c NetWare port
NetWare/win32ish.h NetWare port
nostdio.h Cause compile error on stdio calls
numeric.c Miscellaneous numeric conversion routines
op.c Opcode syntax tree code
op.h Opcode syntax tree header
opcode.h Automatically generated opcode header
opcode.pl Opcode header generatore
opnames.h Automatically generated opcode header
os2/Changes Changelog for OS/2 port
os2/diff.configure Patches to Configure
os2/dlfcn.h Addon for dl_open
os2/dl_os2.c Addon for dl_open
os2/Makefile.SHs Shared library generation for OS/2
os2/os2.c Additional code for OS/2
os2/os2.sym Additional symbols to export
os2/OS2/ExtAttr/Changes EA access module
os2/OS2/ExtAttr/ExtAttr.pm  [pod] EA access module
os2/OS2/ExtAttr/ExtAttr.xs EA access module
os2/OS2/ExtAttr/Makefile.PL EA access module
os2/OS2/ExtAttr/MANIFEST EA access module
os2/OS2/ExtAttr/myea.h EA access module
os2/OS2/ExtAttr/t/os2_ea.t EA access module
os2/OS2/ExtAttr/typemap EA access module
os2/OS2/PrfDB/Changes System database access module
os2/OS2/PrfDB/Makefile.PL System database access module
os2/OS2/PrfDB/MANIFEST System database access module
os2/OS2/PrfDB/PrfDB.pm  [pod] System database access module
os2/OS2/PrfDB/PrfDB.xs System database access module
os2/OS2/PrfDB/t/os2_prfdb.t System database access module
os2/OS2/PrfDB/typemap System database access module
os2/OS2/Process/Makefile.PL system() constants in a module
os2/OS2/Process/MANIFEST system() constants in a module
os2/OS2/Process/Process.pm  [pod] system() constants in a module
os2/OS2/Process/Process.xs system() constants in a module
os2/OS2/Process/t/os2_process.t Tests
os2/OS2/Process/t/os2_process_kid.t Tests
os2/OS2/Process/t/os2_process_text.t Tests
os2/OS2/REXX/Changes DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/DLL/Changes DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/DLL/DLL.pm  [pod] DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/DLL/DLL.xs DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/DLL/Makefile.PL DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/DLL/MANIFEST DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/Makefile.PL DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/MANIFEST DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/REXX.pm  [pod] DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/REXX.xs DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_cmprt.t DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_dllld.t DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_emxrv.t DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_objcall.t DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_sql.test DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_tiesql.test DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_tievar.t DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_tieydb.t DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_varset.t DLL access module
os2/OS2/REXX/t/rx_vrexx.t DLL access module
os2/os2add.sym Overriding symbols to export
os2/os2ish.h Header for OS/2
os2/os2thread.h pthread-like typedefs
os2/os2_base.t Additional tests for builtin methods
os2/perl2cmd.pl Corrects installed binaries under OS/2
os2/perlrexx.c Support perl interpreter embedded in REXX
patchlevel.h The current patch level of perl
perl.c main()
perl.h Global declarations
perlapi.c Perl API functions
perlapi.h Perl API function declarations
perlio.c C code for PerlIO abstraction
perlio.h PerlIO abstraction
perlio.sym Symbols for PerlIO abstraction
perliol.h PerlIO Layer definition
perlsdio.h Fake stdio using perlio
perlsfio.h Prototype sfio mapping for PerlIO
perlsh A poor man's perl shell
perlvars.h Global variables
perly.c A byacc'ed perly.y
perly.fixer A program to remove yacc stack limitations
perly.h The header file for perly.c
perly.y Yacc grammar for perl
perlyline.pl Perl code to fix #line directives and gcc warnings in perly.c
perly_c.diff Fixup perly.c to allow recursion
plan9/aperl Shell to make Perl error messages Acme-friendly
plan9/arpa/inet.h Plan9 port: replacement C header file
plan9/buildinfo Plan9 port: configuration information
plan9/config.plan9 Plan9 port: config.h template
plan9/exclude Plan9 port: tests to skip
plan9/fndvers Plan9 port: update Perl version in config.plan9
plan9/genconfig.pl Plan9 port: generate config.sh
plan9/mkfile Plan9 port: Mk driver for build
plan9/myconfig.plan9 Plan9 port: script to print config summary
plan9/plan9.c Plan9 port: Plan9-specific C routines
plan9/plan9ish.h Plan9 port: Plan9-specific C header file
plan9/setup.rc Plan9 port: script for easy build+install
plan9/versnum Plan9 port: script to print version number
pod/buildtoc.PL generate buildtoc which generates perltoc.pod
pod/checkpods.PL Tool to check for common errors in pods
pod/Makefile.SH generate Makefile whichs makes pods into something else
pod/perl.pod  [pod] Top level perl documentation
pod/perl5004delta.pod  [pod] Changes from 5.003 to 5.004
pod/perl5005delta.pod  [pod] Changes from 5.004 to 5.005
pod/perl561delta.pod  [pod] Changes from 5.6.0 to 5.6.1
pod/perl56delta.pod  [pod] Changes from 5.005 to 5.6
pod/perl570delta.pod  [pod] Changes from 5.6 to 5.7.0
pod/perl571delta.pod  [pod] Changes from 5.7.0 to 5.7.1
pod/perl572delta.pod  [pod] Changes from 5.7.1 to 5.7.2
pod/perlapi.pod  [pod] Perl API documentation (autogenerated)
pod/perlapio.pod  [pod] PerlIO IO API info
pod/perlbook.pod  [pod] Perl book information
pod/perlboot.pod  [pod] Beginner's Object-oriented Tutorial
pod/perlbot.pod  [pod] Object-oriented Bag o' Tricks
pod/perlcall.pod  [pod] Callback info
pod/perlclib.pod  [pod] Internal replacements for standard C library functions
pod/perlcompile.pod  [pod] Info on using the Compiler suite
pod/perldata.pod  [pod] Data structure info
pod/perldbmfilter.pod  [pod] Info about DBM Filters
pod/perldebguts.pod  [pod] Debugger guts info
pod/perldebtut.pod  [pod] Perl debugging tutorial
pod/perldebug.pod  [pod] Debugger info
pod/perldelta.pod  [pod] Changes since last version
pod/perldiag.pod  [pod] Diagnostic info
pod/perldsc.pod  [pod] Data Structures Cookbook
pod/perlebcdic.pod  [pod] Considerations for running Perl on EBCDIC platforms
pod/perlembed.pod  [pod] Embedding info
pod/perlfaq.pod  [pod] Frequently Asked Questions, Top Level
pod/perlfaq1.pod  [pod] Frequently Asked Questions, Part 1
pod/perlfaq2.pod  [pod] Frequently Asked Questions, Part 2
pod/perlfaq3.pod  [pod] Frequently Asked Questions, Part 3
pod/perlfaq4.pod  [pod] Frequently Asked Questions, Part 4
pod/perlfaq5.pod  [pod] Frequently Asked Questions, Part 5
pod/perlfaq6.pod  [pod] Frequently Asked Questions, Part 6
pod/perlfaq7.pod  [pod] Frequently Asked Questions, Part 7
pod/perlfaq8.pod  [pod] Frequently Asked Questions, Part 8
pod/perlfaq9.pod  [pod] Frequently Asked Questions, Part 9
pod/perlfilter.pod  [pod] Source filters info
pod/perlfork.pod  [pod] Info about fork()
pod/perlform.pod  [pod] Format info
pod/perlfunc.pod  [pod] Function info
pod/perlguts.pod  [pod] Internals info
pod/perlhack.pod  [pod] Perl hackers guide
pod/perlhist.pod  [pod] Perl history info
pod/perlintern.pod  [pod] Perl internal function docs (autogenrated)
pod/perlintro.pod  [pod] Perl introduction for beginners
pod/perliol.pod  [pod] Internals of PerlIO with layers.
pod/perlipc.pod  [pod] IPC info
pod/perllexwarn.pod  [pod] Lexical Warnings info
pod/perllocale.pod  [pod] Locale support info
pod/perllol.pod  [pod] How to use lists of lists
pod/perlmod.pod  [pod] Module mechanism info
pod/perlmodinstall.pod  [pod] Installing CPAN Modules
pod/perlmodlib.PL Generate pod/perlmodlib.pod
pod/perlmodlib.pod  [pod] Module policy info
pod/perlmodstyle.pod  [pod] Perl module style guide
pod/perlnewmod.pod  [pod] Preparing a new module for distribution
pod/perlnumber.pod  [pod] Semantics of numbers and numeric operations
pod/perlobj.pod  [pod] Object info
pod/perlop.pod  [pod] Operator info
pod/perlopentut.pod  [pod] open() tutorial
pod/perlothrtut.pod  [pod] Threads old tutorial
pod/perlpacktut.pod  [pod] pack() tutorial
pod/perlpod.pod  [pod] Pod info
pod/perlpodspec.pod  [pod] Pod specification
pod/perlport.pod  [pod] Portability guide
pod/perlre.pod  [pod] Regular expression info
pod/perlref.pod  [pod] References info
pod/perlreftut.pod  [pod] Mark's references tutorial
pod/perlrequick.pod  [pod] Quick start guide for Perl regular expressions
pod/perlretut.pod  [pod] Tutorial for Perl regular expressions
pod/perlrun.pod  [pod] Execution info
pod/perlsec.pod  [pod] Security info
pod/perlstyle.pod  [pod] Style info
pod/perlsub.pod  [pod] Subroutine info
pod/perlsyn.pod  [pod] Syntax info
pod/perlthrtut.pod  [pod] Threads tutorial
pod/perltie.pod  [pod] Tieing an object class into a simple variable
pod/perltoc.pod  [pod] Table of Contents info
pod/perltodo.pod  [pod] Todo list explained
pod/perltooc.pod  [pod] Tom's object-oriented tutorial (more on class data)
pod/perltoot.pod  [pod] Tom's object-oriented tutorial
pod/perltrap.pod  [pod] Trap info
pod/perlunicode.pod  [pod] Unicode support info
pod/perluniintro.pod  [pod] Unicode introduction
pod/perlutil.pod  [pod] Accompanying utilities explained
pod/perlvar.pod  [pod] Variable info
pod/perlxs.pod  [pod] XS api info
pod/perlxstut.pod  [pod] XS tutorial
pod/pod2html.PL  [pod] Precursor for translator to turn pod into HTML
pod/pod2latex.PL  [pod] Precursor for translator to turn pod into LaTeX
pod/pod2man.PL  [pod] Precursor for translator to turn pod into manpage
pod/pod2text.PL  [pod] Precursor for translator to turn pod into text
pod/pod2usage.PL  [pod] Pod-Parser - print usage messages from POD docs
pod/podchecker.PL  [pod] Pod-Parser - Pod::Checker::podchecker() CLI
pod/podselect.PL  [pod] Pod-Parser - Pod::Select::podselect() CLI
pod/roffitall troff the whole man page set
pod/rofftoc Generate a table of contents in troff format
pod/splitman Splits perlfunc into multiple man pages
pod/splitpod  [pod] Splits perlfunc into multiple pod pages
Policy_sh.SH Hold site-wide preferences between Configure runs.
Porting/apply Apply patches sent by mail
Porting/check83.pl Check whether we are 8.3-friendly
Porting/checkURL.pl Check whether we have working URLs
Porting/checkVERSION.pl Check whether we have $VERSIONs
Porting/config.sh Sample config.sh
Porting/config_H Sample config.h
Porting/Contract Social contract for contributed modules in Perl core
Porting/findrfuncs Find reentrant variants of functions used in an executable
Porting/findvars Find occurrences of words
Porting/fixCORE Find and fix modules that generate warnings
Porting/fixvars Find undeclared variables with C compiler and fix em
Porting/genlog Generate formatted changelogs by querying p4d
Porting/Glossary Glossary of config.sh variables
Porting/makerel Release making utility
Porting/p4genpatch Obsoletes both p4desc and p4d2p
Porting/patching.pod  [pod] How to report changes made to Perl
Porting/patchls Flexible patch file listing utility
Porting/pumpkin.pod  [pod] Guidelines and hints for Perl maintainers
Porting/repository.pod  [pod] How to use the Perl repository
Porting/testall.atom Cumulative profile of the test suite with Third Degree
Porting/thirdclean Cleanup Third Degree reports
pp.c Push/Pop code
pp.h Push/Pop code defs
pp.sym Push/Pop code symbols
pp_ctl.c Push/Pop code for control flow
pp_hot.c Push/Pop code for heavily used opcodes
pp_pack.c Push/Pop code for pack/unpack
pp_proto.h C++ definitions for Push/Pop code
pp_sort.c Push/Pop code for sort
pp_sys.c Push/Pop code for system interaction
proto.h Prototypes
qnx/ar QNX implementation of "ar" utility
qnx/cpp QNX implementation of preprocessor filter
README The Instructions
README.aix  [pod] Notes about AIX port
README.amiga  [pod] Notes about AmigaOS port
README.apollo  [pod] Notes about Apollo DomainOS port
README.beos  [pod] Notes about BeOS port
README.bs2000  [pod] Notes about BS2000 POSIX port
README.ce  [pod] Notes about WinCE port
README.cn  [pod] About using Perl and Simplified Chinese
README.cygwin  [pod] Notes about Cygwin port
README.dgux  [pod] Notes about DG/UX port
README.dos  [pod] Notes about DOS/DJGPP port
README.epoc  [pod] Notes about EPOC port
README.freebsd  [pod] Notes about FreeBSD
README.hpux  [pod] Notes about HP-UX port
README.hurd  [pod] Notes about GNU/Hurd port
README.irix  [pod] Notes about Irix port
README.jp  [pod] About using Perl and Japanese
README.ko  [pod] About using Perl and Korean
README.machten  [pod] Notes about Power MachTen port
README.macos  [pod] Notes about Mac OS (Classic)
README.micro Notes about microperl
README.mint  [pod] Notes about Atari MiNT port
README.mpeix  [pod] Notes about MPE/iX port
README.netware Notes about NetWare port
README.os2  [pod] Notes about OS/2 port
README.os390  [pod] Notes about OS/390 (nee MVS) port
README.plan9  [pod] Notes about Plan9 port
README.qnx  [pod] Notes about QNX port
README.solaris  [pod] Notes about Solaris port
README.tru64  [pod] Notes about Tru64
README.tw  [pod] About using Perl and Traditional Chinese
README.uts  [pod] Notes about UTS
README.vmesa  [pod] Notes about VM/ESA port
README.vms  [pod] Notes about installing the VMS port
README.vos  [pod] Notes about Stratus VOS port
README.win32  [pod] Notes about Win32 port
README.Y2K Notes about Year 2000 concerns
reentr.c Reentrant interfaces
reentr.h Reentrant interfaces
reentr.pl Reentrant interfaces
regcomp.c Regular expression compiler
regcomp.h Private declarations for above
regcomp.pl Builder of regnodes.h
regcomp.sym Data for regnodes.h
regexec.c Regular expression evaluator
regexp.h Public declarations for the above
regnodes.h Description of nodes of RE engine
run.c The interpreter loop
scope.c Scope entry and exit code
scope.h Scope entry and exit header
sv.c Scalar value code
sv.h Scalar value header
t/base/cond.t See if conditionals work
t/base/if.t See if if works
t/base/lex.t See if lexical items work
t/base/num.t See if numbers work
t/base/pat.t See if pattern matching works
t/base/rs.t See if record-read works
t/base/term.t See if various terms work
t/cmd/elsif.t See if else-if works
t/cmd/for.t See if for loops work
t/cmd/mod.t See if statement modifiers work
t/cmd/subval.t See if subroutine values work
t/cmd/switch.t See if switch optimizations work
t/cmd/while.t See if while loops work
t/comp/bproto.t See if builtins conform to their prototypes
t/comp/cmdopt.t See if command optimization works
t/comp/colon.t See if colons are parsed correctly
t/comp/cpp.aux main file for cpp.t
t/comp/cpp.t See if C preprocessor works
t/comp/decl.t See if declarations work
t/comp/hints.t See if %^H works
t/comp/multiline.t See if multiline strings work
t/comp/package.t See if packages work
t/comp/proto.t See if function prototypes work
t/comp/redef.t See if we get correct warnings on redefined subs
t/comp/require.t See if require works
t/comp/script.t See if script invokation works
t/comp/term.t See if more terms work
t/comp/use.t See if pragmas work
t/harness Finer diagnostics from test suite
t/io/argv.t See if ARGV stuff works
t/io/binmode.t See if binmode() works
t/io/crlf.t See if :crlf works
t/io/dup.t See if >& works right
t/io/fflush.t See if auto-flush on fork/exec/system/qx works
t/io/fs.t See if directory manipulations work
t/io/inplace.t See if inplace editing works
t/io/iprefix.t See if inplace editing works with prefixes
t/io/nargv.t See if nested ARGV stuff works
t/io/open.t See if open works
t/io/openpid.t See if open works for subprocesses
t/io/pipe.t See if secure pipes work
t/io/print.t See if print commands work
t/io/read.t See if read works
t/io/tell.t See if file seeking works
t/io/utf8.t See if file seeking works
t/japh/abigail.t Obscure tests
t/lib/1_compile.t See if the various libraries and extensions compile
t/lib/commonsense.t See if configuration meets basic needs
t/lib/compmod.pl Helper for 1_compile.t
t/lib/dprof/test1_t Perl code profiler tests
t/lib/dprof/test1_v Perl code profiler tests
t/lib/dprof/test2_t Perl code profiler tests
t/lib/dprof/test2_v Perl code profiler tests
t/lib/dprof/test3_t Perl code profiler tests
t/lib/dprof/test3_v Perl code profiler tests
t/lib/dprof/test4_t Perl code profiler tests
t/lib/dprof/test4_v Perl code profiler tests
t/lib/dprof/test5_t Perl code profiler tests
t/lib/dprof/test5_v Perl code profiler tests
t/lib/dprof/test6_t Perl code profiler tests
t/lib/dprof/test6_v Perl code profiler tests
t/lib/dprof/V.pm Perl code profiler tests
t/lib/filter-util.pl See if Filter::Util::Call works
t/lib/Filter/Simple/ExportTest.pm Helper file for Filter::Simple tests
t/lib/Filter/Simple/FilterOnlyTest.pm Helper file for Filter::Simple tests
t/lib/Filter/Simple/FilterTest.pm Helper file for Filter::Simple tests
t/lib/Filter/Simple/ImportTest.pm Helper file for Filter::Simple tests
t/lib/h2ph.h Test header file for h2ph
t/lib/h2ph.pht Generated output from h2ph.h by h2ph, for comparison
t/lib/locale/latin1 Part of locale.t in Latin 1
t/lib/locale/utf8 Part of locale.t in UTF8
t/lib/MakeMaker/Test/Utils.pm MakeMaker test utilities
t/lib/Math/BigFloat/Subclass.pm Empty subclass of BigFloat for test
t/lib/Math/BigInt/BareCalc.pm Bigint's simulation of Calc
t/lib/Math/BigInt/Subclass.pm Empty subclass of BigInt for test
t/lib/Math/BigRat/Test.pm Math::BigRat test helper
t/lib/sample-tests/bailout Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/bignum Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/combined Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/descriptive Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/die Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/die_head_end Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/die_last_minute Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/duplicates Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/head_end Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/head_fail Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/lone_not_bug Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/no_nums Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/out_of_order Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/shbang_misparse Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/simple Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/simple_fail Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/skip Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/skipall Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/skipall_nomsg Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/skip_nomsg Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/taint Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/todo Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/todo_inline Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/vms_nit Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/sample-tests/with_comments Test data for Test::Harness
t/lib/strict/refs Tests of "use strict 'refs'" for strict.t
t/lib/strict/subs Tests of "use strict 'subs'" for strict.t
t/lib/strict/vars Tests of "use strict 'vars'" for strict.t
t/lib/Test/Simple/Catch.pm Utility module for testing Test::Simple
t/lib/Test/Simple/sample_tests/death.plx for exit.t
t/lib/Test/Simple/sample_tests/death_in_eval.plx for exit.t
t/lib/Test/Simple/sample_tests/extras.plx for exit.t
t/lib/Test/Simple/sample_tests/five_fail.plx for exit.t
t/lib/Test/Simple/sample_tests/last_minute_death.plx for exit.t
t/lib/Test/Simple/sample_tests/one_fail.plx for exit.t
t/lib/Test/Simple/sample_tests/require.plx for exit.t
t/lib/Test/Simple/sample_tests/success.plx for exit.t
t/lib/Test/Simple/sample_tests/too_few.plx for exit.t
t/lib/Test/Simple/sample_tests/two_fail.plx for exit.t
t/lib/TieOut.pm Testing library to capture prints
t/lib/warnings/1global Tests of global warnings for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/2use Tests for "use warnings" for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/3both Tests for interaction of $^W and "use warnings"
t/lib/warnings/4lint Tests for -W switch
t/lib/warnings/5nolint Tests for -X switch
t/lib/warnings/6default Tests default warnings
t/lib/warnings/7fatal Tests fatal warnings
t/lib/warnings/8signal Tests warnings + __WARN__ and __DIE__
t/lib/warnings/9enabled Tests warnings
t/lib/warnings/av Tests for av.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/doio Tests for doio.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/doop Tests for doop.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/gv Tests for gv.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/hv Tests for hv.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/malloc Tests for malloc.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/mg Tests for mg.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/op Tests for op.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/perl Tests for perl.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/perlio Tests for perlio.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/perly Tests for perly.y for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/pp Tests for pp.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/pp_ctl Tests for pp_ctl.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/pp_hot Tests for pp_hot.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/pp_pack Tests for pp_pack.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/pp_sys Tests for pp_sys.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/regcomp Tests for regcomp.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/regexec Tests for regexec.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/run Tests for run.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/sv Tests for sv.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/taint Tests for taint.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/toke Tests for toke.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/universal Tests for universal.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/utf8 Tests for utf8.c for warnings.t
t/lib/warnings/util Tests for util.c for warnings.t
t/op/64bitint.t See if 64 bit integers work
t/op/alarm.t See if alarm works
t/op/anonsub.t See if anonymous subroutines work
t/op/append.t See if . works
t/op/args.t See if operations on @_ work
t/op/arith.t See if arithmetic works
t/op/array.t See if array operations work
t/op/assignwarn.t See if OP= operators warn correctly for undef targets
t/op/attrs.t See if attributes on declarations work
t/op/auto.t See if autoincrement et all work
t/op/avhv.t See if pseudo-hashes work
t/op/bless.t See if bless works
t/op/bop.t See if bitops work
t/op/caller.t See if caller() works
t/op/chars.t See if character escapes work
t/op/chdir.t See if chdir works
t/op/chop.t See if chop works
t/op/closure.t See if closures work
t/op/cmp.t See if the various string and numeric compare work
t/op/concat.t See if string concatenation works
t/op/cond.t See if conditional expressions work
t/op/context.t See if context propagation works
t/op/crypt.t See if crypt works
t/op/defins.t See if auto-insert of defined() works
t/op/delete.t See if delete works
t/op/die.t See if die works
t/op/die_exit.t See if die and exit status interaction works
t/op/do.t See if subroutines work
t/op/each.t See if hash iterators work
t/op/eval.t See if eval operator works
t/op/exec.t See if exec and system work
t/op/exists_sub.t See if exists(&sub) works
t/op/exp.t See if math functions work
t/op/fh.t See if filehandles work
t/op/filetest.t See if file tests work
t/op/flip.t See if range operator works
t/op/fork.t See if fork works
t/op/glob.t See if <*> works
t/op/gmagic.t See if GMAGIC works
t/op/goto.t See if goto works
t/op/goto_xs.t See if "goto &sub" works on XSUBs
t/op/grent.t See if getgr*() functions work
t/op/grep.t See if grep() and map() work
t/op/groups.t See if $( works
t/op/gv.t See if typeglobs work
t/op/hashassign.t See if hash assignments work
t/op/hashwarn.t See if warnings for bad hash assignments work
t/op/inc.t See if inc/dec of integers near 32 bit limit work
t/op/inccode.t See if coderefs work in @INC
t/op/index.t See if index works
t/op/int.t See if int works
t/op/join.t See if join works
t/op/lc.t See if lc, uc, lcfirst, ucfirst, quotemeta work
t/op/length.t See if length works
t/op/lex_assign.t See if ops involving lexicals or pad temps work
t/op/lfs.t See if large files work for perlio
t/op/list.t See if array lists work
t/op/local.t See if local works
t/op/loopctl.t See if next/last/redo work
t/op/lop.t See if logical operators work
t/op/magic.t See if magic variables work
t/op/method.t See if method calls work
t/op/mkdir.t See if mkdir works
t/op/my.t See if lexical scoping works
t/op/my_stash.t See if my Package works
t/op/nothr5005.t local @_ test which does not work under use5005threads
t/op/numconvert.t See if accessing fields does not change numeric values
t/op/oct.t See if oct and hex work
t/op/or.t See if || works in weird situations
t/op/ord.t See if ord works
t/op/override.t See if operator overriding works
t/op/pack.t See if pack and unpack work
t/op/pat.t See if esoteric patterns work
t/op/pos.t See if pos works
t/op/pow.t See if ** works
t/op/push.t See if push and pop work
t/op/pwent.t See if getpw*() functions work
t/op/qq.t See if qq works
t/op/quotemeta.t See if quotemeta works
t/op/rand.t See if rand works
t/op/range.t See if .. works
t/op/read.t See if read() works
t/op/readdir.t See if readdir() works
t/op/recurse.t See if deep recursion works
t/op/ref.t See if refs and objects work
t/op/regexp.t See if regular expressions work
t/op/regexp_noamp.t See if regular expressions work with optimizations
t/op/regmesg.t See if one can get regular expression errors
t/op/repeat.t See if x operator works
t/op/reverse.t See if reverse operator works
t/op/re_tests Regular expressions for regexp.t
t/op/runlevel.t See if die() works from perl_call_*()
t/op/sleep.t See if sleep works
t/op/sort.t See if sort works
t/op/splice.t See if splice works
t/op/split.t See if split works
t/op/sprintf.t See if sprintf works
t/op/srand.t See if srand works
t/op/stat.t See if stat works
t/op/study.t See if study works
t/op/subst.t See if substitution works
t/op/substr.t See if substr works
t/op/subst_amp.t See if $&-related substitution works
t/op/subst_wamp.t See if substitution works with $& present
t/op/sub_lval.t See if lvalue subroutines work
t/op/sysio.t See if sysread and syswrite work
t/op/taint.t See if tainting works
t/op/tie.t See if tie/untie functions work
t/op/tiearray.t See if tie for arrays works
t/op/tiehandle.t See if tie for handles works
t/op/time.t See if time functions work
t/op/tr.t See if tr works
t/op/undef.t See if undef works
t/op/universal.t See if UNIVERSAL class works
t/op/unshift.t See if unshift works
t/op/utf8decode.t See if UTF-8 decoding works
t/op/utfhash.t See if utf8 keys in hashes behave
t/op/vec.t See if vectors work
t/op/ver.t See if v-strings and the %v format flag work
t/op/wantarray.t See if wantarray works
t/op/write.t See if write works (formats work)
t/pod/emptycmd.t Test empty pod directives
t/pod/emptycmd.xr Expected results for emptycmd.t
t/pod/find.t See if Pod::Find works
t/pod/for.t Test =for directive
t/pod/for.xr Expected results for for.t
t/pod/headings.t Test =head directives
t/pod/headings.xr Expected results for headings.t
t/pod/include.t Test =include directive
t/pod/include.xr Expected results for include.t
t/pod/included.t Test =include directive
t/pod/included.xr Expected results for included.t
t/pod/lref.t Test L<...> sequences
t/pod/lref.xr Expected results for lref.t
t/pod/multiline_items.t Test multiline =items
t/pod/multiline_items.xr Test multiline =items
t/pod/nested_items.t Test nested =items
t/pod/nested_items.xr Expected results for nested_items.t
t/pod/nested_seqs.t Test nested interior sequences
t/pod/nested_seqs.xr Expected results for nested_seqs.t
t/pod/oneline_cmds.t Test single paragraph ==cmds
t/pod/oneline_cmds.xr Expected results for oneline_cmds.t
t/pod/plainer.t Test Pod::Plainer
t/pod/pod2usage.t Test Pod::Usage
t/pod/pod2usage.xr Expected results for pod2usage.t
t/pod/poderrs.t Test POD errors
t/pod/poderrs.xr Expected results for emptycmd.t
t/pod/podselect.t Test Pod::Select
t/pod/podselect.xr Expected results for podselect.t
t/pod/special_seqs.t Test "special" interior sequences
t/pod/special_seqs.xr Expected results for emptycmd.t
t/pod/testcmp.pl Module to compare output against expected results
t/pod/testp2pt.pl Module to test Pod::PlainText for a given file
t/pod/testpchk.pl Module to test Pod::Checker for a given file
t/pod/testpods/lib/Pod/Stuff.pm Sample data for find.t
t/README Instructions for regression tests
t/run/exit.t Test perl's exit status.
t/run/fresh_perl.t Tests that require a fresh perl.
t/run/noswitch.t Test aliasing ARGV for other switch tests
t/run/runenv.t Test if perl honors its environment variables.
t/run/switcha.t Test the -a switch
t/run/switches.t Tests for the other switches
t/run/switchF.t Test the -F switch
t/run/switchn.t Test the -n switch
t/run/switchp.t Test the -p switch
t/run/switchPx.aux Data for switchPx.t
t/run/switchPx.t Test the -Px combination
t/run/switcht.t Test the -t switch
t/run/switchx.aux Data for switchx.t
t/run/switchx.t Test the -x switch
t/TEST The regression tester
t/test.pl Simple testing library
t/TestInit.pm Preamble library for core tests
t/uni/case.pl See if Unicode casing works
t/uni/fold.t See if Unicode folding works
t/uni/lower.t See if Unicode casing works
t/uni/sprintf.t See if Unicode sprintf works
t/uni/title.t See if Unicode casing works
t/uni/upper.t See if Unicode casing works
t/win32/longpath.t Test if Win32::GetLongPathName() works
t/win32/system.t See if system works in Win*
t/win32/system_tests Test runner for system.t
t/x2p/s2p.t See if s2p/psed work
taint.c Tainting code
thrdvar.h Per-thread variables
thread.h Threading header
Todo.micro The Wishlist for microperl
toke.c The tokener
uconfig.h Configuration header for microperl
uconfig.sh Configuration script for microperl
universal.c The default UNIVERSAL package methods
unixish.h Defines that are assumed on Unix
utf8.c Unicode routines
utf8.h Unicode header
utfebcdic.h Unicode on EBCDIC (UTF-EBCDIC, tr16) header
util.c Utility routines
util.h Dummy header
utils.lst Lists utilities bundled with Perl
utils/c2ph.PL  [pod] program to translate dbx stabs to perl
utils/dprofpp.PL  [pod] Perl code profile post-processor
utils/enc2xs.PL Encode module generator
utils/h2ph.PL  [pod] A thing to turn C .h files into perl .ph files
utils/h2xs.PL  [pod] Program to make .xs files from C header files
utils/libnetcfg.PL  [pod] libnet
utils/Makefile Extract the utility scripts
utils/perlbug.PL  [pod] A simple tool to submit a bug report
utils/perlcc.PL  [pod] Front-end for compiler
utils/perldoc.PL  [pod] A simple tool to find & display perl's documentation
utils/perlivp.PL  [pod] installation verification procedure
utils/piconv.PL A pl to pm translator
utils/pl2pm.PL  [pod] A pl to pm translator
utils/splain.PL Stand-alone version of diagnostics.pm
uts/sprintf_wrap.c sprintf wrapper for UTS
uts/strtol_wrap.c strtol wrapper for UTS
vmesa/Makefile VM/ESA Makefile
vmesa/vmesa.c VM/ESA-specific C code for Perl core
vmesa/vmesaish.h VM/ESA-specific C header for Perl core
vms/descrip_mms.template Template MM[SK] description file for build
vms/ext/DCLsym/0README.txt ReadMe file for VMS::DCLsym
vms/ext/DCLsym/DCLsym.pm  [pod] Perl access to CLI symbols
vms/ext/DCLsym/DCLsym.xs Perl access to CLI symbols
vms/ext/DCLsym/Makefile.PL MakeMaker driver for VMS::DCLsym
vms/ext/DCLsym/test.pl regression tests for VMS::DCLsym
vms/ext/Filespec.pm  [pod] VMS-Unix file syntax interconversion
vms/ext/filespec.t See if VMS::Filespec funtions work
vms/ext/Stdio/0README.txt ReadMe file for VMS::Stdio
vms/ext/Stdio/Makefile.PL MakeMaker driver for VMS::Stdio
vms/ext/Stdio/Stdio.pm  [pod] VMS options to stdio routines
vms/ext/Stdio/Stdio.xs VMS options to stdio routines
vms/ext/Stdio/test.pl regression tests for VMS::Stdio
vms/ext/XSSymSet.pm  [pod] manage linker symbols when building extensions
vms/genconfig.pl retcon config.sh from config.h
vms/genopt.com hack to write options files in case of broken makes
vms/gen_shrfls.pl generate options files and glue for shareable image
vms/make_command.com record MM[SK] command used to build Perl
vms/mms2make.pl convert descrip.mms to make syntax
vms/munchconfig.c performs shell $var substitution for VMS
vms/myconfig.com record local configuration info for bug report
vms/perlvms.pod  [pod] VMS-specific additions to Perl documentation
vms/perly_c.vms perly.c with fixed declarations for global syms
vms/perly_h.vms perly.h with fixed declarations for global syms
vms/sockadapt.c glue for SockshShr socket support
vms/sockadapt.h glue for SockshShr socket support
vms/test.com DCL driver for regression tests
vms/vms.c VMS-specific C code for Perl core
vms/vmsish.h VMS-specific C header for Perl core
vms/vmspipe.com VMS-specific piped command helper script
vms/vms_yfix.pl convert Unix perly.[ch] to VMS perly_[ch].vms
vms/writemain.pl Generate perlmain.c from miniperlmain.c+extensions
vos/build.cm VOS command macro to build "mini" Perl
vos/Changes Changes made to port Perl to the VOS operating system
vos/compile_full_perl.cm VOS command macro to build "full" Perl
vos/compile_perl.cm VOS command macro to build "mini" Perl
vos/config.alpha.def definitions used by config.pl
vos/config.alpha.h config.h for use with alpha VOS POSIX.1 support
vos/config.ga.def definitions used by config.pl
vos/config.ga.h config.h for use with generally-available VOS POSIX.1 support
vos/config.pl script to convert a config_h.SH to a config.h
vos/configure_full_perl.sh VOS shell script to configure "full" perl before building
vos/configure_perl.cm VOS command macro to configure "mini" perl before building
vos/install_perl.cm VOS command macro to install "mini" perl after building
vos/Makefile A helper for maintaining the config.*.* in UNIX
vos/make_full_perl.sh VOS shell script to build and test "full" perl
vos/perl.bind VOS bind control file
vos/test_vos_dummies.c Test program for "vos_dummies.c"
vos/vos.c VOS emulations for missing POSIX functions
vos/vosish.h VOS-specific header file
vos/vos_dummies.c Wrappers to soak up undefined functions
warnings.h The warning numbers
warnings.pl Program to write warnings.h and lib/warnings.pm
win32/bin/exetype.pl  [pod] Set executable type to CONSOLE or WINDOWS
win32/bin/perlglob.pl  [pod] Win32 globbing
win32/bin/pl2bat.pl  [pod] wrap perl scripts into batch files
win32/bin/runperl.pl  [pod] run perl script via batch file namesake
win32/bin/search.pl Win32 port
win32/buildext.pl  [pod] Build extensions once miniperl is built
win32/config.bc Win32 base line config.sh (Borland C++ build)
win32/config.gc Win32 base line config.sh (mingw32/gcc build)
win32/config.vc Win32 base line config.sh (Visual C++ build)
win32/config.vc64 Win64 base line config.sh (Visual C++ build)
win32/config_H.bc Win32 config header (Borland C++ build)
win32/config_H.gc Win32 config header (GNU build)?
win32/config_h.PL Perl code to convert Win32 config.sh to config.h
win32/config_H.vc Win32 config header (Visual C++ build)
win32/config_H.vc64 Win64 config header (Visual C++ build)
win32/config_sh.PL Perl code to update Win32 config.sh from Makefile
win32/des_fcrypt.patch Win32 port
win32/distclean.bat Remove _ALL_ files not listed here in MANIFEST
win32/dl_win32.xs Win32 port
win32/FindExt.pm Scan for extensions
win32/genmk95.pl Perl code to generate command.com-usable makefile.95
win32/include/arpa/inet.h Win32 port
win32/include/dirent.h Win32 port
win32/include/netdb.h Win32 port
win32/include/sys/socket.h Win32 port
win32/Makefile Win32 makefile for NMAKE (Visual C++ build)
win32/makefile.mk Win32 makefile for DMAKE (BC++, VC++ builds)
win32/mdelete.bat multifile delete
win32/perlglob.c Win32 port
win32/perlhost.h Perl "host" implementation
win32/perllib.c Win32 port
win32/pod.mak Win32 port
win32/runperl.c Win32 port
win32/splittree.pl Win32 port
win32/sync_ext.pl Win32 port
win32/vdir.h Perl "host" virtual directory manager
win32/vmem.h Perl "host" memory manager
win32/win32.c Win32 port
win32/win32.h Win32 port
win32/win32io.c Win32 PerlIO layer support
win32/win32iop.h Win32 port
win32/win32sck.c Win32 port
win32/win32thread.c Win32 functions for threads
win32/win32thread.h Win32 port mapping to threads
wince/bin/exetype.pl WinCE port
wince/bin/perlglob.pl WinCE port
wince/bin/pl2bat.pl WinCE port
wince/bin/runperl.pl WinCE port
wince/bin/search.pl WinCE port
wince/cecopy-lib.pl WinCE port
wince/comp.pl WinCE port
wince/compile.bat WinCE port
wince/config.ce WinCE port
wince/config_H.ce WinCE port
wince/config_h.PL WinCE port
wince/config_sh.PL WinCE port
wince/dl_win32.xs WinCE port
wince/include/arpa/inet.h WinCE port
wince/include/netdb.h WinCE port
wince/include/sys/socket.h WinCE port
wince/include/sys/stat.h WinCE port
wince/Makefile.ce WinCE port
wince/makeico.pl WinCE port
wince/perl.rc WinCE port
wince/perllib.c WinCE port
wince/perlmain.c WinCE port
wince/README.compile WinCE port
wince/README.perlce WinCE port
wince/registry.bat WinCE port
wince/runperl.c WinCE port
wince/splittree.pl WinCE port
wince/win32.h WinCE port
wince/win32io.c WinCE port
wince/win32iop.h WinCE port
wince/win32thread.c WinCE port
wince/win32thread.h WinCE port
wince/wince.c WinCE port
wince/wince.h WinCE port
wince/wincesck.c WinCE port
wince/xbuildall.ksh WinCE port
wince/xdistclean.ksh WinCE port
wince/xmakediffs.ksh WinCE port
writemain.SH Generate perlmain.c from miniperlmain.c+extensions
x2p/a2p.c Output of a2p.y run through byacc
x2p/a2p.h Global declarations
x2p/a2p.pod  [pod] Pod for awk to perl translator
x2p/a2p.y A yacc grammer for awk
x2p/a2py.c Awk compiler, sort of
x2p/cflags.SH A script that emits C compilation flags per file
x2p/EXTERN.h Same as above
x2p/find2perl.PL  [pod] A find to perl translator
x2p/hash.c Hashes again
x2p/hash.h Public declarations for the above
x2p/INTERN.h Same as above
x2p/Makefile.SH Precursor to Makefile
x2p/proto.h Dummy header
x2p/s2p.PL  [pod] Sed to perl translator
x2p/str.c String handling package
x2p/str.h Public declarations for the above
x2p/util.c Utility routines
x2p/util.h Public declarations for the above
x2p/walk.c Parse tree walker
XSUB.h Include file for extension subroutines
xsutils.c Additional bundled package methods not in UNIVERSAL::