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Module Version: 0.92   Source   Latest Release: App-Followme-1.92


App::Followme - Update a static website


    use App::Followme;
    my $app = App::Followme->new($configuration);
    $app->run(shift @ARGV);


This is the module that is run by the followme script. It loads and runs all the other modules. When it is run, it searches the directory path for configuration files. The topmost file defines the top directory of the website. It reads each configuration file it finds and then starts updating the directory passed as an argument to run, or if no directory is passed, the directory the followme script is run from.

Configuration file lines are organized as lines containing


and may contain blank lines or comment lines starting with a #. Values in configuration files are combined with those set in the files in directories above it.

The module parameter contains the name of a module to be run on the directory containing the configuration file and possibly its subdirectories. There may be more than one module parameter in a module file. They are run in order, starting with the module in the topmost configuration file. The module to be run must have new and run methods. The module is created and run from the directory containing the configuration file. The object is created by calling the new method with the configuration. The run method is then called without arguments. The run method returns a value, which if true indicates that module should be run in the subdirectories of the current directory.


Copyright (C) Bernie Simon.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Bernie Simon <>

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