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John Napiorkowski > CatalystX-OAuth2-0.001006


This Release CatalystX-OAuth2-0.001006  [Download] [Browse 14 Jul 2017
Latest Release CatalystX-OAuth2-0.001009  [Download] [Browse 12 Dec 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Catalyst::ActionRole::OAuth2::AuthToken::ViaAuthGrant Authorization token provider endpoint for OAuth2 authentication flows      
Catalyst::ActionRole::OAuth2::AuthToken::ViaRefreshToken Authorization token refresh provider endpoint for OAuth2 authentication flows      
Catalyst::ActionRole::OAuth2::GrantAuth Authorization grant endpoint for OAuth2 authentication flows      
Catalyst::ActionRole::OAuth2::ProtectedResource Resource endpoint for OAuth2 authentication flows      
Catalyst::ActionRole::OAuth2::RequestAuth Authorization grant endpoint for OAuth2 authentication flows      
Catalyst::Authentication::Credential::OAuth2 Authenticate against OAuth2 servers      
CatalystX::OAuth2 OAuth2 services for Catalyst      
CatalystX::OAuth2::ActionRole::Grant Integrate an action with an oauth2 request      
CatalystX::OAuth2::ActionRole::RequestInjector A role for injecting oauth2 logic into a catalyst request object      
CatalystX::OAuth2::ActionRole::Token A role for building token-building actions      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Client An http client for requesting oauth2-protected resources using a token      
CatalystX::OAuth2::ClientContainer A role for providing an oauth2 client object to an arbitrary class      
CatalystX::OAuth2::ClientInjector A role for automatically providing an oauth2 client to authenticated user objects      
CatalystX::OAuth2::ClientPersistor Work-around for persisting oauth2-authenticated users safely      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Controller::Role::Provider A role for writing oauth2 provider controllers      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Controller::Role::WithStore A role for providing oauth2 stores to controllers      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Grant A role for building oauth2 grant objects      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Request A role for building oauth2-capable request objects      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Request::AuthToken An oauth2 authentication token implementation      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Request::GrantAuth A catalyst request extension for approving grants      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Request::ProtectedResource An oauth2 protected resource request implementation      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Request::RefreshToken The oauth2 refresh token      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Request::RequestAuth Role for the initial request in the oauth2 flow      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Schema A DBIx::Class schema for use as the backend of the DBIC OAuth2 store      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Schema::Result::AccessTokenToRefreshToken A table for registering refresh tokens      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Schema::Result::Client A table for registering clients      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Schema::Result::Code A table for registering grant codes      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Schema::Result::Owner A table for registering resource owners      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Schema::Result::RefreshToken A table for registering refresh tokens      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Schema::Result::RefreshTokenToAccessToken A table for registering refresh tokens      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Schema::Result::Token A table for registering bearer tokens      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Store The API for oauth2 stores      
CatalystX::OAuth2::Store::DBIC An interface to a DBIC-based OAuth2 store