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hdb-build-tarballs - discover Subversion tags/ folders and build tarballs from the lastes tag inside


    hdb-build-tarballs --status-file=tmp/visited-tags.json --output-folder=tmp/tarballs http://svn/repo/
        --new-status     create new status file or start from scratch
        --status-file    location of status file
        --output-folder  folder where tarballs will be put
        --lookin         colon separated list of folders where to look for project/tags/
                         (default is to look in the base url)
        --trunks         build/look for trunks instead of tags
        --pid-dir DIR    folder where the pid file will be stored
        --mcpani         add to CPAN::Mini::Inject
    Note: for repositories with basic authentication set DAVUSER, DAVPASS and DAVREALM
          environment variables


The purpose is to discover SVN tags/ folders and then find the latest tag folder inside (based on revision version). This folder will be checkedout to temporary folder where `perl Build.PL && perl Build distmeta && perl Build dist` will be executed to get tarball. This tarball will be then copied to --output-folder.

Perl functions ^

make_tarball($url, $output_folder, $revision)

Functions will checkout $url try to make tarball and copy it to $output_folder. Throws exceptions on failures.

Returns name of the created tarball.


Jozef Kutej, <jkutej at>

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