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xmc - Xen Control script


    xmc [CMD] [domain-name]
        CMD           is one of the: ls, create, shutdown, save, restore
        domain-name   is optional and is not set command wil apply to all domains


`xmc` script is helper script arround `xm` Xen management user control. The difference is that it applies the commands to all domains if the domain name is not specified explicitely. For example `xmc save` will suspend all running Xen machines.

'save', 'restore' functions will by default save/restore the state file to/from '/var/tmp'. The file name will be constructed from the domain name and extension '.xen' will be added. Thus you don't have to specify state file name.

'create' will start domain either from state file if present or by starting the machine by `xm create domain-name.cfg`.

The main benefit to `xm` usage is to be able to save/hibernate all machines by a single command and then later by one command either to restore/wakeup or "power on" the virtual machines.


    perldoc Xen::Control


Jozef Kutej

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