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Johan Lindström
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Distribution Released
Win32-Word-Writer-0.03 Create Microsoft Word documents [Download] [Browse] 27 Aug 2009
Time-Progress-Stored-1.002 Report progress + store and retrieve the current status [Download] [Browse] 05 Feb 2016
Test-DBIC-ExpectedQueries-1.011 Test that only expected DBIx::Class queries are run [Download] [Browse] 05 Nov 2015
Test-Case-0.0.4 Declare test cases and feed the configuration data to tests [Download] [Browse] 23 Apr 2012
Net-Download-Queue-0.04 Download files with one or more workers. [Download] [Browse] 17 Nov 2005
File-Corresponding-0.004 Find corresponding files in the directory tree [Download] [Browse] 12 Oct 2014
Devel-PerlySense-0.0219 Perl IDE backend with Emacs frontend [Download] [Browse] 26 Jan 2018
Devel-CoverX-Covered-0.016 Collect and report caller (test file) and covered (source file) statistics from the cover_db [Download] [Browse] 11 Oct 2014
DBIx-Class-Row-Delta-0.0.5 Keep track of and report on changes to a DBIC row object. [Download] [Browse] 11 Oct 2014
DBIx-Class-BatchUpdate-1.004 Update batches of DBIC rows with as few queries as possible [Download] [Browse] 05 Feb 2016
Catalyst-View-TT-ControllerLocal-0.02 Catalyst TT View with template names relative to the Controller [Download] [Browse] 03 Dec 2005
Catalyst-View-GraphViz-0.05 GraphViz View Class [Download] [Browse] 17 Nov 2005
Catalyst-Enzyme-0.11 CRUD framework for Catalyst [Download] [Browse] 13 Jan 2006
autobox-Transform-1.031 Autobox methods to transform Arrays and Hashes [Download] [Browse] 08 Nov 2017
App-Pebble-0.008-TRIAL Unix like streams, but with objects instead of lines of text [Download] [Browse] 31 Jan 2011