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This Release GSM-SMS-0.160  [Download] [Browse 23 Dec 2002
Latest Release GSM-SMS-0.163  [Download] [Browse 19 Jul 2011
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Special Files


GSM::SMS::Config Implements a simple .ini style config.    0.4
GSM::SMS::EMS API for sending and receiving EMS messages.    0.0
GSM::SMS::EMS::Message An EMS message class ...    0.0
GSM::SMS::NBS API for sending and receiving SMS messages.    0.160
GSM::SMS::NBS::Frame Encapsulates frames for NBS messages.    0.1
GSM::SMS::NBS::Message SAR functionality for NBS messages.    0.1
GSM::SMS::NBS::Stack Narrow Bandwidth Socket protocol stack.    0.1
GSM::SMS::OTA::Bitmap     0.1
GSM::SMS::OTA::CLIicon     0.1
GSM::SMS::OTA::Config     0.1
GSM::SMS::OTA::OTA     0.1
GSM::SMS::OTA::Operatorlogo     0.1
GSM::SMS::OTA::PictureMessage Create a PictureMessage     
GSM::SMS::OTA::RTTTL Convert RTTTL composed songs to Nokia Smart Messaging Specs    0.1
GSM::SMS::OTA::VCard     0.1
GSM::SMS::PDU Codec for Protocol Data Units.    0.1
GSM::SMS::Spool     0.2
GSM::SMS::Support::RTTTL2MIDI     0.1
GSM::SMS::Support::SerialPort A proxy for platform specific serial conenction    0.1
GSM::SMS::Transport Act as a single point of access to the transports    0.13
GSM::SMS::Transport::File Dump PDU strings to files    0.2
GSM::SMS::Transport::MCube HTTP access to the MCube SMS center    0.2
GSM::SMS::Transport::NovelSoft Send SMS messages via the service.    0.2
GSM::SMS::Transport::Serial Send and receive SMS messages via a GSM modem    0.2
GSM::SMS::Transport::Transport Base class for transports    0.2
GSM::SMS::Transport::XmlRpc HTTP for Remote Serial modem    0.2
GSM::SMS::TransportRouter::Simple A simple router    0.1
GSM::SMS::TransportRouter::TransportRouter Abstract router class     
GSM::SMS::TransportRouterFactory router object factory     


GSM::SMS Perl Modules For Smart Messaging 
GSsend_text Send a text message to a mobile phone 

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