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Johann Rolschewski > Catmandu-MAB2-0.20


This Release Catmandu-MAB2-0.20  [Download] [Browse 15 Jul 2017
Latest Release Catmandu-MAB2-0.21  [Download] [Browse 16 Oct 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Catmandu::Exporter::MAB2 Package that exports MAB2 data     0.20
Catmandu::Fix::Bind::mab_each a binder that loops over MAB2 fields     0.20
Catmandu::Fix::Condition::mab_match Conditionals on MAB2 fields     0.20
Catmandu::Fix::mab_map copy mab values of one field to a new field     0.20
Catmandu::Importer::MAB2 Package that imports MAB2 data     0.20
Catmandu::Importer::SRU::Parser::mabxml Package transforms SRU responses into Catmandu MAB2     0.20
Catmandu::MAB2 Catmandu modules for working with MAB2 data.     0.20
MAB2::Parser::Disk MAB2 Diskette format parser     0.20
MAB2::Parser::RAW MAB2 RAW format parser     0.20
MAB2::Parser::XML MAB2 XML parser     0.20
MAB2::Writer::Disk MAB2 Diskette format serializer     0.20
MAB2::Writer::Handle Utility class for common MAB2::Writer arguments and methods.     0.20
MAB2::Writer::RAW MAB2 RAW format serializer     0.20
MAB2::Writer::XML MAB2 XML format serializer     0.20

Documentation converter for MAB2 formats