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Jose Marti Weeks > E2-Interface-0.34


This Release E2-Interface-0.34  [Download] [Browse 07 Aug 2003
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Special Files


E2::ClientVersion Load client version information from    0.31
E2::E2Node A module for fetching data and manipulating e2nodes on <>.    0.33
E2::Interface A client interface to the collaborative database    0.34
E2::Message A module for accessing Everything2 messages    0.32
E2::Node A module for loading nodes from based on title or node_id    0.33
E2::Room A module for loading rooms on <>.    0.32
E2::Scratchpad A module for loading and setting a user's E2 Scratch Pad.    0.32
E2::Search A module for searching for nodes on <>    0.32
E2::Session Load session information about the current E2 user    0.33
E2::Superdoc     0.34
E2::Ticker A module for fetching <>'s tickers.    0.32
E2::User A module for loading user data and sorting and listing a user's writeups    0.32
E2::UserSearch A module for listing and sorting a user's writeups    0.33
E2::Usergroup A module for loading usergroup lists from <>.    0.32
E2::Writeup A module for accessing, updating, and cooling writeups.    0.33