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Josh Rabinowitz
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Distribution Released
Acme-Coinbase-0.007 Simple Coinbase API Test [Download] [Browse] 22 Oct 2014
App-Jawk-0.10 like awk, but post-modern and perly. AKA, Josh's Awk. [Download] [Browse] 17 Dec 2012
App-Prefix-0.18 provides 'prefix' filter, which prepends data to lines passed [Download] [Browse] 26 Oct 2013
Bundle-NiceSleep-0.11 NiceSleep-related functionality. [Download] [Browse] 21 Feb 2002
DBIx-FileStore-0.33 Module to store files in a DBI backend [Download] [Browse] 22 Dec 2017
LWP-Concurrent-0.001_003 Runs multiple LWP Client connections in parallel [Download] [Browse] 17 Dec 2012
Proc-NiceSleep-0.90 yield system in an intelligent fashion [Download] [Browse] 23 Dec 2012
Sman-1.04 Tool for searching and indexing man pages [Download] [Browse] 02 Sep 2016
SWISH-API-Remote-0.10 Perl module to perform searches on a swished daemon server [Download] [Browse] 06 Jul 2006
swished-0.10 A set of perl modules to provide a persistent swish-e daemon; intended to be used with SWISH::API::Remote. [Download] [Browse] 06 Jul 2006