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Josh Rabinowitz > Sman-1.01


This Release Sman-1.01  [Download] [Browse 06 Jul 2006
Latest Release Sman-1.04  [Download] [Browse 02 Sep 2016
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Special Files


Sman Tool for searching and indexing man pages    1.01
Sman::Autoconfig Automatically choose the 'best' man command     
Sman::Config Find and read config files for the Sman tool     
Sman::IndexVersion writes and reads sman's sman.index.version file     
Sman::Man::Cache 'Virtual base class' for converted manpages cache     
Sman::Man::Cache::DB_File Cache converted manpages in a DB_File     
Sman::Man::Cache::FileCache Cache converted manpages in a Cache::FileCache     
Sman::Man::Convert Convert manpages to XML for sman-update and sman     
Sman::Man::Find Find manpage files for indexing by sman-update     
Sman::Swishe Sman backend to build an sman index with Swish-e     
Sman::Util Utility functions for Sman     


sman Perl program for searching man pages indexes built with sman-update 
sman-update Perl program to index man pages (for searching with sman program) 
sman.conf configuration file for sman and sman-update