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RTx::Tags - Tag Cloud support for RT via simple-searchable custom fields & more


This module provides customizable tag clouds and extended search functions. The cloud--which displays whitespace, comma, semi-colon or delimited values stored in custom fields named Tags--is shown on Search/Simple.html, as is a brief summary of the new search features.


Tag clouds are shown on the Simple Search page, and optionally on the front page as well. Clicking a tag cloud title takes you to an alternate display at Search/TagCloud.html, which includes an uncustomized cloud (Global), and individual clouds for every class of object with a tags custom field.

In order to make the tag cloud interactive, this module provides a syntax for accessing custom fields via Simple Search where .CFname:value searches for tickets where the custom field CFname matches value

Lastly, this module also make your Simple Search terms persist in the input field across queries. A generally useful feature, this facilitates drilling down through search results or cloud clicks.


Basic Functionality


Install this module in the usual way, and amend to include RTx::Tags in @Plugins.

No patching necessary! If you've previously applied SearchCustomField from the wiki or email list, or installed version 0.021 of this module, it is recomended that you revert the patch. No harm will come from not doing so, but it's best to keep RT core files vanilla where possible.


Create a custom field named Tags. Although Tags may be any type of custom field to whichever objects you want, the recommended Type is Enter one value with Applies to Tickets. The recommended Description is Freeform annotation for ready searching.


Apply Tags to the desired objects e.g; queue(s), or make it a global custom field.

Optional Features



RT::Search::Googleish_Local, "plugins/RTx-Tags/etc/" in local


Jerrad Pierce <>

A heavily customized version of Leon Brocard's HTML::TagCloud v0.34 has been inlined since v0.10.

Modified portions of RT 3.8.x are also included.


The same terms as perl itself.

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