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Jerome Quelin > App-Magpie-2.005


This Release App-Magpie-2.005  [Download] [Browse 25 Feb 2014
Latest Release App-Magpie-2.010  [Download] [Browse 23 Nov 2015
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::Magpie Mageia Perl Integration Easy     2.005
App::Magpie::Action::BSWait bswait command implementation     2.005
App::Magpie::Action::Checkout checkout command implementation     2.005
App::Magpie::Action::DWIM dwim command implementation     2.005
App::Magpie::Action::FixSpec fixspec command implementation     2.005
App::Magpie::Action::Missing Missing command implementation     2.005
App::Magpie::Action::Old old command implementation     2.005
App::Magpie::Action::Old::Module module that has a newer version available     2.005
App::Magpie::Action::Old::Set a set of AM::Old::Modules objects     2.005
App::Magpie::Action::Recent recent command implementation     2.005
App::Magpie::Action::Sort sort command implementation     2.005
App::Magpie::Action::Sort::Package package in need of a rebuild     2.005
App::Magpie::Action::Update update command implementation     2.005
App::Magpie::Action::WebStatic webstatic command implementation     2.005
App::Magpie::App magpie's App::Cmd     2.005
App::Magpie::App::Command base class for sub-commands     2.005
App::Magpie::App::Command::bswait pause according to build-system recommendations     2.005
App::Magpie::App::Command::checkout check-out or update a given package     2.005
App::Magpie::App::Command::config update a spec file to match some policies     2.005
App::Magpie::App::Command::dwim automagically update Mageia packages     2.005
App::Magpie::App::Command::fixspec update a spec file to match some policies     2.005
App::Magpie::App::Command::missing List modules shipped by Mageia not present locally     2.005
App::Magpie::App::Command::old report installed perl modules with new version available     2.005
App::Magpie::App::Command::recent Recent uploads on PAUSE not available in Mageia     2.005
App::Magpie::App::Command::sort sort packages needing a rebuild according to their requires     2.005
App::Magpie::App::Command::update update a perl module to its latest version     2.005
App::Magpie::App::Command::webstatic create a static web site     2.005
App::Magpie::Config magpie configuration storage & retrieval     2.005
App::Magpie::Constants Various constants     2.005
App::Magpie::Logger magpie logging facility     2.005
App::Magpie::Role::Logging sthg that can log     2.005
App::Magpie::Role::RunningCommand sthg that can run an external command     2.005
App::Magpie::URPM magpie interface to URPM     2.005


magpie Mageia Perl Integration Easy