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Jerome Quelin > Language-Befunge-5.000


This Release Language-Befunge-5.000  [Download] [Browse 20 May 2016
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Language::Befunge a generic funge interpreter     5.000
Language::Befunge::Debug optimized debug solution for language::befunge     5.000
Language::Befunge::IP an Instruction Pointer for a Befunge-98 program     5.000
Language::Befunge::Interpreter an interpreter for Language::Befunge     5.000
Language::Befunge::Ops definition of the various operations     5.000
Language::Befunge::Ops::Befunge98 operations supported by a Befunge-98 interpreter     5.000
Language::Befunge::Ops::GenericFunge98 operations supported by a Trifunge-98 interpreter     5.000
Language::Befunge::Ops::Unefunge98 operations supported by a Unefunge-98 interpreter     5.000
Language::Befunge::Storage a generic Storage base class for Language::Befunge     5.000
Language::Befunge::Storage::2D::Sparse a 2D storage, using sparse hash     5.000
Language::Befunge::Storage::Generic::AoA a generic N-dimensional LaheySpace     5.000
Language::Befunge::Storage::Generic::Sparse a generic N-dimensional LaheySpace     5.000
Language::Befunge::Storage::Generic::Vec a generic N-dimensional LaheySpace     5.000
Language::Befunge::Vector an opaque, N-dimensional vector class     5.000
Language::Befunge::Wrapping base wrapping class     5.000
Language::Befunge::Wrapping::LaheySpace a LaheySpace wrapping     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::BASE Non-standard math bases extension     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::BOOL Boolean operations extension     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::CPLI Complex numbers extension     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::DIRF directory operations     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::EVAR Environment variables extention     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::FILE file operations     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::FIXP Fixed point operations extension     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::FOO extension to print foo     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::HELO extension to print Hello world!     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::HRTI High-Resolution Timer extension     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::MODU Modulo Arithmetic extension     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::NULL Extension to opacify loaded extensions     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::ORTH Orthogonal easement extension     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::PERL extension to embed Perl within Befunge     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::REFC Referenced cells extension     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::ROMA Roman numerals extension     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::STRN string extension     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::SUBR subroutines extension     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::TEST extension to run tests     5.000
Language::Befunge::lib::TIME date / time extension     5.000


jqbef98 a Befunge-98 interpreter  
library How to write Befunge-98 libraries & extensions  

Other Files