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Source   Latest Release: Proc-ProcessTable-0.55


pswait - waiting for process(es) to end before doing things

SYNOPSIS pswait [options] [process ID|NAME ...] ^

USAGE pswait [options] [process ID|NAME ...] ^

       -h --help            brief help message
       -v --verbose         be verbose
       -e --exit            exit after first process end
       -s x  --sleep x      set sleep time to x second (default to 1)


-e, --exit

When giving a list of process to watch, exit when the first process end, it is usefull to easily manage a pool of proces with a shell script.

-h. --help

Print a brief help message and exits.

-s x, --sleep x

set sleep time to x seconds between process checking, default to 1 second. On small machines (or overloaded machines) it could help to check process state only once every minutes instead, using for example -s 60

-v, --verbose

Inform you on what happening ... which process ends, which process ID are watched for state (usefull when using process names on command line).


pswait will read the process table of the system and wait for some process to end


DominiX <>

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