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again - Reload modules when they change


    use again 'LWP::Simple';             # default import
    use again 'LWP::Simple', [];         # no import
    use again 'LWP::Simple', [qw(get)];  # import only get
    use again 'LWP::Simple', ();         # default import (!!)
    use again 'LWP::Simple', qw(get);    # import only get
    use again;
    require_again 'Foo::Bar';


When the perl interpreter lives for a long time, modules are likely to change during its lifetime. Especially for mod_perl applications, this module comes in handy.


use again;

A bare use again; (that is: no import list) will export require_again (and use_again, which always croaks saying you should use use again instead) into your namespace. There is no convenient way to import require_again without importing use_again too.

use again MODULE, [ IMPORTS ];

If you do pass arguments, the first is used with require_again, and all remaining arguments are used to import symbols into your namespace.

When given arguments, use again does not export its own functions.

A single array reference is flattened. If that arrayref contains no elements, the import does not take place.

In mod_perl scripts, this of course only happens when your script is evaled. This happens when your Apache::Registry or Apache::PerlRun script changes, or when your PLP script is requested.

require_again MODULE;

This is the driving force behind It requires your module if it has not been loaded with require_again before or it has changed since the last time require_again loaded it.


There is no license. This software was released into the public domain. Do with it what you want, but on your own risk. The author disclaims any responsibility.


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