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Such a *big* project cannot come without docs, since it cannot be explained within a paragraph.

First of all, I need to make these common sense in black-and-white, for avoiding the misunderstanding.

What is in a Type? ^

What is a slot and what is a child?

A slot here means a primitive type of data, such as integer, text string, etc, that which can be stored in a column directly. You can think of it as your own fresh. For example, the type of Person has slots such as first_name and last_name. The alias is also the slot of Person, since it is just a list of text. However, alias is in another kind of concept described later.

While a child is different in the sense that it is of other Types, such as Email means to Person.

scalar or list

Whatever it is slot or a child, an element of a Type should be a fixed attribute that whether there is only one in a Type or many.

For instance, a Person, in most cases, has only one first_name and last_name, while he/she may have many aliases unofficially that you maned him. The first_name and last_name are scalar attributes, and the aliases is a list attribute.


Noted that you should use the plural form of the attribute at appropriate places. But first of all, you need to specify and use the plural form correctly. This system is pretending to be simple, that it just know to append a 's' at the tail of a noun simply. While it is your job to teach it to map, say, 'alias' to 'alias' and 'fish' to 'fish'. No worries it is simple.


Any combination of attribute type and attribute scalar is considered as reasonable and cared for by this system.

Table relationship ^

If you generalize the relationship between database tables, there are 3 kinds

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