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Joachim Bargsten > Bio-Grid-Run-SGE-0.060


This Release Bio-Grid-Run-SGE-0.060  [Download] [Browse 06 Sep 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Bio::Grid::Run::SGE Distribute (biological) analyses on the local SGE grid     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Index Provides an interface to load index classes.     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Index::Dummy dummy index for testing purposes     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Index::FileList Creates an index from a list of files     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Index::FileRecordsFromNDJSON     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Index::General     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Index::GroupedTable     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Index::List     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Index::ListFromFile     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Index::NDJSON     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Index::Range     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Index::RunOnce     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Iterator Provides an interface to load iterator classes.     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Iterator::AllvsAll Runs all elements of one index against each other     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Iterator::AllvsAllNoRep Runs all elements of one index against each other, without repetitions     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Iterator::AvsB iterate over two different indices     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Iterator::Consecutive iterate consecutively through an index     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Iterator::Dummy     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Iterator::List     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Iterator::None     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Job the container for settings and important functions     0.0101
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Log::Analysis     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Log::Notify::Jabber     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Log::Notify::Mail     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Log::Worker     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Master     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Role::Indexable Basic role for all indices     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Role::Iterable iterator role/base class     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Util Utility functions for Bio::Grid::Run::SGE     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Util::Blast basic blast utitlity functions for cluster-wide operations     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Util::ExampleEnvironment     0.060
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Worker Run the cluster script     0.060
FindBinNew     1.51
Mtest     0.0101


Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::ClusterScript Write cluster scripts for Bio::Grid::Run::SGE  
Bio::Grid::Run::SGE::Log::Notify get notified if a job finishes  
EZ::BGRS::Index::JsonlFileList line-based index of files listed in jsonl files  
FindBin Locate directory of original perl script clusterscript to run interpro scans show your muscles on the cluster.  
jclone clone job directory