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Conjury::C::GNU -- Perl Conjury with the GNU C/C++ tools


  c_compiler Vendor => 'GNU',
    Language => I<language>,
    No_Scanner => 1,
    Program => I<program>,
    Options => [ I<opt1>, I<opt2>, ... ],
    Journal => I<journal>;

  c_linker Vendor => 'GNU',
    Language => I<language>,
    Program => I<program>,
    Options => [ I<opt1>, I<opt2>, ... ],
    Journal => I<journal>;


The optional 'Program', 'Options' and 'Journal' arguments to the GNU-specific specializations of the c_compiler and c_linker functions are simply passed through unmodified to the base class constructor.

The optional 'Language' argument specifies the langauge for which the compiler or linker should be invoked. The C language is the default if not otherwise specified. The value is case-insensitive and may be any one of the following: 'c', 'c++' or 'objective-c'.

The optional 'No_Scanner' argument in the c_compiler specialization specifies that the processing overhead of scanning all the source files for their dependency trees is unnecessary. If you are only building from clean source file hierarchies (with no existing products from previous runs), then the construction time of large builds may be improved with this option.


More documentation can be found in Conjury, cast, Conjury::Core and Conjury::C.


James Woodyatt <>

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