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Source   Latest Release: Text-Bidi-2.12

NAME ^ - Convert logical text to visual, via the unicode bidi algorithm


    # display bidi text given in logical order in foo.txt foo.txt
    # same, but force Right-To-Left paragraph direction --rtl foo.txt
    # same, but break lines on spaces --rtl --break -- foo.txt



Force all paragraph directions to be Left-To-Right. The default is to deduce the paragraph direction via the bidi algorithm.


Force all paragraph directions to be Right-To-Left. The default is to deduce the paragraph direction via the bidi algorithm.


Set the width of the output lines to n. The default is to use the terminal width, or 80 if that cannot be deduced.


Break the line at the string s. If this is given, the width functions as an upper bound for the line length, and the line might be shorter. The default value for s is ' ', but note that anything following the option will be interpreted as the argument, unless it is of the form --....


Also output the embedding levels of the characters. Mostly for debugging.


Give a short usage message and exit with status 1


Print a line with the program name and exit with status 0


Any argument is interpreted as a file name, and the content of all the files, as well as the standard input are concatenated together.


This script is similar to the fribidi(1) program provided with libfribidi, and performs a subset of its functions. The main point is to test Text::Bidi and provide a usage example.


Text::Bidi, Text::Bidi::Paragraph, fribidi(1)


Moshe Kamensky (<<gt>) - Copyright (c) 2013


This program is free software. You may copy or redistribute it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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