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This Release DynGig-Util-1.03  [Download] [Browse 12 Sep 2012
Latest Release DynGig-Util-1.04  [Download] [Browse 12 Jan 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


DynGig::Util A collection of Utility modules     1.03
DynGig::Util::CLI An easy-to-print CLI menu for Getopt      
DynGig::Util::Calendar Print calendar      
DynGig::Util::EZDB Interface to a single-schema SQLite DB      
DynGig::Util::LockFile::PID pid lock with an advisory file      
DynGig::Util::LockFile::Time timed lock with an advisory file      
DynGig::Util::Logger Thread-safe logging      
DynGig::Util::MapReduce A Map Reduce Job Launcher      
DynGig::Util::MultiPhase A multi-phase task launcher.      
DynGig::Util::Setuid Become a user by Setting uid/gid or invoking sudo      
DynGig::Util::Symlink manipulate symbolic links      
DynGig::Util::Sysrw sysread/syswrite wrappers reliable on EAGAIN      
DynGig::Util::TCPServer A generic multithreaded TCP Server interface.      
DynGig::Util::Time Interpret time expressions